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December 4, 2011 @ 9:48 pm
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Morris To Price: "Go Home, Get Out Of The Building"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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After an unnecessary roughness penalty by Brian Price in the third quarter, Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris sent his star defensive tackle home – during the game.

Maybe it was the pressure of a six-game losing streak. Perhaps it was desperation to reign in his team’s lack of discipline, but whatever the reason, Buccaneers coach Raheem made a statement almost unheard of in the professional coaching ranks when after an unnecessary roughness call on DT Brian Price, Morris sent Price packing. Not to the sidelines, not to the locker room – but packing as in to home.

“Told him to go home,” Morris said. “Because it is foolish. It’s selfish to your teammates [and] to everybody in the organization [and] to your fans. That’s terrible. That’s just selfish behavior. Give a 15-yard penalty in that situation when that’s all we talk about [and] that’s all we discuss. You just can’t do that to your team.

“Told him to go home. Get out of the building. Get away, yes.”

Circumstances behind what happened are unclear, and most players in the locker room didn’t want to comment or didn’t see the play happen. Obviously Price was unavailable for comment, as well, but the frustration of a season that began with such high hopes is clearly wearing on everyone.

One player clearly standing behind Morris was veteran cornerback Ronde Barber, who had this to say when asked after the game if he agreed with Morris sending Price home.

“That is absolutely the right call,” Barber said after showering and returning to his locker following the game Sunday. “It's not the first time. It's unacceptable. Just is what it is. We all love Brian Price and Brian plays with a lot of emotion, but can’t have that. That hurts our team. [It] hurts him. Just not who we want to be. It is what it is. I think Rah [Raheem Morris] made a great decision.”

Already some are questioning if making an example out of Price sets the right example, but LeGarrette Blount, who earlier this season at New Orleans hurt his team in the same fashion, said the losing streak is tough on the entire organization.

“We have to control our emotions and we have to control our tempers,” Blount said. “We have lost six or seven games in a row. It’s just frustrating. A lot of guys have their emotions really deep into this and a lot of guys know how to control them and a lot of guys don’t. Losing that many games can frustrate anyone. It’s like a ticking time bomb before one of those players just kind of snaps out there.

“He’s going to be alright. B.P. is going to be alright. Emotionally he hates losing. Nobody is used to it.”

PewterReport.com asked Blount if sending Price home sends a message of accountability to the rest of the team.

“He [Morris] has always been serious about accountability,” Blount said. “It’s just that … he understands where we are coming from. He understands we are emotionally wounded. It’s just the fact that it's time now for us all to step up and correct all of our mistakes. Try and go out there and win four in a row and heal our wounds.”

Morris clearly knows things must change to salvage any respectability from the 2011 season.

“I can take getting beat by a better football team. As far as penalties and some other things that we caused, it was unacceptable,” Morris said. “We are not playing like a smart football team right now. Right now we've got four weeks to prove that we can play smart. If we don’t play smart, we won’t win many games.”

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    I don't know who saw what happened that caused Price to react and get the penalty. If I were Price, I may have done the same or more. The play was coming to an end and a panther offensive lineman (#73 I believe) cut Price from behind at his knees. It was a completely dirty and cheap play. Price is lucky he was not hurt. What bothers me more is the complete incompetence or indifference of the referees towards the Bucs. That play should have drawn a penalty against the panther lineman. The refs also miss a clear face mask after Benn caught a ball that would have continued a drive. I could see it 50yds away. Not sure I don't side with Price on this one though.
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    I'm sure I'm about to get blasted for saying this, but I still support Morris. I don't blame everyone for being frustrated, but rebuilding from the ground up is going to be painful. I admit that the team is imploding right now, but I still have confidence in Rah and Dominic.
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    Did it ever occur to anyone that an ultimatum was probably given during the week that led up to the game. Morris probably told the team that the next one who gets a stupid penalty after the whistle is going to be sent to the showers. Brian Price just happened to be that guy. It's been going on way too long and should have been done a long time ago but I'm happy to see it being done now. It should be standard operating procedure from now on until these guys 'get it' and start to listen.
  • avatar

    Agreed - when previous attempts to invoke discipline didn't work, it was time to step it up. This was not about favoritism or treating Blount & Talib differently - it was about "Enough is enough!" Sorry it had to be Price, but it had to be done. The question I have is, was it too late?
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    Didnt send himself home for any of his penalties/blunders.
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    A little to late Rah, should have been holding guys accountable a long time ago. Price is one of your only warriors, he plays hurt every week, and should've been on IR this season, yet you pick him at week 13 to set an example? For posters calling for a new D.C.,O.C., but keep Morris as H.C., you're not making sense. First off they'd want their own asst,meaning you'd have every coach gone but Raheem, who's more to blame then anybody. If the Glazers are serious about bringing winning football to Tampa, not only do we need a real H.C.,they'll need to spend some of daddy's money on legit free agents. Put up, or sell the team.
  • avatar

    Bubble buster: You will see Morris return next year. You heard it here first.
  • avatar

    Buc-Up: Well after the play which was a sack by Hayes and what would have been a punt deep in Carolina territory, Brian Price went up to an offensive lineman and pushed him back. The result, personal foul, 15 yards, first down Panthers. Just a typical "play that has become the new "Buc Ball"
  • avatar

    I don't have a problem with sending Price home but what I do have a problem with is the favortism he shows Talib. Price gets an unsportsman like penalty--send 'em home. Blount gets one against the Saints--chew 'em out. But ah, Talib, stupid personal foul agains Roy Williams of all people--let's talk it out and make nice on the sidelines. I'll always support Raheem but he needs to hold everyone to the same standard.
  • avatar

    Total overreaction! Price should have been disciplined, but Morris went too far. It was not a demonstration of equal justice given what Talib and others have done and especially for a player who has laid it on the line for his team considering his health issues. The heat is getting to Morris. But no matter what the outcome, like Dungy, he should maintain his professionalism. What has happened is not singularly his fault. He is talented and has a future whether it's in Tampa or not!
  • avatar

    If you seen Blount get his *censored* chewed on the sideline after his penalty, you would know how serious Raheem is. Im guessing they have been told over and over, and Blount and Talib has been used as examples, to where Raheem was just too fed up, and took the next step! Send em home!
  • avatar

    The most troubling thing about the team's play is not the offense, it is the defense. Raheem is a "defensive minded coach" and his defenses not only do not show progress, they seem to be getting worse. I certainly agree that Olsen's play calling is wondrously awful. The end around on 3rd and 2 might have been THE STUPIDEST play call I have seen in the NFL in years. It was called at a time when the team needed to continue some momentum and get the first down. It is one thing to try this kind of throw away play on first and 10 or 2nd and short, but on 3rd and 2 in the other team's side of the field? This is just plain dumb. If Raheem is planning to send guys home who are hurting the team, how about starting with Olsen? I admit to having been a Raheem supporter, but this thing has gone sideways in a hurry. Sending Price home seems the desperate act of a coach who knows the writing is on the wall. This team no longer believes in him, and frankly, neither do I.
  • avatar

    What exactly did Price do to get the personal foul? Replay never showed anything.
  • avatar

    talk about a downward spiral, wow. i feel bad for raheem i dont think its totally his fault but in the end he will take the fall, i say bring in a new DC and a new OC and give raheem one more year.
  • avatar

    Big Coaching changes are coming about. I will leave it to the Glazers to make the announcement.
  • avatar

    Horse, unless it's something along the lines of, "We made a horrible mistake in January 2009, we're sorry; we let everyone, including Raheem, take the fall for our own terrible decisions. Here's a time machine and we're all going to get in it," I'm not interested. Seriously, there aren't any hot assistants league-wide to woo and lay claim to before the end of the season; certainly no one on this staff is capable of running a team. We might as well let Raheem finish what they started. Unless anyone feels that Greg Olsen will revolutionize this team as an interim coach for four weeks.
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