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December 18, 2011 @ 9:56 pm
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Morris: "Obviously Not A Good Game To Watch On Tape"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The early promise of a good season continued to snowball into a disaster Saturday night when the Cowboys came to town and dominated Tampa Bay 31-15. Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris talked to the local media Sunday about his team's performance and the frustration of what he saw when reviewing the game film.

Head coach Raheem Morris took to the podium at One Buc Place to address the media the day after his team suffered another loss 31-15 to the Dallas Cowboys, the eighth straight for the Buccaneers.  Morris wasn’t making any excuses for the way his team has played either. When asked about the talent level on his young team in comparison to other teams around the league, he would not suggest talent or lack thereof as being a factor.

“Hard to make those excuses now,” Morris said. “I won’t do that. Anything you say about talent level makes an excuse for yourself. We have to do a better job coaching. We have to do a better job playing. We have to go out and get [it] done and we didn’t get [it] done last night.”

The third year head coach was not particularly surprised by the result of the game because of the way his team has been playing recently.  

“Nothing comes as a surprise. If you don’t go out and play hard, fast, smart and consistent, you won’t win games. Last night, we didn’t play hard, we didn’t play fast, [and] we didn’t play smart or consistent. When those things happen, I’m surprised the score was only 31-14.” 

According to Morris, it was those individual matchups that hurt the team on Saturday night.

“Obviously not a good game to watch on tape. Hard to watch [and] tough to deal with. Not competitive in the first half [and] unacceptable. [We] got two weeks to go out and change that. That’s the only way you can do it. Came out in the second half got some production [and] did some good things, but not nearly enough. Not nearly fast enough. Not nearly what you want from a fundamental standpoint [and] from an individual standpoint. Football is a team game and when [you] have individual breakdowns it absolutely kills you.”

The Buccaneers offensive linemen as well as the defensive linemen did not play up to the Morris’ standards according to the Bucs’ head ball coach. 

“We always talk about them being the bus drivers. We talk about it starting up front on both sides of the ball. Last night we just had a breakdown on both sides of the ball. Whether it be defense or offense, we didn’t get it done. Those things can’t happen. We have to play better, we have to go out and execute better. It wasn’t good enough.”

When asked on how quarterback, Josh Freeman, is handling the pressure of the losses as well as the critics, Morris admits Freeman has made mistakes. But Morris acknowledged all the blame shouldn’t be on the quarterback even if he does tend to be in the spotlight.  Freeman was 17-for-27 for 148 yards and was sacked three times for a total loss of 16 yards in the team’s loss to Dallas Saturday night.

“Josh, he takes a lot of the blame. But obviously he’s not responsible for blocking people. He’s responsible for making the right reads and doing the right things. I’ll be critical of josh. He made some mistakes. He didn’t go through his progressions correctly on every single snap. When you had an opportunity to make a play, he made some. Obviously not enough. Those are things that are important; those are the things that are critical. You go back to the drawing board. Obviously, Josh will take majority of blame for what happened on offense. No different than the head coach takes the blame for what happens with the team. That’s the way it is. That’s what you signed up for.” 

According to the head coach, his team just didn’t play hard last night. The offense only had a total of seven first downs in the entire game and in the first half they only had one. The defense allowed the Cowboys to score all on all four red zone situations in the first half. Morris said the overall play was unacceptable.

“Houston game was one. Generally, we haven’t had the play hard deal, but last night, I’ve got to say, they’ve got to play harder than last night. The Houston game we struggled a little bit, San Fran we struggled a little bit, I guess they were tired after the short week and all that stuff. But last night, fast was not one of the categories, hard smart or consistent. It was just lost last night I have to say. Got to be honest with you on that stuff. These guys work hard, they practice hard, and in general they play hard, so I wouldn’t say that’s been a continuing problem. But last night I’d have to say it was. Last night we just got outplayed, and we won’t make any excuses on what or who, it doesn’t really matter. They have to go out and play hard, play fast, play smart and play consistent every single week.”

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    Keep Raheem, add some vets, a new O Coordinator and D Corrdinator - maybe Mike Singletary or Jack Delrio.
  • avatar

    If they retain Morris for next year I see them hitting free agency more agressively in the offseason. They did it with Dungy picking up a few key agents like Simeon Rice, Greg Spires, ect.. After they saw he maxed out then they fired him. I don't know what free agents are going to be out there this year, but they need big time help on defense at linebacker, cornerback and strong safety. For offense they need to pick up a receiver, tight end, Guard, and Center. Would say tackle up Tureblood has greatly improved even though he still have issues with speed rushers.
  • avatar

    Honestly I'm just looking forward to the draft. Who should the Bucs pick in the first round?? They are probably going to have a top 4 pick.
  • avatar

    They put Talib on IR today. Well we know what that means don't we. Biggers!
  • avatar

    It's like watching a high school team try and play a college team. These games are blood baths and getting progressively worse. Where are the Glazers during all this? They went cheap with the coaching staff and got what they paid for. Players don't need a coach who's a buddy, they need a true mentor and a mastermind who knows how to beat opponents. I won't be surprised when they pull a "Cleveland Brown" and move the Buccaneers to L.A. in the middle of the night.
  • avatar

    Well I think Raheem speaks in cliques. But so did Tony Dungy, John Gruden, and just about every Buc/NFL coach. The two Buc coaches that didn't were John McKay, and Sam Wyche. That didn't make them better coaches. Just made listening to them more fun. I am hopeful that Raheem and the coaches get another year. Raheem is an internal hire, was hired first as a defensive coordinator, then like two days later, the head coach. Raheem is still a hot NFL commodity and I hope the Glazers aren't too hasty to change everything. Sending a message by firing a coordinator is fine (I don't think that is a great solution either), but I would like another year with this regime. Would be nice to go out with two wins though. And quit getting blown out!
  • avatar

    Peter King on MMQB about the Kansas City Chiefs : "Kansas City ended Green Bay's hopes for a perfect season, winning 19-14 at Arrowhead behind a steady game by Kyle Orton and a relentless game from the defense that wanted to show management that Crennel deserves the full-time gig" Too bad our defensive players don't want to play as if they wanted Raheem back ... And if they really play for their head coach, it's puzzling (to say the least !) GO BUCS, FIND SOLUTION(S) !!!
  • avatar

    I supported Raheem for 2 1/2 years but after midseason this year I just couldn't do it any longer. Now when I read his comments in the media it's so frustrating, because he speaks nothing but cliches, sound bytes, one liners, "core beliefs", tag lines, etc. He rarely says anything of substance, and even less often anything revealing football knowledge. After I hear him speak I still don't have a clue if he even understands what he's doing or how to turn things around. He leaves you with nothing you can point to and say, "Okay, Raheem knows what's wrong and he knows how to fix it." He says so much without saying anything at all. Very frustrating.
  • avatar

    I know exactly how you feel. I don't even waist my time reading what he says to the media. It's just gotten to the point where it's getting redudant. I know what he is goint to say before he talks.
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    I was on other team forums and it's the same complaints except for winning teams. Fire the head coach, the coordinators suck, and the usual we don't have enough talent to keep up with other teams. Well most might be true, but ever since I moved to Houston I do not get exposed to as much Buccaneers games or info as I usually do, so I use website like these to get my info. Watching the game last Saturday was kind of shocking. It was like night and day from last year. The offense could move the ball. Last year second half adjustments were good for example watching Mike Williams run deep routes all day withthe pass rush the Cowboys had I can see why he had no catches. I thought at least have him run a slant or something would help but nope more deep routes in the second half. If you see it wan't working in the first half why would you do it in the second. There are so many issues I won't even waste my time writing them. They need free agent and coaching help bad. I like Morris but they need a new defensive and offensive coordinators.
  • avatar

    "The Houston game we struggled a little bit, San Fran we struggled a little bit," So, being outscored 85-12 is struggling a little bit. Got it. We are right on the cusp of turning this around...
  • avatar

    Pathetic performance lead by a Head Coach that really isn't even a satisfactory defensive coordinator. The "PLAN" by Dominik and company is an abysmal failure as you can't replace your injured players with un-drafted free agents and win in this league. There are no leaders except possibly Barber on the whole team and it is rather apparent the "inmates" are running asylum with their BFF Rah Rah Raheem being their favorite nonsensical cheerleader. You get what you pay for! When you hire people that aren't qualified for their positions these are the results you get. Sad because there is some young talent on this team unfortunately this ineffectual coaching staff is just going to be a continual albatross around the neck of success. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!! THE CHEAP EXPERIMENT NEEDS TO END! Unless of course the Glazers want about 25K fans next season at Ray Jay.
  • avatar

    I have never seen the Bucs' quit until this year. Even when Gradkowski was QB due to injuries, the Bucs' would fight for 60 min. Starting with the Texans game this team abandoned Raheem. Dion Sanders sat on the Bucs' sideline and said on National TV: "They have shut this thing down." He put words to what we all have seen. Regardless of what the players say to the media, they play like they've quit. Not Clayborne or Barber, and a few others--but as to everybody else...sad. I can stomach the losing, but I can't tolerate the quitting.
  • avatar

    I took yesterday as an opportunity to watch all the other NFL games via Redzone and NBC since the Bucs weren't playing. I've been watching the other teams throughout the season really. I do a lot of data analysis in my day job and guys I got to tell you every team is underachieving this year except the Packers, 49ers and Broncos. This is especially true on defense and even more so with teams starting a lot of young players. The 49ers have the only dominant defense this year and it's laced with veterans. Like I said a few days ago all the other teams' fans are mad at their teams and many are just as frustrated as us, even if their teams have winning records. The NY fans hate their teams. The Cowboys, Chargers, Raiders and even Lions fans are saying their teams have no discipline, get too many penalties and coaching has come into question on all these teams. Oh, and they're all in the playoff hunt. I'm not saying every coach or even Morris should get a free pass this year, but I am saying we should be grading them all on a curve due to the lockout. Also due to a fundamental change in the way the refs officiate the game to make it "safer". I'm glad management is at least giving Morris the full season to see if he can squeeze out a few more wins against respectable opponents.
  • avatar

    pinkstop, All I am asking is for the game to be competitive. I believe that most fans have come to the same realization as you, but it is the coaches fault when they quit and are not competitive. It's their fault because they didn't prepare the team enough and didn't adapt fast enough once the game was in play. The players are frustrated as heck and seem to show little confidence in their coaches. Just my opinion. I forgot that the Bucs can't hire a new coach if they are looking at playoff coaches until those teams are eliminated.
  • avatar

    I agree with you horse 200000000000000000000000%
  • avatar

    Horse, if you notice pinkstob has always been the right hand man of PR and Morris with his answers. Now look. Does one of his excuses look familiar? It's the REFS fault.
  • avatar

    Pinkstob: even when you grade on a curve, the guy at the bottom still gets an "F". I give Jim Caldwell a pass because he has no talent outside of Manning. Next up is Raheem. He's at the bottom, without a doubt. Even on a curve he needs to be replaced.
  • avatar

    pinkstob - That's all relative. Bottom line, the last 4 weeks we have been the worst team in the NFL. We are getting blown out and shouldn't have even been on the same field with their opponents the last few weeks. We were playing much better at the beginning of this year. We have a HC that his players have quit on him. A QB that looks like Jamarcus Russell or worse. Outside LBs that weren't good tacklers on their college teams. WRs that are inexperienced. And on and on. This is no different than at the end of any year. Did the offseason hurt teams, yes, but it hurt everybody. But it can't be used as an excuse, because it affected everyone. Carolina has gotten better and better every week. The Bengals are very young, but they are playing good football. The Packers are the 2nd youngest team in the NFL, didn't get together at all during the offseason, and look at them. There is no light at the end of this tunnel right now.
  • avatar

    If anyone thinks Freeman hasn't regressed this year, I have one questio nfor you. What are YOU smoking? The guy doesn't know how to throw the ball away, still stares down receivers, most of those sacks he had plenty of time to throw the ball away.
  • avatar

    All of this is "grey matter."
  • avatar

    He sounds like the fans? Monday quarterbacking of what we should have done and not. Uhmm...I believe he is the HC and should have done something about the way the players are playing but again that would require leadership, discipline or as my ole Marine Buddies would say; adapt, adjust, improvise. Go bucs! Find your way.
  • avatar

    I don't understand why he keeps saying consistent. They HAVE been consistent. For 8 games in a row.lol
  • avatar

    I'm sorry Raheem has to watch this game twice, lol
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