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December 6, 2011 @ 8:12 pm
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Reports: Blount Allegedly Involved In September 11 Altercation

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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According to a report first published by the St. Pete Times, Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount was accused of directing an attack on September 11. The Buccaneers released a statement indicating "They have reviewed the incident and spoke to police." No charges against Blount were filed and the case was closed.

As if the long list of distractions aren’t enough for a 4-8 football team, the Buccaneers face another one this week, as published reports have stated running back LeGarrette Blount was involved in an off-field incident on September 11 and accused of “directing” an attack on a Tampa couple in the parking lot of the complex where Blount lives.

The circumstances of the alleged attack came from police reports from the Tampa Police Department and were published earlier today by the St. Pete Times.

According to the police report of the incident, Gary Holmer, 34, and his girlfriend, Emily Buethe, 29, both wearing Bucs shirts, drove a 2008 Toyota pickup into the Visconti at International Drive apartments not far from Raymond James Stadium at about 6:30 p.m. They were returning from that day's Bucs game against the Detroit Lions.

Their pickup hit the mirror on a 2005 Ford Expedition SUV, next to which Blount and two other men were standing. Holmer told police he did not want to stop next to the Expedition because his pickup would block other traffic. He pulled around a corner stopped and rolled down his window.

He said the Expedition came around the corner and cut him off. Three men got out and one of them "reached in and punched (Holmer) several times on his eye, nose and jaw,'' according to the report. Holmer "realized a second male was on his hood and was jumping onto his windshield and ultimately shattering the glass."

Holmer said the third man "was the leader and directed the actions of the other two.'' Buethe supported that version of events.

The report said police did not pursue possible charges of "burglary for the purpose of committing battery, felony battery and felony criminal mischief'' at Holmer's request.

According to the report by the St. Pete Times, Blount's attorney, Ryan Morgan, said his client "Didn't do anything. There was an altercation, but it didn't involve LeGarrette. He wasn't ring-leading anything. But what LeGarrette does do is play in the NFL.

"When this guy found out who he was,'' Morgan continued, "his attorney called the Bucs and asked for $95,000 in compensation and warned that if that was not forthcoming, the attorney would go public."

Morgan said the request was rejected.

Morgan, Blount's attorney, said his client perceived Holmer to be drunk that day.

Police noted beer cans in the bed of Holmer's truck. In January, 2008, Holmer was arrested for DUI. The charge was later reduced to reckless driving.

Jonathan Grella, director of communications for the Buccaneers, released this statement earlier tonight regarding the reports.

"LeGarrette Blount immediately informed the organization of this situation back in September. We have reviewed the incident report and spoken with the police. The Tampa Police Department confirmed that the case is closed."

When contacted earlier today Blount refused comment.


Last modified on Tuesday, 06 December 2011 22:00

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    This is not news. What the hell is the St. Pete Times stirring up now?
  • avatar

    The case has been closed for a while. He told the team about the incident immediately. The team looked into it and both the team and the police moved on. How about some good news, like a win this weekend.
  • avatar

    Three months later, Blount not charged with anything, police say case is closed and the St. Pete Crimes decides to make this seemingly non-issue an issue. This guys story makes no sense at all. He clips the mirror of a vehicle and the occupants of the vehicle led by Blount ($$$$$) gang up on him in retaliation. Right. There must be, as Paul Harvey would say, " more to the story."
  • avatar

    Was the date big to place on this article. Will the league come down harder since it was September 11th. Or just a real slow news days and want to attract more readers by"... Ah you get the point.
  • avatar

    We need to get the Bucs House in order-GO BUCS-Lets finish strong- Just WIN OUT and prepared for next year. Espically the COWBOYS GAME-KNOCK THEM OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS. GO BUCS. ITS FREEMAN AND THE ENTIRE TEAM TO MAKER A STATEMENT FOR 2012 SEASON.
  • avatar

    Perhaps it is nothing. Yet we are judged by the company we keep. This current team seems to be lacking a whole lot of character.
  • avatar

    If Blount's friends were from Perry Florida, then I don't doubt what occured probably happened. There are a lot of thugs from Perry Florida; however, the other guy was no saint either. Please Blount stay away from trouble when you see there is going to be trouble.
  • avatar

    Sounds like a whole lot of nothing.
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