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October 15, 2011 @ 1:30 am
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Bradford Now A Seahawk, Reunited With Carroll

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The addition of Tanard Jackson to the active roster came at price, as rookie Allen Bradford who was released to make room for Jackson was claimed off waivers by the Seattle Seahawks.

Tampa Bay had hoped Bradford would pass through waivers and could be signed to the practice squad, but the USC star will now be reunited with his former college coach Pete Carroll.

Bucs running back LeGarrette Blount is not expected to play Sunday due to a MCL strain and the loss of Bradford leaves Tampa Bay with just two running backs on the active roster, Earnest Graham and Kregg Lumpkin.

Rookie running back Mossis Madu is currently on the practice squad and the combination of Blount’s injury and Bradford’s departure could lead to his promotion to the active roster.


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    I agree with dexfields22--the teams that are successful year in and year out don't just rely on the draft; they use free agency selectively too. Our punter was a great example of that--but it's not enough. Teams can't stand pat and hope their young players develop while other teams are adding both youth and veteran experience.
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    Meet our new backup RB. Josh Johnson!!! Thanks for putting us in this stupid position. Everyone on this board talked about this all off season and saw it comming. Maybe next year you may think!!
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    You can't just build thru the draft...if thats the case you will always have to draft what you need.This cause u to reach in the draft.We need to have some luxury picks.You have to sign some free agents to have a great draft. We sill need better linebackers and corners...Hayes and Black isn't working out..Myron Lewis and E.J. Biggers are not #1 or#2 corners so what do you do?Our scouting isn't all that great guys..we spend more time drafting a bunch of back ups and looking for hidden gems which rarely work out. We still need A #1 receiver..so we still need linebackers,corners,strong safety,Running backs..if we're going to wait for the draft we will always be young because you're saying that all of our draft pick are going to work out but when they dont work out you have the roster we have right now.
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    I agree horse, we are at least another draft away from contending but I think Morris is getting better as a coach and would rather have him than some retread. The lack of free agents can't entirely be blamed on him. Personally, I dread listening to the negativity after an embarrassing loss since the blackouts persist... This team needs to get back to basics and focus on fundamentals (catching/tackling/penalties/running the right plays) in order to have a shot at the wild card hope that happens
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    buc1932, I hear you. I just think Morris is way to inexperienced to handle being Head Coach and DC. The man must live his life in the film room? I'm not one of these "jump off the bandwagon guys"; I just don't like what I am seeing right now. Of course a win over the Bears or the Saints would still keep us on an 8-8 march and I would be okay with that this year.
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    Morris is an excellent coach one bad game and people quit on this team. As pat kirwin said that last game couldve happened to a lot of teams in that situation. It seems like no matter what coach we have some fans look for reasons to be upset. We are going in the right direction just support our team. There are enough people in this area who only support winners, if you care enough to be at this site don't be one of them.
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    buc1932, oh I care about this site and this team. I don't expect the Bucs to win the Division and I felt all along if we went 8-8 we were going in the right direction. I'm not sure if we can get there right now. These two games are pivitol; you may not feel that way, but I do. It's not even about whether they win any of them; it's how they play and their confidence that they are not a bunch of losers. We need more than one more draft if we are not going after free agents and so far there is no reason to assume it will be any different in the immediate future. We definitely need another CB, Safety, LB, WR, RB, TE all in the early rounds. How do we get there if we aren't aggressive in free agency? By the way, it would help to draft another Center and OL in the lower rounds for replacement of some of them in 2013.
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    I can't believe what we did. We should have kept Braford for this game, used him to see what he really could do; then cut him if he didn't do okay. This was a coaching mistake. I believe the next 10 days is going to determine who will be our Coach for next year. Morris has to win one of these two games to go into the bye week with a 4/3 not 3/4 record because the last 9 games are less than 50/50 chance of wins. Up until this week I have been supporting Coach Morris and giving him time to rebuild this team. I don't know now; to go into a game with a Safety who hasn't played football in 14 months to actually be very active in this coming game says I have nobody on the team at Safety worth playing before TJ, and to throw away a RB that another team quickly picked up just tells me that we are on a path that might not be good for the players future confidence. Scubog, where are you; I would like to hear what you have to say about this.
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    Not too happy about this...think Bradford had a lot of potential he hadn't had a chance to prove. Would prefer he had made it to the practice squad. Think he's gonna be great for Carroll. bummer
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    I never got the drafting of Bradford. They have big backs in Graham, and Blount, they needed the change up back. Sporles would've been perfect, Dom you blew that one. I only hope Bradford leaving means Mado (love the name) can be that scat back we need. He looked O.K. in pre season, but maybe his practice time since then made him a better player.
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    I'm kind of glad actually. It will force us to look at better backs instead of being commited to making one of our draft picks work. We should just start trading our 6th round picks for two 7th round picks. The only 6th round pick that I can remember being worth a damn in the last 10 years was Hayward.
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