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October 19, 2011 @ 10:29 am
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McCoy Appears On the Pitch, Faine, Blount Unable To Practice

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Practicing for the first time since arriving in England Monday night, the Buccaneers released their Wednesday afternoon injury report.

After arriving in London Monday evening, the Buccaneers spent their off day Tuesday visiting the sights in and around town. Wednesday morning, on a converted rugby/soccer field just outside of London, Tampa Bay began preparation for their NFL International Series game at Wembley Stadium against the Chicago Bears.

Tampa Bay released their Wednesday afternoon injury report listing the following players.

C Jeff Faine (biceps), DE Michael Bennett (groin),Mason Foster (ankle) and RB LeGarrette Blount (knee) did not participate according to the team. Back on the practice field Wednesday were DT Gerald McCoy (ankle), TE Luke Stocker (knee), and WR Sammie Stroughter (foot).

In his after practice press conference Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris commented on Tampa Bay's injury situation.

“LeGarrette didn’t go today and Kellen (Winslow) is on his normal (off day) work week,” Morris said. “Gerald was out there practicing today, he had the ankle deal. It is getting better. I’m not sure the exact term we are going to list him as but he was limited in participation today.

“Michael Bennett did not participate today, he has a little groin issue. Hopefully we will get him right for the game. Sammie had a little bit of limited participation today. Mason Foster was a no-show again for us today. Hopefully we can see where he is at later in the week. Luke Stocker went out and was full participation today. And Jeff Faine didn’t not participate today with the biceps issue.”

Foster, who was limited last week against New Orleans after spraining his ankle in the second half of the previous game in San Francisco, has a new injury according to Morris.

“He actually kind of sprained his other ankle a little bit,” Morris. “He is walking around with some nice ankles right now when he is out there working. Hopefully we can see what he can do by the end of the week. He is a tough kid so I have a lot of confidence in what he will be able to do.”

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  • avatar

    I would be pissed if I was Bennett and Coach saying he has "a little groin issue" LOL!
  • avatar

    A coach once said, "the best ability is availability". Faine (Paine) plays well enough when he's actually on the field; but he's on the bench with his arm in a sling year after year. Not sure if either Zuttah or Larsen is the long term solution at that spot but Dominik is probably already making plans to replace the team's highest paid and ugliest sideline cheerleader. Even then he can only wave one pom pom.
  • avatar

    scubog, "Even then he can only wave one pom pom." That cracks me up! I think Faine is too small, gets driven back, and is always injured. I would have released him this year and signed another center or guard. I was never a bigh John Wade fan, but I think he was a better center. Aside from his sweaty butt that made the ball slippery for the QB's, at least he wasn't injured all of the time!
  • avatar

    Cut Faine and save the money. Parker is better than Stroughter in all departments, but evaluate who is the best on special teams, Stroughter or Spurlock, and keep the best one to back up duty to Parker in case Parker gets hurt. Next years draft: 1st rd tackle to back up Rt and LT and eventually replace at RT. 2d rd Best G available. 3rd rd an outside LB (We got Foster in 3d Rd), and 4th rd a speedy Change of Pace RB (Keep Graham to rotate at Big Back) and 5 to 7 best player DOM can find (Black can play db and S; with TJack back we are already GOOD in the backfield. Keep Dotson at starting blocking TE. Sign our backup QB to a longterm backup contract. We have a great team already that will grow up together and take us to another Superbowl Win well before the Grim Reaper. Ha
  • avatar

    Surferdude...Sammie needin surgery after every game...hilarious!!! I agree Faine is dead weight and def the weak link on the entire offense as far as I am concerned. I agree he gets driven backwards much much too often. If he played as well as he ran his mouth he'd be a hall of famer. I thought from the first game Zuttah filled in at Center last year that it was a major upgrade. He is younger and stronger and alot bigger. I really don't see why he isn't starting. Faine isn't much better on the shotgun snaps either. I played Center from the time I was 5 yrs old until I was 14 yrs old then played others.....I have never in my life in little league, HS, college or NFL seen a center handle the ball as much as Faine pre snap. I think that he could actually be penalized for what he does with the ball every play. He could also get called for a false start too. Just cut him in the off season and bring in someone else...ugh.
  • avatar

    Maybe they should play Larsen at center, that's what he played in college.
  • avatar

    I feel like I must be watching a different Bucs' game than others. Did nobody else see the wild snaps that Zutah delivered to Freeman in the Saints game? I am lost when I read his name as a replacement for Faine. If the Bucs' are going to draft an OL position, draft a Center.
  • avatar

    here is the deal sammie return man only both kick & punt.parker no question 3rd wideout by a huge margin. briscoe four.here is what needs to happen cut spurlock thanks for the memories but this is business, is not playing and when he did the one int in san fran he lost the fight for the spot i blame that int on the receiver.gant the only wideout with true breakaway speed gets that spot and we work him into the rotation.zutahh is better than faine keep him there he is an improvement over mister brittle, that takes care of the center position guards are easier to find maybe larsen was really hurt at the beginning.dotson hopefully is the blocking tight end for now on.
  • avatar

    Well at least the bye week will help with the injuries. Force the Bears into early hibernation. Sack Cutler (a lot). Beat Da Bears. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    If Faine misses a game this season, it will be time to draft a guard and play Zuttah at center. This club really has too many holes to fix them all with the next draft. And each season they delay in signing free agents make us wait longer for a deep play off run; but makes us all one season closer to the Grim Reaper.
  • avatar

    I agree with all the above comments, and would add that I think Dotson should stay as the #2 TE since he created huge holes for the running game against the Saints...and I'd like to see if he really can catch!
  • avatar

    I think Parker is an upgrade over Stroughter at everything both of them do. Better KR, PR, Receiver. He is faster, finds the holes in the coverage better, reads blocks well, and bails out Freeman when he's under duress. I would let Stroughter go this offseason to give Briscoe a larger role in the offense. I have never been THAT high on Stroughter from the beginning. Overall Parker>Stroughter. I knew this guy was special when he played with FSU. At most, see what production we can get out of him to either trade him after the season is over for a late round draft pick, although I doubt we get anything for him. Geez I sound like a Stroughter hater. But everything I said is true IMO
  • avatar

    We should surely look to replace Faine during the off-season. He has yet proven to be worth the tag, of highest paid center, during the time of his signing. He is small in size and is constantly driven in the backfield. We are probally upgrading by keeping the more athletic Zuttah at center. Let's add center to the list of next year draft picks. 2012 1st rd (LB) 2nd Rd. (CB) 3rd (LB) 4thrd (Cntr) 5th (RB?) Parker should stay in the rotation forever! Stroughter can takeover return duties. Olsen, I hope you brought your PS3 to London, so you can play it before the game again and write down some more plays. Finally, you called a good offensive game, minus the 55 yd field goal attempt against NO. Keep up the good work.
  • avatar

    Wouldn't replace parker whenever stroughter comes back in the 3 rd wr spot. Parkers earned it. Would probably replace him on pr and kr tho. Stroughter has a nose for making big plays in those situation and is just a better punt and kick return player than parker.
  • avatar

    I wouldn't replace Parker with Sammy, who seems to need foot surgery after every game. As for Faine, what's his status? The dude can't put a full season together.
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