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November 1, 2011 @ 12:54 pm
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Tampa Bay Signs Ex-Giants Safety Sims

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced today that they have signed safety David Sims to the active roster.

Sims was signed as an undrafted free agent by the N.Y. Giants in July 2011, and was waived during final cuts. He played collegiately at Iowa State University, recording 96 tackles, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and one interception as a senior. In his junior season, Sims was named the Big 12 Conference's Defensive Newcomer of the Year after recording 88 tackles, five interceptions, three forced fumbles and one fumble recovery.

Sims fills the roster spot opened up with the release of LS Christian Yount last week. The Buccaneers are planning to activate LS Andrew Economos this week from the PUP list (physically-unable-to perform list) as his recovery from a torn Achilles injury suffered in the offseason is complete. Tampa Bay will have to make room on the 53-man roster later this week in order to add Economos.

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    lmao, you all are funny.....you over analyze EVERYTHING. its a god damn practice squad pick up. get over it.
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    Odd pick up, but maybe Sims can play CB. We have a number of needs, but may be that players available at this point don't leave many options. And getting anybody up to speed mid season is a long shot. We added the RB Spann out of Northern Ill a couple weeks ago. College film on him is pretty impressive. Check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kU2b7G2Oocg
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    I share gahtadreem's philosophical support of the current strategy in place at One Buc. But I don't discourage a healthy dose of skepticism when some moves are made. We will undoubtedly have to wait to see the logic behind adding an inexperienced, unproven UFA to the active roster knowing that Economos was going to be activated and someone had to be cut. I understand building through the draft at draft time, but the timing of this move invites the skeptic to become the critic. And while Dominik and Morris continue to extol the virtues of a long-term vs a short-term goal, their contracts do not match the rhetoric. This strategy works when you're winning and selling out games. Listen for the hue and cry if we lose the Saints game. Read for yourself the last few paragraphs of SR's End Zone -2011 from the latest digital magazine for a healthy dose of reality!
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    Let's see...last year we went 10-6. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that WINNING??? Still couldn't get the fans to come out. This year we're 4-3 and we've beaten Atlanta and New Orleans to be 2-0 in our division. Again...a WINNING record so far but it isn't selling out the stadium. Do you really believe that if we were 5-2 or 6-1 that all of our home games would be sold out?? Your kidding yourself. Now, picking up a kid who happened to play safety but obviously could be a beast on special teams or possibly give us help on kickoff returns or punt returns, is a move that invites skepticism?? Too much arm chair coaching for my taste. I think it's darn near miraculous what the coaching staff and GM are doing with this young group of kids. We are going to have a ridiculous team in the very near future but you have to be able to see the big picture and not expect everything to happen right now. This business is like a chess game when it comes to salary cap, long term contracts v short term contracts, etc. They've committed to a youth movement and I support that. It pisses the fans off for the short term but long term it's the stuff dynasties are made of.
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    Well said gahtadreem. It's so comical how we fans think we know more than the GM, scouts and coaches. We're all "Masters of the Obvious". Need a center? No problem, We can coax Olin Kreutz out of retirement if the cheap Glazers will pay him enough to get his desire back. Need a 3rd down running back? No problem, let's see what Tiki, or is it Creaky, Barber has left and he'd be cheap so the Glazers won't mind paying him. Need a speed wide receiver? No problem, Dexter "No Traction" Jackson is available and he knows Gruden's system or maybe even "TO". Talk about a one year blunder for his recent adventures. I suspect there are some injury issues at safety and/or Special Teams and this guy is for insurance purposes. The question for me is, when Economos is activated for the game, who gets cut? I say Michael Spurlock.
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    You guys want a kleenex...or maybe some cheese with that whine??? How many times do you have to hear the front office say it.."We are not going to be active in Free Agency. We are going to build through the draft. Our goal is NOT short term...it is long term." I know you guys feel like we should be winning a super bowl our second year into a complete rebuild but you really have to give fantasy football a break. I kind of like the way the Steelers did it under Chuck Noll... couple of mediocre years and then you dominate your division for the next decade. Seems like a better plan than just plugging holes with retreads that other teams don't want. Chemistry is very important when you have the youngest team in the NFL. You want to keep that intact at all costs. Bringing in guys that have had years in other systems can sometimes mess that chemistry up if they don't buy into YOUR system. I like the way Dom is putting this team together. It's by no means a finished product but I like the talent he's getting through the draft and he's hitting way more than he's missing. Let him go. This is not an instant gratification process. Nobody knows what this Sims kid is capable of but I like his college stats. Let's wait and see how they want to use him.
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    gahtadreem, it is interesting where you are going with that thought. I'll think about it somemore. Don't we have 2 Safeties already who played a little this year before going on IR? I am not sure if a 5" 9'' 200 lb Safety fits in our team scheme. Heck I would have given Armond Black a shot then to see if he can play in the NFL and called him up from the Practice Squad. Sims would probably still be available in 2-3 weeks if Black couldn't do anything. I would have tried a CB, Center, FB, CB, TE, LB before obtaining another Safety.
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    How many safeties do they need? Unbelievable!
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    WHY!? Ok numbers but where is the beast RB this team needs. Maybe they will use this guy as a running back since he use to play RB. His return game numbers seen descent so maybe they are thinking to use this guy as a RB.
  • avatar

    Not just a rB; how about a Center? This just doesn't make sense. Would somebody help me to understand this.
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    I told you all that this front office is nuts...Trust the team to win a division with Kregg Lumpkin and before going into the second half of the season down one back and the other RBs inexperienced outside of Blount you sign a undrafted safety??? LOL I dont take them serious and I seriously have lowered my expectations for this team all together. This is why this organization will remain B-C rated among the winning franchises.
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    I've tried really hard (and been successful) at NOT being reactionary, panicky, etc., but.... How's this SAFETY at blitz pickup? Seriously, I keep expecting to hear about us picking up a VETERAN RB? The only other solutions I see are (a) Lumpkin and/or Madu get a whole lot better in the next 4 days or (b) Blount gets better and plays as an EVERY DOWN back, spelled on 1-2 downs by Lumpy or Madu. I honestly don't think either of those is realistic (particularly against blitz-crazy, crazy-desperate New Orleans IN NO).
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