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November 23, 2011 @ 3:54 pm
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Bucs Drop Ticket Prices, Attempt To Improve Attendance

Written by Eric
Eric Horchy


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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced Wednesday afternoon that they will be dropping prices on a number of ticket options throughout Raymond James Stadium. Tampa Bay was the only NFL market to have all eight home games blacked out last year. If next week's matchup with Carolina does not sell out, that will be five of seven true home dates blacked out for 2011.

Suffering through another season of poor attendance, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced Wednesday afternoon that a number of ticket prices will be reduced in an attempt coax fans back through Raymond James Stadium turnstiles on Sundays.

“Listening to our fans, the overwhelming recommendation they made is more value and more options between the most affordable seats and the most exclusive," said Buccaneers Co-Chairman Ed Glazer in a team press release. “For 2012, we specifically sought to make lower-level seats more accessible to a greater number of people, while also giving more fans than ever the chance to become season pass members through a completely overhauled pricing system intended to offer something for everyone."

Prices for nearly 80 percent of general admission season will be reduced and the team states this will be the fourth consecutive year of no price increases. Other reductions in certain concessions will also be ushered in along with the slashed ticket prices.

The only home sellout this year came during Week 4’s Monday Night Football game against Indianapolis. It was announced earlier this month that Tampa Bay’s Week 15 Saturday night matchup with Dallas on Dec. 17 is also a sellout. The Buccaneers were the only NFL team to have all eight games blacked out in 2010.

Tampa Bay plays only seven true home games this season because Week 7’s game in London against Chicago was technically hosted by the Bucs. Including the Saturday night contest with the Cowboys, Tampa Bay has only two home dates remaining weeks of this season. The other comes two Sundays from now on Dec. 4 when the NFC South rival Carolina Panthers visit Ray Jay at 1 p.m.

Here’s the breakdown of price decreases announced by the team:

Bucs fans becoming season pass members can realize savings of up to 45 percent off the prices they would pay for individual games. For instance, a family of four can buy season passes on the 50-yard line in the upper deck (Section 310) and save nearly $1,500 versus individual game pricing (including Ticketmaster processing fees).

The new season pass packages include, not only lower prices for close to 80 percent of general admission seating, but also a larger selection of pricing options throughout the stadium. And for the fourth consecutive year, there will be no price increases.

Many of the popular $35 season tickets will now be just $30 per game, and the previously $17.50 youth tickets for fans 16 and under will drop to just $15 per game. A family of four would pay only $90 per game if they choose to sit in the most affordable seats.

Season passes in the lower level will also be considerably more affordable. For example, 100-level end zone tickets have gone from $89 to $75 per game. With the new prices, a family of four seeking to sit in the lower level would save $560 from last year's season pass prices.

The benefit program will include a service team dedicated to maximizing members' game-day and year-round experiences. The program will also include additions to each member ticket package, such as a player meet-and-greet, as well as technological aspects like exclusive smart device apps for members only and free game-day Wi-Fi access. Stadium club members will enjoy additional exclusive events throughout the year, featuring players, coaches and team executives.

One of the goals leading into the 2012 season has been to bring enhanced value to season pass packages. In addition to the season pass discount from individual game prices, members can look forward to saving in other areas. In 2012, those discounts will improve to 15 percent off all in-stadium food, non-alcoholic beverages and merchandise concessions (versus 10 percent in 2011) and members will also be able to apply that 15 percent savings to online purchases at the Buccaneers.com team store.

The Buccaneers will also continue to offer the popular, interest-free 10-month payment plan option.

To find more information on the new ticket pricing schemes, call 813-879-BUCS(2827) or visit the team website at Buccaneers.com.

Last modified on Thursday, 24 November 2011 16:01

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    WE are the 99%. Nobody who posts on this board, unless your last name is GLAZER is in the 1%. I haven't received my renewal pack yet, so I don't know if my tickets got any cheaper. They were already down from last year, however: I'm in Lower 309 and my ticket went from $85 to $79 and my son's ticket went from whatever it was ($25 I believe) to $17.50. I may only save $2.50 per ticket for my son next season, but I do appreciate the gesture (the renewal of the 10-payment plan makes it affordable as well - with the parking package and 9 games I was at $99 and change for 10 payments). On the SPENDING MONEY issue, the Bucs next season are truly at the point where they're MANDATED to spend money and a lot of it (many of us had previously thought that was triggered this season, but the new CBA was clarified that the team cap/floor wasn't altered until the 2012 season).
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    Tampa had a chance to be good this year, But with the prices at a lower price maybe those extra fans they may have Inspired the team more. I see now in the difference between the GB and the TEXAN game. Now Tampa need to win the games now to get back in the playoff hunt. Tampa split with saints, now if Tampa can beat AIR CAROLINA NEWTON and beat Atlanta the last game Tampa has a shot. I think in time the three defensive linemen that tampa has added in the past few weeks, The team will improve. GO BUCS
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    Agreed "carrollwoodbucsfan"
  • avatar

    instead of lowering ticket prices to get fans back here is a crazy idea im throwing out there, how about spend some money on quality players i think that would help bring in more fans
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    Well, my old season tickets in 333 row K were $49 in '98 and were $85 in '08 when I didn't renew. Now lower 333 are $60 and upper 333 are $45, so they finally have legitimately lowered their prices instead of just offering up those $35/$17 cheap family seats in the upper corners.
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    Wow!!!As if last year wasn't enough to show them what they should have done the beginning of this year! It takes 10 games to finally realize this? So this move really only brings them back down for a few. So whats that going to fill, 2000 more seats? If they really want to bring the people out lower the parking fees and the concession prices! I love how they put the word only in front of $90 like it's mere pocket change! Add in the $200 for parking and concessions. In this economy ONLY isn't the word to be using!
  • avatar

    I'd be happy to sit in someone's lap.....
  • avatar

    ladyfan,That was really funny. I always like your replies.
  • avatar

    Of course my six regular lower bowl ticket price and Club1 ticket price remained the same. Regardless, it's a nice gesture. I wonder if there is a move afoot to "occupy" Raymond James Stadium by the 99% people out there who believe we 1% who actually purchase a ticket with our hard earned money should at least let them sit on our laps. What a concept! That's one way to pack the stadium.
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