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November 23, 2011 @ 12:59 pm
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Freeman: "Every Week From Here On Out Is A Must Win"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


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Bucs QB Josh Freeman held his weekly press conference Wednesday afternoon discussing several topics including the loss to Green Bay, LeGarrette Blount's TD run and the upcoming game against Tennessee.

As a quarterback do you like the coach’s aggressive approach to coaching this football team?
“Yes, for sure. Especially when you're playing a team like the Packers. The theme was to try to go out and steal possessions. You look at both those onside kicks and the first one really caught them off guard. The ball just didn’t go far enough. Then the second one they just got in the way of our guys. The ball was sitting out there for a substantial amount of time for an onside kick and we just didn’t make a play on it.”

With your quarterback rating the last two games are you starting to feel like you are getting into a rhythm?
“I've been feeling like that all year to be honest.  Like I said, I feel good about our preparation. I feel good about our game plans. Just going out and executing. We had a lot of guys make plays this past week and you know [we] just fell off just short.”

Are there certain areas where you're seeing progress in the last few weeks?
“Can’t really say.”

How can you grow on last week’s performance as an offense?
“You've just got to keep pushing [and] keep grinding. Obviously last week we put up a number of yards [and] didn’t quite score as many points as we needed to, but at the same time you just have to go out and approach every week from here on out as a must-win situation. You try to win them all, but right now it's very crucial that we go out and take advantage of every opportunity that we have.”

In the red zone the last few games you guys are about 50 percent for touchdowns. Is that good enough still?
“I don’t know. It obviously wasn’t good enough the last few games. Really good enough is whether you win or you lose. We will have to continue to improve in that area.”

Did you get a chance to watch LeGarrette Blount’s run on tape?
“I actually didn’t see it, no. We kind of skimmed through the tape.  As quarterbacks we watch all the passes and then moved on to Tennessee. I heard it’s pretty crazy.”

What was your perspective during the play?
“I had a great view on the field. I just kind of handed it off booted around left and just kind of watched it all the way down. It was pretty sweet.”

What was your impression as he broke the tackles?
“I don’t know. It was freakish to say the least.”

Does the O-line get excited by that stuff?
“Definitely was a huge boost of energy. The O-line, they love to run the ball. They love winning and scoring and when you get a play like that it's huge. It's uplifting for everybody.”

Your wide receivers last week seemed to make plays and catch balls does it just come down to finishing those opportunities?
“Yes, you just have to go do it. [In] man-to-man there isn't any secret about it. It's a one-on-one opportunity and last week the guys did a great job. When you gave them opportunities they made plays on it.”

Didn’t get the win but throwing for a career high, what does that do for an offense in terms of confidence?
“I think it helped. It does something. It really does. Obviously losing is something that we didn’t expect to do and it happened, but at the same time we went out and played up to the standard that we really should play at every week from the standpoint of yards. Did we have some mistakes? Yes. Did we not capitalize on everything we could have? Yes, but I thought everybody came to play. Everybody when they had an opportunity made the most of it.”

How do you carry that over?
“It starts today. Really it started Monday coming in watching film [and] getting jump started on Tennessee. Today it's just going out and taking that intensity to the practice field. You know you have to keep it going. It's something that if you can maintain a high level of practice [and] continue to compete when you get to Sunday it will come naturally.”

How is Barrett Ruud looking on film?
“It's going to be exciting. It’s Barrett. You know he's a good player so it's going to be cool to see him. Haven’t seen him in a while so [I'm] looking forward to it.”

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    This is certainly a game the Bucs can win. The question is which Bucs team will show up. There has not been a game all year where the Bucs dominated. I think they need that.
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    Freeman lost some games, I believe, as a result of the injury to his thumb. I think he is now hitting his old form and it is going to be real fun watching the Bucs the rest of the way this year. Glad to see the ticket prices dropped. The fans need to come out and sell out RayJay so we can get the fan base fired up again to be the twelfth man in our home games. Go Bucs!
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    Week 12 everybody...now let's treat games like we have to win them!
  • avatar

    Well free wish you would of said this a couple games ago because every game is a must win. But better now then never. I know this sounds crazy but I believe that we have the chance to really hit our stride here. The titans defense is small and we should be able to pound them fairly easily. (As long as Olson gets the ball in blount's hands 20+ times). And free should be able to find lanes to through into. The titans do nothing extremely well so I think well beat them. Our offense is going to put up some points this sunday and there going to get rolling.
  • avatar

    Oh yeah. I'm also looking forward to Winslow beating him in coverage.
  • avatar

    Is anyone else looking fwd to see Ruud hanging off Blount 5+ yds down the field this Sunday?
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