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November 13, 2011 @ 5:27 pm
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Freeman: "I'm A Better QB This Year Than I Was Last Year"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A frustrated Josh Freeman addressed the media after Tampa Bay's 37-9 loss to Houston on Sunday, and the Buccaneers signal caller said he was playing better this year than he did last year. Read what Freeman had to say in this Pewter Report article.

From a quarterback’s perspective what were able to do or not do today?
“Really on the passing game they played a lot of man like they’ve been doing all year and those are just tough.  Tough for us to get going. We had a couple deep early on. I wonder if we would have capitalized late in that drive, but really, they came as advertised: a really good defense.  They generated some pass rush and really didn’t allow us to get in any offensive rhythm.”

In a game like that is it frustrating for you?
“It is always frustrating when you don’t win, but at the same time you have to look at yourself first. You can’t go out and say, ‘This guy’s got to do this; this guy’s got to do that.’ You have to say ‘What can I do better to win the game?’ That’s the mentality and approach that I think everybody on the team has to take if we want everyone to get better and come out with some wins.”

Do you feel like this team is regressing?
“It’s just that we have not played nearly up to our potential. We are a young team and as a young team you have to understand that this is the NFL. You see some success and you can’t rest on that. You have to continue to prepare and go out and give it all you’ve got every week because even when you have a great week of preparation, you’re not guaranteed to win if you’re not making plays in the game. Everybody’s got to look internally within themselves. Reevaluate their preparation. Also, when the game comes, there are moments in the game that can alter the outcome. You can’t let that moment catch you off guard.”

Is there a chance team doesn’t have same work ethic as last year?

“I don’t know. From what I have seen and I really feel like if somebody felt that way it is not really something they would voice—would voice to anybody. All I can control is really my preparation. When we go out and practice go put some stuff on film during practice [that] I can go back and look at it. Talk to the receivers and try to get on the same page. I really feel like it is just a matter of not making plays on Sundays. We are making plays all week and I don’t know what it is, but we got to find a way to make plays regardless of game [or] practice. It is more important in the game.”

Have you sensed a slip in focus or even just the effort in practice or even Sundays?
“No, not really. I would say…I go in and look at what I have at hand [and] prepare as well as I can. Try to cover and make sure everybody is ready to go on the offensive end. I would say that the guys are focused. Guys [know] preparations are important. It’s just really in the games. We just aren’t executing myself included.”

Is hard for you and offense to stay confident when going through these types of struggles?
“Yes, it is. We had one drive with some sacks early on. And that drive that took us back on penalties…when at the same time the Texans are scoring [and] that’s something that you really have to score points. You have to score points early. Especially when you are playing a good team with a good offense like that [and] with a good running game like that.”

Do you feel like a quarterback who has regressed?
“Nothing is wrong with me. I feel like I’m a better quarterback this year than I was last year. As crazy as that may sound, looking at the numbers, I feel like I continue to get better in preparation and execution. I feel like I’m throwing the ball as well as I ever have. It’s just things aren’t going my way.”

On red zone opportunity if get that touchdown maybe it’s different in the second half?
“After I threw it people walked in my way so I didn’t really see it. I thought it was a touchdown…but I guess the DB got his hand in there and broke it up.”

Did they make you want to pass the ball or did the score dictate that?
“You got to throw it at that point. You look late in the third quarter and we started…we weren’t really every down. It was tough because they are scoring and we cannot fall behind like that.  We can’t run [and] we can’t chew up the clock."

You are still wrapping your thumb is there any thought it’s affecting the way you throw the ball?
“I really don’t think so. Like I said today I felt like I came out and threw it pretty good. [I] felt good coming out. It is just one of those precautionary things in a game you get it hit, swelling or what not.”

These next two games make or break and do you see that you got to puts wins together?
“It’s the NFL. Every week’s got to be a huge emphasis. You go out and play to win. Obviously, Green Bay is playing very well right now, but we got to go in and look at this week like any other week. You’ve got to prepare. You can’t let the fact that they’re defending Super Bowl champs change anything. You’ve got to prepare and be prepared to execute and play a game and know that when you have your opportunities, you’ve got to take advantage.”

Are you guys executing well in practice?
“We really are. Today we played a very good man-to-man game and that’s something that we really haven’t faced this year. We have seen a lot of man, but they are a team that plays man to man probably 78 percent of the time and they are the number one defense in the league. These guys play at a different level [and] they are a really good defense.”

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    I think Josh can expect a "random" drug test in the near future if the league sees his comments...
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    I, sadly, was at the game and Freeman just doesn't know how to read defenses. There was plenty of man to man where they had 8-9 players in the box which he could have exploited (he did once on a pass to Benn), but instead he ran into those fronts. The rest of the time he is fixated on one receiver and is very slow in going through his progressions. I only saw one timimng pass thrown to Williams. On the rest, he sat there and waited for things to open up. On almost every play he had someone open which he just never saw. The kid is confused and has regressed. I don't blame him, I blame the coaches. This team is not ready to play on Sunday. He was throwing to the edge in Tampa 2 and across the middle in man to man. He just can't recognize what he is seeing in order to make the right adjustments. On the defensive side, I was amazed by Hainesworths play. He was penetrating and bringing it. The problem is that the linebackers and the secondary could not get off their blocks and looked like they were running in mud. This is all on Morris. His defense can't shed blockers and can't tackle.
  • avatar

    I was watching the 4:00 game between the Giants and 49ers yesterday and thinking how good Alex Smith and Eli Manning looked. You throw Freeman on one of those offenses and he would not be as good as either one of them. They both took their drop backs and hit their receivers in rhythm on their last step. It was beautiful watching this after seeing Freeman. And on many of the passes the WRs aren't WIDE open. There is a small window to throw to an open WR in the NFL. If you are not throwing on time and during the WRs break you are not going to have an open WR. Our receivers aren't having a very good year, but they are open. Free just can't wait until they are open, because then it's too late. He has to anticipate it. I watch guys all day Sunday and think to myself, "Free would have never made that pass." Don't even include the top notch guys like Brady, Brees, etc... Right now Free isn't even in the same league with Alex Smith, A. Dalton, R. Fitzpatrick, M. Hasselbeck, M Stafford, J. Cutler, and on and on.
  • avatar

    Pass the Kool-Aid
  • avatar

    The most idiotic statement I have ever heard. Has this guy watched himself on tape? 13 INTs. What a clown.
  • avatar

    I don't think the HC or Josh will say it to the media that his thumb is an issue? Why do I say that? He can't throw the ball past 20-25 yards, he has no zip on the ball, he is throwing almost everything 10 yards or less, and finally he is thinking too much and not reacting instinctively like he did last year. You can see it in his demeanor that he has lost some confidence in himself and his coaching. Hang in there Josh, help is on the way.
  • avatar

    Agreed that he is not playing well. But an equal share of the blame has to go to the WR's and TE's. If you can't beat man to man coverage in the NFL, then you won't win many games. In fact, the Bucs are going to keep facing this type of coverage until they beat it. Looks like the league has found this way to beat the Bucs on O and we need to adjust, but hard to adjust personnel mid-season. It's just difficult to believe that we can't beat man defences when most other offences lick their lips when they see one on ones. Freeman does sound like he's clueless on the podium in these cases, but it has more to do with not wanting to throw his pass catchers and OC under the bus. He knows who can't get open and it leaves him exposed to all the criticism. For that, I applaud him as a leader.
  • avatar

    That's weird....Chris Johnson from the Titans thinks the same thing...
  • avatar

    He had a one-season pass, which is now expired. They know he stares down his receivers now - this is clearly what's happening. You have to rewatch the game when they replay it on NFL Network, but this is a FACT. It doesn't help that the play-calling is awful. 1st down run, 3 yards, 2nd down, 8 yards, next 1st = bootleg pass???? STOP THAT CRAP. RUN THE BALL. I heard it said we're trying to run a team in the same fashion as the Texans. Really? Run right, run left, repeat until a 3rd down dictates a pass. PERIOD. Nothing fancy or complicated about what the Texans did to the Bucs today. NADA. Just straight-up *censored*-kicking.
  • avatar

    If he really believes what he said we are in real trouble. The new King of Denial.
  • avatar

    Last I checked Freeman is about the 30th ranked QB in the league. The numbers do not lie. Especially this far into the season. I think Kerry Collins outperformed him. Where is he now?
  • avatar

    Wow, Freeman needs to wake up. He is playing awful...just like the rest of the team. I wonder if he saw the final score...
  • avatar

    Ummmmmmmm.... Josh..... do you know how to spell your name and what city you live in because you must have taken a big blow to the head. Just re-read Dmans post another 10 times and maybe you will wake up.
  • avatar

    No Josh, you're not. Holding the ball way too long. Passes are either high or in the dirt. Open lanes and not scrambling for easy first downs. Missing wide open receivers. Not getting team to the line and set on time. Dumping the ball off to a RB - was EG, now Lumpkin for two yard gains on third and long. Throwing picks in the red zone. I could go on, but you all get the picture. N doubt Gegg Olsen isn't helping and should be fired, but Josh, you're not better than last year.
  • avatar

    I must have missed that play. When did he get Hit IN THE HEAD??? Better???
  • avatar

    REALLY What QB are you watching Freeman!!
  • avatar

    the guy is delusional. Period.
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