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November 13, 2011 @ 6:02 pm
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An Uninspired Debacle, Keys To Victory Revisited

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Most gave the Buccaneers a free pass after their 48-3 shellacking by the hands of the 49ers in early October, but what was thought to maybe be an one-time unfocused loss may have been a prelude of things to come. Sunday against Houston Tampa Bay played as bad, if not worse.

Key 1. Score First, Score Often
Not only did the Buccaneers not score early or often, they barely scored at all.

The first drive started promising enough with Tampa Bay moving to the Houston 39 before a sack on third down forced the Buccaneers to punt. For the remainder of the first half, and the second half for that matter, it was as if the Buccaneers offense had never seen a 3-4 defense.

An inability to pick up blitzing linebackers, a confused Josh Freeman and an uninspired performance by the defense sent Tampa Bay to their sixth loss and possibly into a tailspin they may not recover from.
Final Grade: F

Key 2. Take Time To Tackle
After the debacle in New Orleans and the defenses’ lack of fundamental tackling, it was hard to imagine it getting worse.

But worse it was Sunday. On the first play of the game Jacoby Jones raced by a blown coverage, caught a Matt Schaub pass and eluded the secondary that had managed to get back in position to make a stop. Both Tanard Jackson and Sean Jones failed to bring Jones down and just like that the Texans had an 80-yard touchdown on the first play from scrimmage to go ahead 7-0.

The poor tackling continued throughout the game and burned the Bucs several times, especially on Arian Foster’s 78-yard catch and run on a short pass from Schaub in the second quarter.

Whatever will the Buccaneers had seemed to be sucked right of them as frustration and despair set in and Tampa Bay was never close to mounting a comeback.
Final Grade: F

Key 3. Create Turnovers
With the Texans running the ball 44 times, the Buccaneers had ample opportunities to create potential fumbles. But rarely, if at all, did any Buccaneers defensive player blow up a Texans ball carrier.

The lack of any semblance of physical football was apparent from the opening snap and continued throughout the game and the Buccaneers seemed ill-prepared for what the Texans did all day long.

Even the officials were no friends to Tampa Bay’s quest for turnovers, as an apparent Aqib Talib interception was overturned by a replay challenge.
Final Grade: F

Key 4. Bust Out With Blount
Getting your No. 1 tailback only 10 rushing opportunities will never equal winning football. Falling behind on the first play of the game then trailing by 13 at the half totally threw the game plan further off pace. Once again, the Buccaneers' inability to get a lead forced the team into passing situations from the start of the second quarter on.

Blount looked fairly sharp early by averaging 5.7 yards per carry after the first quarter. But with the defense's sloppy effort, Tampa Bay was forced into playing from behind and virtually abandoned the run.

Blount finished the game with 34 yards on just 10 carries.
Final grade: F

Key 5. Sack the Schaub
Even with millions of dollars locked up to high draft picks and even new defensive line coaches, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 31st in the league in quarterback takedowns and won't move up any after recording just one sack of Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub. Granted the Texans’ signal caller only attempted 15 passes but in most cases Schaub had all day to scan down field to find open receivers.

Defensive Brian Price was the only Buccaneers defensive lineman to chase down and sack Schaub on a quick inside move, splitting the guard and center

Any time the opposing quarterback finishes a game with a 154.9 quarterback rating it was obvious he had very little pressure to handle.
Final Grade: F

Final Analysis
Uninspired, sloppy and just out-talented, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hit the lowest spot in Raheem Morris’ tenure as head coach. Visibly shaken and frustrated in his after-game press conference, the head ball coach told the media to lay the blame all on him. If Tampa Bay can't get things turned around in a positive direction soon the blame will fall on Morris and his staff and the aftermath may be horrific.

Tampa Bay played with what appeared very little emotion and continues to make the same mistakes over and over. At some point the blame must be shifted to the coaching staff.

Score Predictions
Cook’s Prediction: Buccaneers 24, Texan 12
Reynold’s Prediction: Texans 23, Buccaneers 17
Horchy’s Prediction: Texans 26, Buccaneers 20

Last modified on Sunday, 13 November 2011 22:34

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  • avatar

    How pathetic is it that Haynesworth led the team in effort?
  • avatar

    "wild thing!....you make everything....embarassing!"
  • avatar

    Raheem Morris is a good coach, every level he has coached, he has done well. But Tony Dungy was a more qualified Defensive Coordinator when he was hired, yet he decided to get his own D.C. in MOnte Kiffin. Morris needs to do the same, and hire a DC. Maybe Lake. Olsen should officially be on the hot seat. Houston out coached us with their game plan. First play, take a Bucs D that wants badly to stop our run, and do a play action fake and throw it for a TD. Thats good coaching. We don't do that. Im not giving up on the season, but if Morris says its his fault, then I expect the team to come out and play next week.
  • avatar

    I can't believe half way through the season I am starting to look at the draft because I know that is what I have to look forward to and not the playoffs. I really thought we would be in the hunt up until the end. Now I am wondering if we will win three more games.
  • avatar

    After having season tickets for 20yrs it's time to move on from this team until the owners get their head out of their *censored* and get a REAL GM,HC,DC,OC and a SCOUTING DEPT that can find players that belong in the NFL and not just collect a pay check. The owners will NOT see my money next year!
  • avatar

    Total *censored* bad coaching bad playing and what will actually change it? Glazers don't care. Half empty stadium booing reminded me of the 80's how is that possible????
  • avatar

    Blount is not the answer for a team that starts off slow...he's not a every down back.When u get behind what can he do for u except get stuffed in the backfield..I mean really,He is not a slick back.We have receiver that cant beat man on man..ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PURE GARBAGE and last week u guys was saying that this is a good team..REALLY?
  • avatar

    I think they need to get a new offensive coordinator / play caller and a new defensive scheme. I like Morris as a head coach, but he cannot do everything himself. The QB play is not very good. I seems like he is worried about his QB rating more than the game. I feel that Haynesworth has found a home. I also think that the Texans are a very good team and that the Bucs are average for the NFL. Last, but not least, I think the players who took the game off and still played should be ashamed that Morris is getting the blame.
  • avatar

    I doubt very seriously whether the action taken will be the same that I would take if given the opportunity. It's sad.
  • avatar

    Mark, you said it all. right now, I am not sure if we can beat anybody. This team gave up early and often. It's a big Coaching problem across the board. A Head Coach is suppose to be an experienced leader or has had many leadership roles before being promted as Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator. You are suppose to have earned it, not fallen into it. This is the Glazers fault, not Morris. He should have been allowed to learn the DC role with an experienced HC and then taken over that role a couple years later. I hope the Glazers have not ruined a genuine good man who is trying his best, but has no mentor to help him. this is starting to get sad. Get the man some Coaching Help!!!
  • avatar

    I pay for the NFL Package to watch what they say is a football game. I think I'll try and cancel the NFL Package and won't re-up my subscription to Pewter Report. There is no reason to continue to follow this team. This team is terrible from top to bottom. They are just out there collecting a pay check. If I gave this kind of effort at my job I would be fired. After watching this game I wish they would have cancelled the season, would have been much less painful.
  • avatar

    They quit!
  • avatar

    I'm thinking "we sucked real bad" would have sufficed.
  • avatar

    I must say, Haynesworth showed up and played with effort under difficult circumstances. I can't say that for everyone. I like Raheem Morris personally and I think he is trying as hard as he can; but is it too early to say that Raheem is not a Defensive Coordinator? We're 30th in the league as it is. If I were the DC, we'd only fall two spots. There is entirely too much young talent on the defensive side of the team to be playing so poorly and emotionless. The "youngry" players simply don't know what to do or don't care and there are no veterans who are so experienced they can play the game on cruise control. To me it's like they get on the bus to go on a trip and the driver of the bus (also known as the head coach and defensive coordinator) doesn't have the directions to their destination either. I know this, he better figure it out soon or the Glazers will be RE-CALCULATING.
  • avatar

    If anyone finds the Bucs players' balls, could they please return them? Glad I didn't waste an entire afternoon trying to find a feed! YUGLY!
  • avatar

    How many DEBACLES are Morris/Olsen allowed??????????? When the half empty stadium is booing in the first quarter, you've got problems. Wake up Glazers, we are not buying the incompetence you are selling.
  • avatar

    Got to at least give Buttersworth some credit...he put in a solid effort from what I could tell...
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