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December 7, 2011 @ 12:58 pm
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Freeman Hopeful To Play Sunday

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Josh Freeman held his weekly Wednesday afternoon press conference at One Buc Place and talked about his injury, simplifying the game plan and the upcoming game at Jacksonville.

How are you feeling?
“Feeling better than last week, for sure. Had a good week last week getting to rest it. This week we have been hitting the rehab pretty hard and trying to get it back to 100 percent.”

Have you thrown the ball yet any this week?
“No, [I] really haven’t. Warmed it up [and] done a lot of things, but really we are trying to conserve it and see where it is. [I] plan on warming it up and trying to throw a little bit this afternoon just to kind of gauge where we are at. But ultimately the goal is to play on Sunday.”

Do you feel like that’s a realistic goal as you stand here today?
“Yes, for sure. Continually it has gotten better. It started out real extremely painful just standing around, but my movement has greatly increased. [I] have thrown the ball a few times and it has just day-to-day gotten better. If we can continue on this pace [and] I really hope we can [and I] can play this Sunday.”

Raheem Morris talked on Monday about getting back to basics on offense and defense and is that something that you think is needed?
“Yes, you know the big thing has been attention to detail. Everybody has got to kind of step that up. I guess limiting the menu is going to allow us to do that. Focus in on specific things. Got the game plan today [and] saw what we had in. We still have quite a bit in, but at the same time it is not the volume that we might have had say last week or two weeks before. I think it will be good. I think it will allow our guys to go out and play fast.”

He is limiting the offense too a little bit?
“Yes, you [are] looking at a game and you run what seventy [or] eighty plays? We still have a lot more than that so we are going to run our stuff and the stuff we run well and try to get a win on the board.”

Are you going to practice today and throw? Do you think it will be full practice?
“I don’t know. It depends on how I feel. I plan on going out a little early [and] throwing it around. Seeing where it is at and then go from there. Talking to the trainers they want to take at easy – take it slow. So unless it’s feeling great I would say limited again.”

I don’t know if we ever established what happened. Is it a bruise can you tell us anything more?
“I just fell awkwardly on it. I got caught [with] my arm kind of across [and] it landed right on my elbow [and] kind of jolted back in the socket – layman terms I guess. It is just bruised all around. [In] the MRI I don’t think there was anything too serious so really just talking it day-to-day.”

Did being on the sideline give you any different perspective?
“No, you kind of take the same approach when you are on the sideline. You view the play. You look at the coverage [and] see if there are any protection calls and still kind of go through your procedures mentally. It was definitely a different perspective. Had the opportunity to talk to guys while they were on the sideline before they might go in for a specific play. I thought J.J. (Josh Johnson) went out and played hard, but yes definitely different perspective.”

What are your personal goals these last four games?
“The first thing is get healthy. The second thing really [is] to go back to executing how we can. This year has been an up and down year. Try to get back and jumpstart some consistency going into the end of the year and hope that rolls on.”

Did you watch much of the Jacksonville game on Monday?
“Yes, I watched it. The Chargers had a great game plan going in. Philip Rivers [and the Chargers] they executed their receivers. Running great routes. That’s the film that we have been watching even this morning watching very closely.”

What is happening on third downs? Is it just too many third and long not executing?
“It has been really a lot of third-and-longs. As the yardage goes up the percentage goes down so we just got to find a way to keep ourselves in manageable [position]. Manageable meaning one to five [or] one to six yards where you can still throw your quick game and catch it, get tackled and convert.”

How many plays do you normally go into a game with?
“I couldn’t tell you exactly, but it is a lot. We go in with a pretty extensive list of calls on the offensive side. As far as stuff that we wrap and we wrap basically what we run in the game. This week we just kind of cut off some of the excess fat.”

Is there any aspect of the offense that you think has gotten better this year?
“I think our O-line has been playing well. They are kind of the core. Those guys have kind of—this year they have been able to stay pretty much healthy the whole time and develop some great chemistry. Whether its blitz pickup offensively I think the O-line has done a great job.”

Is there any type of hyperextension or separation of any kind with the elbow or shoulder?
“No, I think it is just a bruise. As far as I know.”

Have you been through an injury like this before?
“No, nothing with my right shoulder, no.”

Is it more painful than uncomfortable?
“It is definitely pain. If something is uncomfortable you can deal with that. If there were any way that I could have been on the field last week [or] be on the field every day I would do it.”

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    Freeman did practice today and threw passes. Now they will see how he feels tomorrow and so on. All 4 QBs took snaps today.( FOX 13 of course)
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    Horse: I agree with your suggestion regarding finishing the season with a focus on player evaluation if we lose to the Jaguars but I think Freeman plays this week. No need to play Josh Johnson since he seems intent on going elsewhere. Bring up WR Ed Gant for Michael Spurlock, Play RB Mossis Madu and sit Kregg Lumpkin, Bring up S Ahmad Black for Sean Jones.
  • avatar

    The good news is that the Bucs will have a representative in the Pro Bowl...the bad news is that it is Connor Barth the place kicker.....
  • avatar

    I have now totally lost hope for this team this season and don't expect another win, even against the Jags. We can't stop the run and no team wins consistently unless they stop the run, so if we don't fix that in the offseason, then next year will be much the same. With no salary cap floor next year still, I don't expect they (the cheap @ss Glazers) will fix it with free agents, so here's to looking forward to 2013. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Dixieboy: Thank you for explaining to Horse that Freeman's injured shoulder is nothing more than a bruise. I know, some fans think the Bucs should use these last four games to evaluate players on the Practice Squad. While I'm in favor of that on a limited basis, I think it's more important for the psyche of the team and 2012 ticket buyers to experience winning games.
  • avatar

    scubog, I agree with what you have said, but after Jacksonville I don't see another win. Lets be real here and use the last 4-5 roster spots as something positive. That also demonstrates to ticket holders and future ticket holders that the organization is trying to get better. You can;t tell me that the last 4-5 roster spots which are usually the non injured "inactives" are that vital? Freeman won't play Sunday. If it's a deep bruise I can't see him taking a pop on it already and or being very self conscious of getting a big hit on it. Okay I have given my suggestions to start the improvement for 2012; I'd like to read what yours might be?
  • avatar

    We can't say who we arer going to do next year.Let's go with the players that got us those 4 wins. I would like to see tghe other TE's catch more passes. I want to have Johnson ready in case Freeman can't go along with the veteran QB as the third QB ready. Lets see what the other RB can do with my Blount. I say when we get under the 25 yd line Tampa should go into the two minute drill.I like the direction of Albert Haynesworth and what he brings along with the other young linemen. Maybe if we have to resign him for next year Tampa will get it done. Espically with the other players that deserve it.I see tampa should go after a ILB,CB & fast RB not in that order. If we get into the top ten of the next in draft class all bets are off. I like that ILB from Boston College or one of those premier CB. Maybe if we do get into the top 10. Maybe Tampa could Tampa could trade with NE at the last minute to trade there 1st round pick and get those two 1st round picks. If they would do that. Go Bucs, Does anybody have a suggestion about what Tampa should do next year.
  • avatar

    It was just on FOX13 sports. Freeman has what is equal to a bad bruise. Very, Very Sore. JJ did seperate his shoulder against the Panthers and the Bucs have signed another QB Brett Ratliff just incase. But. I am sure PR will let us know some time what is going on.
  • avatar

    dixieboy, thank you for the up date. I still believe we can beat Jacksonville who ever starts for us. All we have to do is stop Jones-Drew and if we get 12-15 points this games is ours. After that game we lose the rest. I realize that Raheem won't be fired and we will not pick up many free agents because the Glazers just lost 50 million? Yeah their Soccer team didn't make it to the next level of the playoffs for the first time and they are out of the 50 million take at the next level. You can bet now that the Bucs spending will be about the same as this year. I wish Big Daddy Glazer was still involved with the Bucs.
  • avatar

    Didn't the Steelers and Redskins of the 70s have about 35 offensive plays...far less than the rest of the NFL, but they ran those plays almost always to perfection. That's why they were so dominant. Why not place Freeman on IR? What is he/the team going to prove by putting him in the last 4 games of the "lost" season? If anything, show off JJ more so the team can make a decision to either resign him or to let him go and TRY to find another team that will sign him.
  • avatar

    It doesn't matter if Freeman starts. This offence will still be Dink and Dunk. We have no creativity coming from our OC. Look at what Denver is doing with Tebow. That OC can create a play that works for his personnel. Olsen creates play that were written by Jon Gruden and tries to get out personnel to work with it. Change is needed. bye bye Olsen.
  • avatar

    Funny, those plays worked with Freeman last year, and Gruden used them very well in Oakland, and in TB.... Change may very well be needed, but it could be in getting a healthy Freeman back or bye bye Freeman.
  • avatar

    Freeman's injury I believe is called a "shoulder separation". I don't see him playing Sunday at all. Maybe next week and again I just don't know why they just don't put him on IR. I'm really disappointed that we did not make a few roster moves this week. It makes no sense to me not to change the bottom five of the roster for these last four games.
  • avatar

    Yeah, first quarter the defense will stack the line and stop Blount on first down. 2nd and 10 Freeman will throw an incompletion (has he ever completed his first pass of a game?). 3rd and 10 Freeman throws for a 5 yard gain. On our first drive of the game we should just punt the ball on first and 10, because if we can't run on a run loaded defense there's no chance of Freeman doing anything. He's still picking sleep out of his eyes during the first quarter.
  • avatar

    moose, that is crazy. you know we always like to throw an incompletion on first and then run on 2nd and 10! if run is good, then hold, else don't.
  • avatar

    I know, but the only 7 plays we have are, incomplete to Williams, short to K2, run by Blount, handoff to Benn, and pass to Parker or Briscoe, punt and onside kick. Simplifying that, and keeping the 4th down punt, I wanted to run on 1st down. get it out of the way :)
  • avatar

    Raheem Morris talked on Monday about getting back to basics on offense and defense and is that something that you think is needed? “Yes, you know the big thing has been attention to detail. Everybody has got to kind of step that up. I guess limiting the menu is going to allow us to do that. Focus in on specific things. Got the game plan today [and] saw what we had in. We still have quite a bit in, but at the same time it is not the volume that we might have had say last week or two weeks before. I think it will be good. I think it will allow our guys to go out and play fast.”
 -------- Does this mean our playbook is now, 1st down, run right side Blount. 2nd down throw to K2, 3rd down hand off to Benn. 4th down punt?
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