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December 14, 2011 @ 3:26 pm
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Freeman: "Cowboys Probably Most Talented Team We Will Face"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bucs' QB Josh Freeman met with the media Wednesday afternoon discussing a wide variety of topics including ball security, his struggles and playing the Dallas Cowboys.

Are you excited about playing on a Saturday night playing in front of a national audience?
“Playing against Dallas too. Real excited.”

Any reaction to Raheem Morris yesterday saying that he was glad that some of the reports about you made you angry…did you hear what he said yesterday?
I did not. No, but I am usually pretty angry to begin with so I don’t know. I really didn’t see that many reports. [I] had a few texts, but other than that [I am] more angry about losing than anything else.”

How did you feel physically on the morning after the game?
“I [was] a little sore, but that comes with playing in this league. You are going to be a little sore after games.”

How did your team respond to trying to correct some of the fundamental things that happened in this last game?
“Are you talking about the extended practice and what not? You can tell guys made a conscious effort to secure those things up. Whether it was [with] ball security [with the] running backs running high and tight [and] receivers catching [the ball] and tucking it away and then extra fundamental periods. Guys went out and they were high tempo. [The] guys really didn’t have a problem with it because obviously something needs to be corrected.”

I know you are not big into excuses, but fact is did not have an off season with your receivers and looking back could that be a factor in what is going on?
“You know you can say that. I mean I feel like everything factors in one way or another whether it is significant or not. With young receivers I think anyway there is going to be a lot of coaching and a lot of getting on the same page throughout the year. Definitely having OTA’s helps, but at the same time we still got to find a way to go out and get it done.”

For you personally have you noticed anything that you needed to adjust technique wise or footwork wise?
“You know, not really. Constantly trying to improve in everything, but really it is just a matter of sitting in there and throwing the ball like I know I can. Like I expect myself to.”

Do you like what you are doing on offense in terms of the plan?
“Yes, I think we have a good plan going in. Whether it is protection—we always have a hat on a hat. I like our schemes as far as getting guys out there. It is just really a matter of winning when we get man- to- man [and] getting some separation. I like where we are.”

Last two years this team finished very strong is there any reason why you don’t think you can do that this year?
“Going into any game it is important to win. That’s why you play. With preparation this week I expect to go out and play well and have an opportunity to win this week. That’s about the size of it from my standpoint. Controlling what you can control. Today in practice and this whole week and then when you get on the field on Sunday.”

What has the losing done to this team—what is the state of this team?
“Obviously when you lose at anything you are going to be frustrated when things aren’t going your way, but guys just want to win.  You might think guys might be kind of down, but like I said we are upset about losing. Guys come into work and they want to do something about it to correct it. It is not a [thing] where we are losing and nobody wants to be around the building [and] nobody wants to work at. Guys are still in here. Guys are still giving it all they got to try to figure out a way to right this ship.”

How do you handle the criticism of your head coach and the pressure on him and maybe the hot seat that he is on and does that affect you and how you play going into a game?
“Like I said you can only control stuff that you can control. For me that is preparation and that’s executing my assignments to the best of my ability. All the other stuff really it is grey matter white noise. If you worry about everything else it is going to take away from what you need to do on the field and ultimately that’s what matters.”

Talk about this particular matchup on Saturday night and what it would mean to put a spoiler on the Cowboys?
“Actually funny story was talking to Jeff Garcia and that’s kind of one thing he talked about when he was in a situation like this many years back. He said that right now playoffs are really not going to happen so what you need to do is find something to play for. Whatever it is and one of it is spoilers. You want to go out and Dallas is kind of on the bubble right now. What are they 7-6? I can’t think of anything happier than to go out and get a win this week and maybe put a damper on their hopes. At the same time you got to focus. It starts today. It started yesterday really in preparation for the Cowboys. [I am] really looking forward to the matchup on Saturday night on national television. Nationally televised on NFL Network I think so it should be an exciting one.”

With the Cowboys having a big crowd following them do they have that sort of elitist type view from inside looking at them or is there any certain type of feelings that you get when play them?
“That is interesting because coming into the league you would have thought that. [With] the amount of film that we watch you see every team for who they are--the type of players that they have and more so then any sort of tradition [and] any history that the team carries. I will tell you this they are probably the most talented team we will face this year.  Whether you are looking at (DeMarcus) Ware [or] their linebackers secondary they have a lot of talent on their team. With Rob Ryan they are mixing it up scheme wise. It is going to be a great challenge [and] great opportunity.”

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    There's no doubt that , for whatever reason, Freeman has not had the results we all expected after his 2010 season and his designation as "franchise QB". But, let's not forget the young man is only 23 and still too inexperienced to carry such an equally inexperienced group. It's obvious the receivers at his disposal are not in the upper echelon and simply don't get open like we always see the Packers wideouts. The defense allows the opponent to score at will so the offense is always playing from behind. It seems every time there is a good play we all start looking (and finding) a yellow flag on the ground. Pro football is so much more mental than physical and right now Freeman is mentally frustrated. The lack of success has robbed him and the team of its' confidence. Last week was an outstanding example of the unstable psyche of this team. One fumble turned TD and the whole mentality of the team went from dominating to being dominated. Right now, they all need to get their chins off their chests, look the Cowboys in the face, fight back and see what happens. They just need a little "tude."
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    Tell Freeman to shut-up already I don't wont to here any more BS WIN A GAME ALL READY! Your Head has got alittle big this season you are not has good has the keep telling you
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    Tekk Freeman
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    Morris said he was angry. That's a word Morris uses quite a bit,angry. He likes his players to play angry. When you're angry you're usually unreasonable,not thinking clearly, prone to mistakes. Coach got an angry team alright.
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    suferdudes, Well put. Someone has sold a sports generation that to be good at anything you have to be angry.
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    She didn't ask the most important question; Do you feel your too stupid to read NFL defenses?
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    School is in session Saturday night and I am anxious to see how soon the Bucs quit. Either the second quarter or the second half. But I do know Dallas is playing for a playoff birth and Tampa well is playing for a top 5 pick. Freeman is right but the biggest mismatch is going to be the Dallas WRs and our secondary. They unlike the Bucs have speed and play-makers. It will be interesting on how the Bucs defense responds after a few big plays. Thats a guarantee because being 27th against the pass and 32 against the run equals big plays. I say 48 - 12 Dallas in a Cowboys home game in Tampa. (Sad but true)
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