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November 13, 2011 @ 5:28 pm
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Morris: "Put The Blame On Me For This One All The Way"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


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After his team's 37-9 loss to Houston, Bucs head coach Raheem Morris said, "Poor job by myself and I will take complete responsibility for that. I refuse to believe that our guys are that bad so it has to be my fault." Read what else Morris said after the game right here.

After Tampa Bay's 37-9 loss to Houston at Raymond James Stadium, Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris addressed the defeat and accepted full responsibility for it. Here is the transcript of his post-game press conference:

Morris’ opening statement:

“Completely put the blame on me for this one all the way. We started the game just like we finished it. Poor job by myself and I will take complete responsibility for that. I refuse to believe that our guys are that bad so it has to be my fault.”

On his team’s regression at this point:
“Last three weeks have been tough. We haven’t won in about a month. The guys right now are not playing well.  We got to find a way to get better. Again, on any regression, you’ve got to put right on my shoulders because I got them. It was my fault. My fault, guys.”

On what he said to his team after the 37-9 loss to the Texans:
“I told them exactly what I am telling you right now. I told them that there will be some changes made in how we do some things and that they can put the blame right on me because my shoulders are big enough for that. We will fix it because that’s my job.”

On what changes he would make during the week:
“We will do some changes in practice this week. You’ve got to go out and get your two pads on because you are not making plays in pads and that’s what we got to go practice on. We’ve got to work on making plays in our pads in game like situations. That’s what we’ve got to do this week.”

On the number of padded practices he has left to use this season:
“I got my mulligan this week, so I can pull it out.”

On Tampa Bay’s poor effort in stopping Houston’s big plays:
“The first play of the game (Jacoby Jones’ 80-yard touchdown) was bad execution. The other long [78-yard] pass to [Arian] Foster in the flat was just a terrible missed tackle and a terrible secondary level tackle. The hustle – I will grade that on tape there tomorrow and let you know who was there. It should have been a 40-yard gain [and] not an 80-yard gain. We’ve got to eliminate those things and that’s my fault. Again, all that stuff put it right on me.”

On how he thought DT Albert Haynesworth fared:
“It is hard to evaluate our new D-tackle. He made a couple good plays I saw that. We’ve got to go get a chance to go look at him on tape and I can give you a more accurate description of how he played his game tomorrow.  I do know he showed up a little bit and made a couple good plays for us.”

On the team’s red zone woes, penalties and dropped passes:
“No doubt I got to do a better job of coaching the football team. I got to do a better job. I haven’t done a great job for our offense. I haven’t done a great job for our defense or special teams.  So put that on me. I will fix it this week.”

On Morris taking blame but realizing that he cannot catch ball or make tackles:
“I've got to practice it better and I will get it done this week. That’s what we are going to go to work [on] this week and we will get it done. We will get it fixed this week.”

On whether he will consider personnel changes along with changes in practice:
“That is always under consideration. We will go back and evaluate the tape and put the proper people into play.”

On whether his team played smart, hard and fast on Sunday:
“Exactly not [and] that’s why it’s my fault. Anytime you don’t see that that’s a direct reflection on the head coach. That’s on me.”

On how he would evaluate the play of QB Josh Freeman, who threw three interceptions vs. the Texans:
“I got to coach Josh Freeman better. I got to get him to play better. I’ve got to get him to play faster. I got to get him to play smarter. I’ve got to get him to play more settled and confident. Again, I am telling you, this is my fault and I will fix it this week.”

On whether the players are tuning him out after playing so hard for him last year:
“I told you it’s my fault this week. There is no doubt about it. You can write whatever you want to write – tuned out, whatever. I will take it.”

On whether the Bucs have to get back to fundamentals:
“Yes, it is all about the code – the fundamental belief. It always goes back to playing fast – we did not do that. Playing smart – we did not do that. Playing hard – we didn’t do that. We didn’t play together and consistent. We didn’t do any of those things. That’s on the head coach.”

– Scott Reynolds contributed to this report

Last modified on Sunday, 13 November 2011 18:07

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    For the 3rd week in a row I will say it. Our OC has to go. Since I could not watch the debacle that our team has become, I watched my in network team play, which happened to be the Broncos. Now there is an example of an OC that creates plays that work with the personnel they have. This is what we are lacking. It is time for Dink and Dunk to exit stage right. Raheem can get this team back on track, but I think it’s time to promote and intern DC. Give Raheem time to run over to our OC and ask why he sucks at creating plays
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    I'll file this article between "we're going to get Benn more involved" & "we've found out what's wrong with Freeman and we're going to fix it"
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    roger 4680 that is hilarious
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    Put the blame on me? Is that supposed to make things better? Does that mean that he should be fired a he is admitting that the debacle is his fault? Or does he mean "get off of the players back" because if it is on me, it really means nothing. Or maybe we will "change how we practice" and it will be all better. Can someone translate the consequense of this remark to me? Or does it as powerful as the statement "we need to play better".
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    Coach Morris; here's a major problem for you? You don't Coach Freeman, he has an OC and QB Coach to do that and I hope some film/game scouting coaches helping Josh. You might want to think about promoting a Defensive Coach right now to be the intermin DC until you can hire an experienced DC after the season is over or you might be gone during post season. Something seriously to think about. You are very, very, very inexperienced especially in a leadership management role. You need to get your GM to get you some help. That also goes for the GM too. You two need some experienced consultants like a successful retired Head Coach and GM. You were lucky last year and this year your luck has run out. I want you Coach and the GM to succeed and I do hope you take this advice in a positive manner. Go Bucs! Become a team again.
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    " I refuse to believe that our guys are that bad ". Reheem, your 6th and 7th round outside linebackers ARE that bad. That is why your opponents attack your perimeter repeatedly on the ground and in the air. Poor Rhonde was gassed and pissed! Aquib can't catch a cold let alone an interception, assuming he is even in position. Adrian Clayborn is a beast, but a rookie beast. Roy Miller spends most of his time getting knocked 5 yards off the line. Your receivers can't get separation or hold on to the ball. Winslow is over rated - just watch a real tight end. Faine is over rated and hurt. Josh has a bad case of a previously over inflated ego which is now so shaky he is in denial. Your ends over pursue. Most of your team has forgotten the fundamentals of tackiling. They can't figure out the correct angles when the target is more than 5 yards away. Your offensive and defensive schemes are so predictable the you are SO EASY to scheme against. Some how your players are undisciplined. They are not supposed to be your buddies. They are supposed to be your players whom you hold ACCOUNTABLE. So where is the accountabiliy?
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    And they wonder why the stadium is not sold out? Gee. Fire Olsen and if Morris isn't willing to make them work hard in practice fire him too. Watching the game today it was very apparent that it wasn't because our guys are talented, they just aren't coached. I give major credit to Morris taking credit but that is not enough.
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    Bradshaw on the OT just said it the best. The Texans win in a ROUT 37 to 9 in Tampa. What The Heck Is Going On In Tampa?? Now look at the postings of people who always call us Bandwagon Fans etc... For posting the way we see it or feel it even when we see things going down the tubes. Another good one from NBC in front of Coach Dungy. Arian Foster aided by a defense that could not " TWO HAND TOUCH HIM." Great national attention. So how does it feel Coach??
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    Just an awful, inexcusable effort. Embarrassing. Again. What is so sad is that this is NOT just a young team taking its lumps as it builds into something great. It was tough in '08 going from 9-3 before Kiffin quit on the team to Morris' 3-13 season but at least you could call it "a rebuilding year". Now, it is just a poorly prepared group of scrap heap players with no direction and no particular strength. Think they are building? Just look at the D and ask yourself if a player is likely to be around in 2 years (or if you would want them around).....Black (no way), Hayes (no thanks), Foster (hopefully, he does have promise but as an OLB), Barber (of course not, retired hopefully to join HOF), Tanard (more likely to be suspended, quit or let go when someone realizes he is the worst tackler in the league), Sean Jones (oh hell no), son of Grimm (who cares?), Talib (more likely to be in jail and who would miss him?), McCoy (50-50 depending on health), Price (see McCoy), Clayborn (potential, might become starter caliber), Bennett (see Grimm). This pretty much applies to the entire offense also. Freeman has potential to be better than 30th in the nfl, Joseph will be around, and everyone else? Who knows, and again, who cares? Who would you miss? Williams' drops? KW's 5 yd gains and attitude? So four years in a row without making the playoffs and a whole new brand new start needed....again
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    I never expected the digression this team has undergone in one off-season. It's like we have a team of Michael Claytons who showed so much promise in 2010 only to look below average at best now. Dominik seems to draft solid prospects who most of us reasonably expect to become young stars. Yet they appear to go in reverse with this coaching staff. This is the 3rd year of the construction of the Dominik/Morris team. Is there any of the young players recognized either locally or nationally as top ten player at his position? No, and that's the problem. Either they aren't the right players to start with or we don't have the right people developing them. Couple that with the fact that there is no Nickerson, Sapp, Brooks or Lynch to "open a can of whoop a$$ on guys who just go through the motions and the result is a team destined for the bottom half of the league. This season the team doesn't even look as good as the 4-5 record would infer. I wouldn't be shocked if this is a reincarnation of the 1980 team that started 2-0 only to finish 6-10. It's commendable that Morris accepts the blame. But in my view, part of the responsibility lies with the players for whom Rah has consistently had their backs, who have clearly let him down.
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    We need a defensive coordinator or both. Not someone doing both. No adjustments are being made because Rah is too busy head coaching. Buc's have a defense worse ( and that is saying a lot) than the offense.
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    morris fired dumanick fired olson not even there no actor non existent van pelt fired clean house u pathetic owners
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    The bad thing is you KNOW this team can play better - see NO ans Atl games. I don't mind losing (I don't like it BUT....) if the team plays well - but a high school team could have played better. Morris can talk all he want but this was just an EPIC FAILURE of a team. Things need to change - as a leader you CAN'T be everybody's friend.
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    I'm kind of leaning that way myself. Screw being a players coach...be a winning coach.
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    To say that was a Rich Kotite coaching performance would be unfair to Rich Kotite. Keith Millard as player/coach the rest of the way please...
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    I have to agree. Same old story different week. Morris takes the blame, Josh says he knows whats wrong and will fix it but it doesn't change. Olsen must be fired immediatly and Morris soon after. This team has lost it.
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    There are so many fundamental things wrong with this team. I don't know where to start but i will say that we will see how much the Glazers care after this season because people are washing their hands with the team. It's sad because the region deserves a better product. So many good prospects are recruited from this region but we never acquire impact players and veterans. I hate to say it but the Glazer's are losing control of their fan base.
  • avatar

    I hate to say it but the region really DOES deserves this kind of team. What fan base?? You can't tell me that if we were 6-3 right now we'd be selling out games. I just don't believe it. This area is apathetic when it comes to supporting it's teams. Same thing with the Rays. They field an exciting product and the fans don't show up. Now granted, the Bucs really don't deserve a full stadium the way they are playing but they proved last year that winning doesn't fill the stadium so why should the Glazers break the bank for a town that really is pretty indifferent about sports other than the Lightning? In Tampa, most people are transplants from the Midwest and other places and they stay loyal to their first love, whatever team that was. I'm not blaming the fans, I'm just saying that's the way it is.
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    Put the blame on you? Fair enough...
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    Yeah same old same old. Tired of it. We are wy overrated and playing good teams shows it. We had no clue out there on either side of the ball. Poor effort with penalties missed tackles and turnovers are inexcusable each week. Team is regressing badly.....
  • avatar

    The sad thing about It is he can't tackle and catch. I don't care what he does in practice the players have to have their heads in the game and not up their butts ! The coaches don't miss tackles or hold the defensive players. Just as many I believe Olsen needs to go and morris needs to drop the DC title and focus on being the HC.
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    Blah Blah Blah ...heard it all before ...keeps getting worse.
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    I agree with yall. Morris and Olsen should be fired this week. Morris takes the blame for every loss, but nothing ever changes. It shows every Sunday how unprepared the Bucs are. I think we have the worst coaching staff in the NFL. At least the other teams in the league with worse records than us don't have the talent either. We will be 4-6 after playing the Packers next week and then the Titans...
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    bucdiezel90-- I second that. Do we have a third?? Glazers. Hear your fans??
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    For once the coach is actually pissed at his team. This is good.
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    in other words, not going to do a dang'd thing. No one is accountable.
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    Agreed coach... 1) Poor discipline 2) Poor Play 3) No offensive play makers 4) Defense getting man handled Don't worry WE DO blame you.
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