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November 6, 2011 @ 9:34 pm
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Morris, Freeman, Barber Discuss Loss At New Orleans

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris, quarterback Josh Freeman and cornerback Ronde Barber sound off on Tampa Bay's 27-16 loss at New Orleans.

Opening statement
“We’re 4-4. (We’re) right in the hunt. (We made) the same mistakes today. (We made) foolish penalties. Those are the ones that absolutely kill you. (We) just can’t tolerate it, especially versus an elite team. We made the same problems in the red zone. You’ve got to score touchdowns when you play the Saints. There is no doubt about that. They’re going to score points. You’ve got to find a way to limit those guys from getting the big plays and making plays like they did today.

On penalties today
“It was just bad ball again. We’ve got to go out and play better and play smarter. There is no excuse for being young…The 15 yard penalties are just (hurtful). Those things, we cannot allow to happen. It’s not good enough to come to the sideline and apologize to your teammates, coaches, or whoever. It’s just selfish, undisciplined football.

Consider changing personnel if penalties continue?
“You have to. There is nothing else to do. If you go out and keep repeatedly making the same mistakes over and over again, that’s your (only) option. Next man up (to play).”

Surprised that Saints ran as much today?
“No. They want to run the football, if they can. They got some success (early)….They repeated that a couple of times, and we adjusted in the second half. We adjusted in the first half, but we’ve got to adjust a little bit faster. Chris Ivory is back. We knew that guy would come back and run the ball well and do a nice job there. We’ve got to come out and do a better job of playing football.”

On Tampa Bay's lack of pass rush
“We didn’t do a good job this week of getting him off of his spot. If he’s going to stay in the same spot and throw the football….if you let Drew Brees do that, he’s going to deliver with accuracy with timing and get the ball exactly where he wants to get it.”

On the play of Saints RB Darren Sproles, who had 99 yards of total offense and a TD
“He’s a really good football player. He got some nice matches today in one on one. They set a couple of picks for him. He got a pick screen. He had a couple of screens out there. He’s dangerous when he gets going. The last time we had more success on him holding him (from a big play). Today, he did a nice job of catching screens, catching his check-downs, and running the football when they asked him to.”

On where team is right now
“Four and four. We’re right in the hunt. (We’re) right in the middle of the pack. There is nothing else to do. You’ve got to go out there and fight. We’ve got a bunch of tough teams coming in here. We’re 2-1 in the division, which is most important. We’ve got to win these division games in order to try to have a chance to fight back at the end and try to steal this thing.”

On the team's mistakes
“We had a lot of penalties. We had too many big plays, explosive plays. We have to find a way to get touchdowns instead of field goals.”

On the touchdown pass to Kellen Winslow
“That was the play. They were trying to play cover 2 and we knew they were going to play cover 2. All we had to do was get the Mike’s attention and it was a touchdown. He hesitated for a split second and we were able to get it out to Kellen.”

On facing Saints blitz
“I’m not really worried about it. We had a pretty good plan for it. We were able to handle it. The blitz wasn’t that big of an issue all day.”

On re-grouping at 4-4
“That’s the plan.”

On the Bucs' penalties, slow starts
“It’s not a problem you correct in two weeks. That has to be a mentality. It is what it is. We know what our issues are. They affect the outcome of the game, and they did today. It’s not like we don’t know what they are. We know what they are. We just have to get better at it.”

On the Saints rushing for 195 yards
“They checked to some right plays. We were in some defenses and Drew (Brees) is great at putting his offense in the right play and he did it a couple of times today. We missed
some tackles. I don’t know if it is us out-thinking ourselves or what. It’s not huge mistakes.”

On if this game felt like Bears game in London
“I wouldn’t call it a Chicago feel, it’s just kind of us. Play kind of average to start the game and try to get back in it late. You can’t start slow vs. good teams. We know that. We are 4-4. It’s an average record. We played average at times today. It is probably where we should be. You generally get what you deserve in this game. We don’t deserve to be top of the division right now, we aren’t playing like it.”

– Quotes courtesy of the Bucs' public relations department

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    They have lost 3 out of last their 4, and none were really close. They appear in no way to be "hungry". Young, yes. (the Cowboys won 2 SB's in the 90's with the youngest team in the league, btw). Poorly prepared, absolutely. Outmatched? In just about every area. Other than kicking off, they do not excel at anything. They are not disciplined. They do not tackle well. The offense is distinctly uncoordinated. Effort appears to be lacking. They struggle to just compete and are often painful to watch. Who would pay money to watch this team? (this coming from a former ST holder whole loved nothing more than gameday). It's going to be another tough couple of years, apparently. Unless they can afford to bring in qualified HC, OC and DC, that is.
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    We're an average team, that about say's it.
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    These guys need to step it up and play with some sense of urgency. This Bucs team is out there playing like they are better than every other team out there, like the wins are just going to happen. Lack of discipline, lack of heart..... This is no way to build a football team
  • avatar

    Classic Raheem. Has yet to take the blame for our continued lackluster performance. In the thick of what exactly? Yeah, sure if you are battling for the title of underperforming, ill prepared, poor gameplan, and utter lack of discipline team. Sure we in the thick of that all right.
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    Got to love it. Morris tries to make it look great. "Right In the hunt". Barber tells the truth. Basic way to say you play like CRAP YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.
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