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October 16, 2011 @ 7:47 pm
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DBs Coach Lake Suffers Torn Patellar Injury Celebrating INT

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Add DB coach Jimmy Lake to the listed of wounded Buccaneers. Lake tore his patella tendon after celebrating a Tampa Bay interception in the first half.

Tampa Bay’s defensive backs coach, Jimmy Lake, injured himself during the Buccaneers’ 26-20 victory over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Coming into this game the Bucs had just two interceptions. In this game against the Saints they had a season high three picks and those interceptions were worth celebrating. However, one of those celebrations came at a cost to Lake.

Lake injured his patella tendon during his celebration of an interception by Tanard Jackson in the second quarter. The injury will require surgery which he will undergo once the team returns from London. When asked about his injury he kind of brushed it off.

“I am feeling fine,” Lake said. “I am feeling fine. It is just stiffer than anything. I got the Cadillac Williams injury. It is the patella tendon. I will have surgery right when I get back from London.”

With Lake not being able to be on the sidelines for the remainder of the game, the team turned to veteran player Ronde Barber to assist in the relaying of information to the defense on the field.  Barber was seen on the field wearing a headset after the injury to Lake. According to Barber, he was not play-calling, but rather just relaying the calls of what coach said in his ear to his teammates. 

“I wasn’t really in there play calling,” Barber said. “When Jimmy went down [and] we don’t really have another secondary coach – we got some guys that have been there for a couple months, but nobody that can talk in front of the room. I have done plenty of talking in front of our room [and] I spend an enormous amount of time with Jimmy so I know what he is going to say. I wasn’t calling plays I was really just relaying the information. Wearing another hat for the defense and just helping him out because he had to go up to the box. He couldn’t stand on the sideline.”

Lake had nothing but praise for his unit and admitted to getting excited when playing such a team.

“Yes, not supposedly they are,” Lake said. “They are the best third down offense in the National Football League. I have a lot of respect for Sean Payton—the best play caller in the NFL. They have Drew Brees who is obviously a pro bowl quarterback. It gets me juiced up and it gets our guys juiced up to go out and face the best because we want to be the best.”

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    One more reason I cringe every time I see those guys jump and bump chests and hips. I hate those damn celbrations, it's only a matter of time until one of the players blow out a knee doing that stupid celebration. I blew out my knee going down a slip and slide with my 7 year old, it doesn't take much for it to pop and I am in pretty decent shape for a 34 year old. Please stop the insanity and bah humbug! LMAO
  • avatar

    the truth is lake and payton threw down in the tunnel on the way to the field....the media is just saying they got hurt on the field...those guys were doing some mma sh*t to eachother in the tunnel....with ronde cheering lake on as well....basically our coaches were throwing down pre game while detroit and sf coaches were throwing down post game....i wonder if jim schwartz cussed at harbaugh in yiddish after that handshake?....adam from ny
  • avatar

    basically it was a shmooze that got a little out of hand.....so they settled the beef by having a bagel and a shmear the next morning at jimbos house
  • avatar

    I guess the saints head coach was not the only coach which required surgery. I wish both of these coach's a speedy recovery.GO BUCS
  • avatar

    gotta get your stretches in coach lake hahaha go bucs.
  • avatar

    Well wehope that Rhonde will be still with the Bucs after he retires as a Defensive Coach of some sort. He loves the game and i hope he will continue to help coach this team.
  • avatar

    +1 to that Horse. I would love to see Rhonde stay and coach with the Bucs after he quits playing.
  • avatar

    Thanks tpeluso! I was thinking of Gramatica also. We are 12 rows up from the Bucs north end of the bench. It was quite interesting watching "Professor" Rhonde Barber with his head set and photos coaching up the DBs. If they had forgotten an assignment, or just weren't spot on, he stood there giving him special attention. He has said he does not want to coach. Professor Barber, please reconsider in another 5 or 6 years when your playing career is over. Actually, Raheem officially called him a "player-coach".
  • avatar

    That's the same thing I thought tpeluso.
  • avatar

    its funny to know someone gets hurt celebrating, reminds me of Gus Frerotte head butting the wall and giving himself a concussion- lol seriousley though get better lake your body bump days are over
  • avatar

    Yeah and Ferotte was never the same after that.
  • avatar

    I believe that's called, in layman's terms, pulling a Bill Gramatica.
  • avatar

    Weird day for coaches around the league I guess
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