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December 7, 2011 @ 12:29 pm
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Price Accepts Consequences For His Actions Sunday

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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A remorseful Brian Price met with the media Wednesday for the first time since being sent home by Raheem Morris in the middle of Sunday's loss to the Panthers.

Defensive tackle Brian Price met with the media for the first time since being ejected from Sunday’s game against Carolina, not by the officials, but by his own head coach. Price stood at his locker at One Buc Place Wednesday afternoon and spoke with a remorseful tone.

“I let my emotions get the best of me,” Price said. “I thought something else happened [to cause the anger] until I watched film [then] I saw something else. I just reacted off of something I thought had gone wrong. It’s all good. We're all on the same page and we will try and go get this win this week.

“It was all emotions because we were losing and things were happening. Then third down and long I get a stupid penalty. It was pretty selfish. I knew I screwed up, I wasn’t expecting it [being told to go home] but I knew I was going to come out of the game.”

The second-year player explained what it felt like to catch the wrath of head coach Raheem Morris.

"Kind of like getting a whooping by your dad," Price said. "You don’t really take it too personal. When you mess up it’s like, man I wonder what kind of whooping I’m going to get or punishment? But it's all love for me.

“That’s my coach and I love him to death and I love playing for him and I love this team. I just want to apologize to the owners and Mark Dominik and Raheem.”

Balancing the heat of the moment and being too aggressive is something players all talk about. Unfortunately for Price, this time he crossed the line.

“Never in college and never here [had he gotten a personal foul penalty],” Price said. [But] it’s the NFL – the angriest guy is the best guy – so I try and remember that. When you look back at history the most angry defensive players were the greatest ones. When I get on that field I just try and get angry for no reason. I just flip out but I have to keep it contained.

“Playing a little injured and get to the ball, holding – stuff like that. It’s the name of the game and emotions are high. You try and play angry and being the Hulk out there. Trying destroy everything, then I self-destructed.”

Teammate Roy Miller also commented on Prices’ coach-executed expulsion.

“Yes, we trust Rah [Raheem Morris],” Miller said. “We trust what he does and says, but we just know that those things can happen. Like I said it has been an issue before so he addressed it the way he did and you just keep moving. We got so many young guys that have to learn lessons. [With] that stuff happening this team cannot get any better. A young guy sees that happening and it creates a way of life learning [and] that’s not what this organization needs in its future.”

Price feels he learned a lesson and doesn’t feel it will linger any farther than last Sunday.

“This is football and anything can happen. I’m a businessman and I made a bad move on Sunday. I had a bad investment. You live and learn. It comes with the territory.”

On Monday Morris talked about the play and his decision to send Price home, describing Price as a leader that has to set a better example.

“Brian Price is a guy that I depend on and count on as somewhat of leadership in that room,” Morris told the media the day after the incident. “So I got a low tolerance for my guy. We talked about it before. Brian Price is somebody that I expect so much from because he is probably one of our best D-linemen that we have that cannot make those types of mistakes. He has got to be an example setter. Kind of forced him into more of a leadership role probably than he is ready for at this point, but it has got to start with somebody. It’s got to start with probably your best football player. He certainly is in that quality. He is certainly in that character and that light. We can’t make those mistakes. We just cannot do those things and he knows. I didn’t even have to talk to him. He knows he can’t hurt his football team.”

Price reacted to what Morris said on Monday.

“That’s why I felt even worse and I know guys look up to me so I can’t be doing that,” Price said. “We are a young team and I’m one of their leaders. That’s pretty clear now. He talked to me about it before, the [team’s] personal fouls. So I screwed up.

“You got to stay calm. You have to be angry during the play but then after the play let it go. Before you get there you have to [yell] then kind of just back down. Sometimes it doesn’t feel right doing that. You just want to finish it off to prove a point.”

Last modified on Wednesday, 07 December 2011 14:16

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    Right about the great Lee Roy Selmon Horse. McKay often wondered how good he would have been if he got angry once in a while. Controlled aggression, not sporadic rage is what's necessary.
  • avatar

    Well fans that read these comments-Maybe I was a bit harsh. Its hard to a young team to turn there game,Until they learn how to do it. Lets see if Tampa can put together these next 4 games to see if they can turn it arounfd the rest of the year. I hope Tampa will mixed the Running attack with short solid passing, Then once in awhile thro the bomb. TThe players must get down there rythum and not get call for uncall line shifts. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    Price has the ability to be an inspirational leader on this team, with his come back. I don't know if Rah over reacted or did he just fix it calling him a team leader to fix his ego, either way...i hope it spoke volumes to this team for this regime.
  • avatar

    How many games has Price played in the league and he's already considered a leader on the team? I know they're a young squad but wow....
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    Price is a good guy. Just one thing Brian? Lee Roy Selmon never played with angier; he played with intensity and focus. There is a big difference. Who ever is telling you to play angry tell them to choose another word. Go Bucs! Get better!
  • avatar

    Class way to act Price. Live and learn. Let's get 4 straight wins.
  • avatar

    Raheem may have overreacted, but an example had to be made. It's unfortunate that Price was the example. He's a real trooper considering the injury he came back from. He owned up to his mistake and it sounds like there's no hard feelings.
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