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November 14, 2011 @ 1:40 pm
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Morris The Day After: "It Was A Bad Day For Buccaneer Football"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


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Less than 24 hours after an embarrassing loss to Houston head coach Raheem Morris met with the media and discussed Sunday's game, the upcoming changes in practice and their trip to Lambeau Field.

Opening statement by Coach Morris:
“Evaluated the tape and it was exactly what you thought. It was a bad day for Buccaneer football. Didn’t look good and again I got to put that on myself like I did last night. No different. This week and for the rest of the season can’t be concerned about preservation so much and get our physically better—it’s what we need to do. So the answer is putting on some pads. I got my mulligan this week so I can put it on twice this week and get as many as I can based on the rules to get these guys going. We got to make plays in pads [and] both on offense and defense and special teams. That’s what we got to do. At the wide receiver position we got to compete a little bit more with those balls that are being thrown to us [and] in the end zones particular [and] on third down especially.

On defense we had some issues with effort yesterday on some of the big plays—the two big plays. That’s something that is very uncommon. Some was because of injury or whatever the case may be, but you can’t make excuses you got to go out there and play as hard as you possibly can at all times. Despite what may be going on or despite the adversity that may be put upon you based on a turnover or whatever.  The positive thing is I didn’t have anybody complaining yesterday. Nobody was on the sideline moaning [or] being soft [or] being a coward. That was the best thing we got going on this football team and that’s the best thing I got going today when I can push these guys. Push them to where we want them to go with this physical (not new), but this physical approach we are going to take this week.”

At point did it look to you that your team was not being physical enough?
“It is not about at what point. It is more about we have been kind of preserving a little bit. Fighting through the injuries and things of that nature, but  I got to go less with preservation and go more with physically and get them going. It is what it is. Yesterday was a particularly a not physical day as far as competing for the football and all those types of things. So we got to go out there and compete a little bit better and [the] only way you can do that is you practice it.”

What is going with your receivers not distinguishing self as a group?
“We just got to catch the ball in a competitive environment. We got to practice it like that. We got to give them more competition in practice and we got to make those plays. Some of those plays obviously you can always harp on the quarterback [because] he is the easiest target when you talk a out accuracy [and] you talk about placement and things of those nature. We just got to help him out a little bit too. We got to go out there and play together.”

You mentioned effort issues what type of issues?
“We had a loaf. We had a couple uncharacteristic loafs that we usually don’t have. Based on whether it was an injury result or the play being far away whatever the case may be [or] assuming that a guy is going to be tackled. All the things we talk about as far as fundamental core beliefs that we talk about [and] that you see around the building ‘what is a loaf’ and some of those things that popped up in those big plays and those are things that can’t happen.”

What did Ronde Barber meet with you about?

”Ronde is Ronde. He’s different than everybody else around here. He actually sat there with me and I told him exactly what I told you guys last night. He’s a soldier and he wanted to find out what I wanted him to give to the team and we won’t do it in players only meeting fashion. We’re a team together and he just wanted to know what the message would be. How we wanted to do it and wanted to represent it to this football team. So he may speak in front of the team today. He may do some things of that nature.

"But Ronde is just Ronde. He’s more about trying to fix the problem than sitting around and complaining about it. I always tell my guy, go to the guy who can fix the problem and he came right to my office and sat down for a minute and talked to me and talked about it. So did Jeff Faine, Kellen Winslow and some of my natural leaders wanted to come to me and talk about it because they didn’t like that I took it on myself, but it is me, because whenever you talk about playing fast, playing hard and smart and consistent, that falls directly on your head coach.  What can the veterans do to fix this: It’s not just the veterans. It’s all 61 men. We all have to come together collectively and all hands on deck. Time to deal. Here it is. Here’s your opportunity.”

How did you get here?
“This is the worst question in the world because anything I say now is going to sound like an excuse. Anything you say right here, this is a loaded question. I don’t to make excuses. I’m not trying to downplay your question, but I just don’t like the whole answer I have to give there. That’s like I’m blaming someone else and I refuse to do that. We have to play better. We have to prepare better and we have to get better in our fundamental core believes. How fast we play, how smart we play, how consistent we play, those are the things we have to do. Pointing fingers at people does nothing. Pointing fingers at coaches does nothing. For us, it’s about the 61 men I’m about to go address and talk to and getting those guys into collective agreement and going out here and playing football the way we want to play it and our physical brand.”

What about the young defense?
“We just have to play better. We have a bunch of young guys out there running around and they’re playing fast and they’re playing hard, but they’re not playing consistent enough, and it’s all got to be a part of you’ve got a young Mike, and again I’m making excuses and I hate that, but you have young players and we’re not playing consistent enough, and that falls on the head coach. You have alignment issues on some things, you’ve got a bust on that thing here, and when you have little things like that, big plays happen or non-consistent plays happen. The up and down roller coaster of how they play from series to series happens, and those are the things you have to correct and those things take time and that’s something that we have to do and need.”

You mentioned a couple of loafs?
"I might be making a little bit more up than I should be with the loafs, but it’s the whole process of it. You have to go out there and play as hard as you possibly can every single snap. Rod Marinelli said it best, 'Run till your heart bursts, then after that give me one more snap.'

At some point, are the players accountable?
"We’re all accountable. That’s always going to be an issue here and how we rotate people. We probably created a little spark in Geno Hayes this week. He came out and played his best game by putting him on the bench the following week. He’s going to work his way back into the lineup somehow. I can see it. Those things I have to go. Those things I’ve got to coach. It’s not about anyone being admirable. It’s about me telling you guys what my job is and going out and doing it."

Is Albert Haynesworth’s effort an example of how to do it?
"He played a good game yesterday. He was excited to be at a new place; he was excited to get out there and play 47 snaps; he was excited to go out and make seven tackles for us. He played decent. He had some mistakes as well, which was expected. He had a slide issue on the first series and some things of that nature. But to go out there and play as well as was and be effective like he was is promising and it’s something to build on with this team and something to build on. We got a lot of confidence in that.

"Michael Bennett played particularly well yesterday. Again, it is the up and down play. Last week we talked about Michael not playing well but yesterday he played well. We got to get everybody to play on the same page all the time and that’s my job."

Albert said he was talking to team because they lost focus. Is that youth?
"There’s no room for excuses about anything. Albert was good yesterday. He did a nice job of handling the situation. He did a nice job coming off the field and giving people information to talk about. He was good. He actually told me when he made a mistake, when he slipped. He was a great communicator. He did a nice job with his young teammates. Michael Bennett did a nice job yesterday as well. He had great leadership, great spark and great energy. We have to play with that type of effort all the time."

Did organization misjudge talent on this team?
"I don’t know about that. I think we always talked about us not being a finished product. I think we kind of know that but that’s not going to lower our expectations of your football team. Your job is to go out and try to win a championship no matter what and that’s what we’re still going to continue to try to do."

On facing Green Bay:
"That’s awesome. This is the best time for us to play those guys. We’ve got the best team in the National Football League lined up on deck ready to deal. I’ve got a chance to go upstairs and get a rebound and make all you guys love me again next week."

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    I hear a lot of bitching but no answers. Listen, it was an ugly game, ugly effort and totally unacceptable. I knew it was going to be a roller coaster ride with the Bucs this year and I knew we were going to play like the youngest team in the NFL at times but what I don't like is the regression I see from game to game here lately. When we came back from the loss to San Fran and beat New Orleans I was thinking we had turned a corner but then we go on this downhill slide and granted, it's against some very good teams but the effort level just doesn't seem to be there. I think we can all deal with a loss if the team plays there hearts out and we see progress throughout the season but this just seems to be a real step back and I want to see some heart and effort from this team or they are going to lose any fan support they have left.
  • avatar

    Here's my take. Not to say the offense doesn't have its' own problems; but I believe the biggest problem is more on the defensive side. Last season the youngsters didn't really know any better so they bought into Rah's version of defense calling it the Tampa 2.1 because it still had some of Monte's fingerprints on it. Then over this past off-season Morris and the rest of the defensive coaching staff didn't have a lot to do during the lock-out so they decided to tinker and create whatever the heck this is. The players return a little older and wiser. They quickly realize that this "Raheem Scheme" doesn't work so they don't buy in and make and effort to execute it. The result is the 30th ranked unit.
  • avatar

    Is this not semi-alarming that the Bucs are looking to get back to practicing physical, and "competing"? Injuries, pads/no pads, or not; wouldn't you think that an NFL team who supposedly preaches and prides themselves on being fast, physical, smart, consistent would ALREADY FREAKING PRACTICE THAT WAY EVERY WEEK!!!????
  • avatar

    Accountability is the name of the game and right now we have none of it. I am shocked about this "preservation" he keeps referring to. Is it because we have such little depth that one injury would put us even further away? That actually maybe true as sad as that sounds but is not excuse to be a soft, lackluster team that shows no real passion on Sundays. Someone else said it right already, the true fans care more about wins and losses than these players do. If that wasnt the case, I would at least see someone on that sideline show a fkn pulse and start getting into peoples faces for piss poor effort time and time again.
  • avatar

    The Buccaneers were so bad, they lost a "c" in the story headline!
  • avatar

    Personally I found what Morris had to say very motivating. It's clear to me (but not new to me) why the players like him as a head coach. Hopefully it will translate into a much better performance from this team in Green Bay on Sunday.
  • avatar

    pinkstop, I hope so.
  • avatar

    It's really to late to practice better now. Bill Belachek said the time for practice is during training camp, not the season. He said with the grind you only have time for game prep, so Morris has it wrong again. You become the team you're going to be in training camp. How are those trips to the trop to avoid practicesworking out now? Excuses like stats are for losers, and this whole bunch are losers.
  • avatar

    Loaf?? After reading the players story and this one the excuses are mind blowing. Preserving?? Preserving what?? Players from getting hurt because they can only practice once a week in pads? Players affraid to get hit because they only practice in pads once a week. Help Freeman? Some yes. But, he over throws, underthrows, wide left and right. In the dirt, stares down receivers. I don't think he could do a back shoulder throw if he had to. So now he says he is better than last year!! Now we also find the players have not all been giving 100% in practice. This from the players who say 100% translates to 100% in games. What the Hell have YOU and the other been doing at practice? They make millions. You and the Glazers think in these times fans are going to fork over hard earned money for all this expensive tickets, food, drinks and parking to see this?? And now to top it off we get we have basically not been playing physical (preserving)and players saying not all are giving 100%. Sounds like there is a lot of LOAFING!!!
  • avatar

    Facts: 1. The true fans care more about wins and losses than the majority of the players. Nobody looked like they showed up for anything more than a paycheck yesterday. 2. Raheem, aka captain obvious, is what Galifianakis would refer to as a ra-tard. 3. We need a fast nasty OLB and a SS that can provide some pop in the box and finish tackles. . . not to mention a couple corners. 4. Albert F'n Haynesworth led the team in effort yesterday in his first game as a Buc. That shows the kind of heart and passion this team played with against the Texans. The Bucs make Fat Albert look like Mr. Hustle. Sad.
  • avatar

    I still believe this guy can be a good coach. We just have to give it time. He needs to follow Tomin model for building a staff. Hire a Good DC and get a new OC. Enough Dink and Dunk crap. Let’s get a coach that knows how to use his offensive player. Everyone is so into win now. I just want a competitive team, which is always in the hunt. That what we need, a competitive team. If that means new DC, and OC then get it done. NO MORE DINK and DUNK.
  • avatar

    Too many 'bad days' under Raheem's watch imo.
  • avatar

    maybe I can be an NFL level head coach...I'm pretty sure I can tell 61 guys "you just have to play better" over and over. If that's all it takes, sign me up!
  • avatar

    Is anyone else tired of hearing the same thing come out of Morris mouth after a loss. "we have to prepare better", no S**t, stop talking about it and get it done. Morris is more of a friend to the players than a Head Coach. Start benching players, and find a way to take their money. That might light a fire under their butt. Biggers gives up 90% of throws his way, Talib coverage has been average at best and when he has a chance for an INT he drops it. Black has been absolutely horrible, so has Hayes and Hayward. S. Jones is always out of position and then is scarred to tackle when he is in position. But I believe the Glazers are the ones to BLAME. They are cheap and do not care about fielding a good team, all their money goes to their soccer team. Maybe if they open their pocket book, so we could bring in some vets, this lack of effort that these young players are showing would change. Get a player like Ray Lewis, that takes no bulls**t, and these players will be held accountable.
  • avatar

    What a cluless diatribe that was. Radio needs to go - NOW. And if this is "..not a finished product.." as Morris says, well I don't need to see where its going.
  • avatar

    "That’s awesome. This is the best time for us to play those guys. We’ve got the best team in the National Football League lined up on deck ready to deal. I’ve got a chance to go upstairs and get a rebound and make all you guys love me again next week." Well, good luck with that, coach Morris!
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