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November 7, 2011 @ 3:20 pm
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Bucs Place McCoy On Injured Reserve

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The Bucs have officially placed DT Gerald McCoy on injured reserve after he tore his biceps in New Orleans on Sunday. Tampa Bay also released RB Chad Spann and C/G Zane Taylor from the team's practice squad.

On Monday, Tampa Bay head coach Raheem Morris confirmed that Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was headed for injured reserve with a biceps injury for a second straight year. McCoy tore the biceps muscle in his left arm in Sunday's 26-17 loss at New Orleans after returning from missing the last two games due to an ankle injury he suffered in the team's 48-3 loss to the 49ers in early October.

"Losing Gerald yesterday hurt," Morris said. "He’s going to be out for the rest of the year with a torn biceps. But you can see the difference in our play up front with him out of the game – how it affects our get-off and some of the things we’re able to do there positively on defense. ... He’s out – IR."

This year's biceps injury is different from the one he suffered last December at Washington, which was his right arm. Morris indicated that the injury was somewhat freak in nature and is hard to prevent.

"It was an opportunity. He got off the ball and had a chance to make a play on the back and he kinda reached [his arm] out rather than put your face in there. You've got to move into the ball and sky your eyes and hit on contact. He just reached at the guy – which is something – a common mistake coming off a block – to reach for the guy."

When asked by the media, Morris did not think McCoy is injury-prone despite having his first two seasons end on injured reserve due to biceps tears.

"That’s football," Morris said. "I’m all gray matter. Next man up. We’ve got to find a way to get the next victory and be ready to deal. ... It’s football. Matt Stafford missed two seasons for the Detroit Lions and he is probably putting up his best season. He has to come back, he has to go rehab, get his mind right and come back ready to play. And be ready to play a 16 game season."

In his two year Buccaneers career, McCoy has played in 19 games and recorded 56 tackles, four sacks, 10 tackles for loss, five passes defensed and one forced fumble. Morris said the Tampa Bay defense will miss his ability to penetrate the line of scrimmage the most down the stretch as the team tries to improve on its 4-4 record in 2011.

"You lose the get-off, the explosiveness. You’re talking about a top-3 pick. You’re talking about a guy who gets off the ball, causes disruptions. When he’s played, he’s been playing really well for us. He’s done a great job for us versus the run. He’s done a great job as far as the explosion and the get-off. He makes game plans change. Yesterday, he did a great job at chipping the ends, really trying to take those guys out the game because they’ve been playing well. We didn’t have the same inside push that we would normally get with a guy like Gerald."

The Bucs were already thin at defensive tackle on Sunday as they were missing Frank Okam, who was out with a calf injury. That forced Morris to use defensive ends Michael Bennett and George Johnson at defensive tackle behind Brian Price and Roy Miller. Placing McCoy on injured reserve opens up a roster spot that the team will fill with another defensive tackle.

"We are going to have to add somebody to the roster," Morris said. "How fast we can implement them into our Rosetta Stone of teaching to get him going is obviously going to be my challenge. We will handle that and we have some really good D-line coaches that will help us out there. We had a defensive tackle by committee yesterday, which was rough. Especially when you ask some guys to go down there that aren’t full-time guys going – like a George Johnson or Michael Bennett. We [played] Da’Quan Bowers [at three technique tackle] the first time we played them. That’s a positive note. Da’Quan Bowers is getting better.”

In addition to placing McCoy on injured reserve, the Bucs also released running back Chad Spann and center/guard Zane Taylor from the practice squad.

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    There go the fake fans.....running away like rats.....
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    I don't view McCoy as a bust. Unfortunately he's been bit by the injury bug. It's a part of the sport. He's still young and has a good attitude. He might not have the sack numbers but the defense is better when he's on the field.
  • avatar

    That was a great example Morris gave with Stafford. It saved me some typing. A lot of you guys have simply lost your minds. What team has ever drafted a guy with the 3rd overall pick at a position they didn't think they needed to be successful? Of course the team the worse off without him. That's not an excuse; that's a fact. We didn't lose one player and the defense sucked. We lost TWO players at the same critical position (3 technique DT). Okam wasn't playing. We beat the Saints the just a few weeks ago with Okam but without McCoy...and our starting MLB might I add. The man you guys are calling a bust is not only the best DT on our team, he's one of the top 5 DT's in the league when healthy. Quick, I challenge anyone to name 5 DT's that are playing better than McCoy was this year.
  • avatar

    How much are the Bucs paying gerald this year? Anyway, I knew he was a bust even before we drafted him. Time to move on, next yr should be his last chance and thats being generous.
  • avatar

    I was looking forward to seeing what Chad Spann could do given a chance.
  • avatar

    I had a bad feeling when the Bucs drafted McCoy and thought they should have gone with a different skill position as we missed out on possibly the best DT talent in a decade (Suh). It all just seemed to be jinxed from the get-go, and you knew we would always be looking at Detroit in envy. Now, it looks as though McCoy is a porcelain doll at DT and he can't stay on the football field for a season. Brian Price has also not been healthy or even near 80% over the course of his two year career. I was hoping that Bowers was going to be the steal of the draft, but he hasn't really shown much albeit with limited playing time. I don't think he is close to 100% healthy after the injury at Clemson. Clayborn seems to be our only hope right now and he has no help. It's very depressing that the Bucs have invested so much in the D-Line the past few drafts. It might just turn out that we haven't gained that much ground in that department after all.
  • avatar

    McCoy is a bust to this point. Our top sacker has a whopping total of three. So please do not sell us on him making the players around him better.
  • avatar

    All I got to say is that they better not start miller this week if okam is even 50% healthy. Miller was getting tossed around like a rag doll all day, his a$$ must be sore from hitting the ground so many times.
  • avatar

    Spann dropped too? Guess the dude is garbage.
  • avatar

    Not sure I would normally be this negative, however: This SUPER SUCKS. There is no true replacement. Okam at nose, Price at 3-tech would be my solution. Biceps tears, while not uncommon at this level, are a troubling trend. They are common in cases where the muscles are built beyond the body frame's capability of supporting them (ie, more common in steroid and HGH users, as are triceps tears and pectoral tears). I am officially down on McCoy. Keep your head up and throw your whole body, shoulder first into the tackle! You've got to be violent in there and reaching out is absolute FOLLY. I've played both sides of the line and as soon as you stretch out/reach out, you're HOSED. You're not effective and you're going to get hurt. COMMIT to the tackle, then go ALL IN.
  • avatar

    mjohnsom062, well said; totally agree.
  • avatar

    Great to see the other game they have been playing with the practice squad too.. Sign,release,sign,release,sign,release. How long before players are asked to sign and say NO because the figure they will just be released next week. Simms didn't make it a week did he??
  • avatar

    I don't buy what coach said about CMD. You have bicep problems when you are trying to be something that you are not. Its a lot different from college and the NFL. Some guys cannot maintain the right weight for a position ;we Gains and McCoy are perfect examples. I am giving this regime until next year at this time before i'm off the wagon.
  • avatar

    LIke it or not, McCoy will always be compared to Suh. Suh came out and was an instant star. McCoy seemed ineffective right from the beginning, and to label him injury prone at this point is probably not fair but certainly he is a huge dissappointment. He never really brought fear to the offensive coach for an opposing team. I think Bucs have to start looking for a Free Agent or trade next yr to upgrade the middle of the DL. McCoy even if he comes back perfectly healthy next year will have had his career stunted by being on IR two yrs in a row.
  • avatar

    Just like Morris. More excuses. One man goes down and this Defense can't function. Tell us Coach; who do you blame for that?? Don't forget he was hurt in preseason too.
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