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November 30, 2011 @ 4:04 pm
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Freeman Misses Practice With Injured Shoulder, Listed As Day-To-Day

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Another hurdle in Bucs QB Josh Freeman's 2011 season popped up this today when head coach Raheem Morris revealed Tampa Bay's signal-caller has a shoulder injury and is day-to-day.

What has been a roller coaster season for Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman in 2011 may have hit a new twist when head coach Raheem Morris revealed Wednesday Freeman has a shoulder injury and his status for Sunday’s home matchup with the Carolina Panthers is unknown.

Morris talked about the injury.

“Well he hurt his shoulder at the end of the game on that bobbled sneak,” Morris said. “He kind of got tackled and kind of hurt his shoulder. It's sore. Right now he's day-to-day.

“Not sure who jumped on top of him but he was going down in the scrum trying to get the ball back and that’s the shame of it, executing the most simple play in football -- the quarterback center exchange -- and we got a quarterback hurt potentially.”

Morris was asked what will determine if Freeman is a go for Sunday.

“We were hoping he would be a full go today, but he was limited,” Morris said. “We will have the opportunity to hopefully evaluate him tomorrow and the day after that and get him going to see if he can get the chance to play.

“He's just got to [be able] execute the game plan. If he can go out and execute the game plan and give us the best chance to win, then he'll play. It will be [determined by] practicing. Josh is one of those guys who can go all the way up to Saturday and potentially even Sunday. He’s one of those guys who's going to get all the mental reps, all the mental capacity and that type of thing. If he can throw it, then he can throw it. if he can’t, then he can’t."

Tampa Bay’s head coach said he took the advice of many in evaluating how Freeman’s practice schedule went today and also how it will go the rest of the week.

“It was an organizational decision,” Morris explained. “We get together with [team trainer] Todd [Toriscelli]. I listen to Todd, get together with Free, get together with Mark [Dominik], and we sit down and make those decisions not to put him out there today. We’ll get a chance to see if he can lather it up tomorrow maybe or Friday or even Saturday at that point.”

“He probably could have thrown it but I didn’t ask him to. He went out there and handed the ball off and executed our run plays. He did all that stuff. And then he watched J.J. [Josh Johnson].”

Morris wasn’t ready to concede a feel-sorry-for-himself attitude regarding obstacles this season including Freeman’s struggles on and off the field.

“It’s the National Football League, man,” Morris said. “It’s the same thing he had to fight through last year. No real difference, except we’re not finishing at the end of games. Those three games we’re talking about that we lost. All those things are the adversity you have to deal with and you have to learn through adversity. Hopefully that’s what he’s doing right now. He’s 23 years old and he has the ability to grow up right now and grow up really fast and learn from these mistakes that we made in these first couple of games. We’re fortunate enough right now that we have five more games. One at a time, one snap at a time [and] go out there and do our job and hopefully make it disappear."

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    I say JJ should play. Not that he'll play any better, but it won't hurt for Freeman to sit and watch from the sidelines for a game. It will help him to see what works and what doesn't work for JJ too. I still say... the best pass I saw from a Bucs QB all year was from JJ in the Lions game. Freeman went out for a few plays in the 2nd half. It was a simple hook route for about 15 yards, but the timing was perfect, the pass was crisp and thrown with authority, and the WR caught it as he was making his break back to the ball. I remember yelling out, "That's a nice pass Free!" And then realized it wasn't Free... it was JJ. Freeman has not throw with authority all year and I saw it many times last year. Who knows... at lease we'll know what we have with JJ , which I think probably isn't any better than Free. But we will get some running yards out of a scrambling JJ.
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    “He's just got to [be able] execute the game plan. If he can go out and execute the game plan and give us the best chance to win, then he'll play." using that criteria, I'm guessing he WON'T play.
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    There no reason to play Freeman with a throwing shoulder concern. What good is if he cannot throw with authority. I'm thinking that someone is not being truthful here and that shoulder has been a problem all season. If not that; then we have poor coaching and a player that has already maximized his potential. Something is not right somewhere in the Buccaneer organization.
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    What the heck....let Josh sit for a game. Let him get healtthy from his moronic gun injury and his dinged shoulder. Let him clear his head on the sideline for a week and see how the team performs with a different qb under center.
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    nybuccguy... don't think that would happen unless there is no way in hell his "Boy" can't go. He does not want to give JJ a chance to show he may play better now. Or even show case for other teams for next year. JJ sure could not do any worse than Freeman has this year.
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    I agree with this. Sitting him this week will probably help his psyche, and if JJ has a good game, we may garner a better draft pick for him should they decide to trade him. Its not like the Bucs are going to post season, anyway. Of course, this scenario makes too much sense, so Radio will probably play him hurt.
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