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December 20, 2011 @ 2:59 pm
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Trueblood Denies Deion Sanders Assessment Bucs Quit

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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During halftime of the Cowboys-Bucs game former NFL star turned NFL Network commentator Deion Sanders stated the Buccaneers players had quit on head coach Raheem Morris. Tampa Bay tackle Jeremy Trueblood was quick to defend the team and disagree with Sanders.

Going back to his days as a star cornerback at FSU, Deion Sanders was never one to bite his tongue. Saturday night, “Prime Time” again let his thoughts fly on the effort he witnessed in the first half.

"I have the utmost respect for Raheem Morris, but a lot of these guys have quit,” Sanders said. “They've shut this thing down. I know quit when I see quit, and quit is not disguised tonight.''

One Buccaneers player who took issue with Sanders’ comments was right tackle Jeremy Trueblood. After taking a few seconds to compose himself and choose his words carefully, Trueblood had this to say.

“Basically he hasn’t played for us and is an outsider looking in,” Trueblood said. “He was a great player but that doesn’t mean he knows what is happening in our locker room or on our field. You respect what other people have to say but you don’t always have to agree with them.”

The veteran lineman pointed out the second half play as an example of the offense continuing to put forth effort.

“If we quit we wouldn’t have done better as the game went on,” Trueblood went on to say. “I don’t really find any merit to that comment at all. On offense we started playing better toward the end. If we had quit that wouldn’t have happened.”

In his day-after-game press conference, Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris was critical of the team’s overall effort.

“We always talk about them [offensive and defensive line] being the bus driver,” Morris said. "We talk about it starting up front on both sides of the ball. Last night we just had a breakdown on both sides of the ball. Whether it be defense or offense, we didn’t get it done. Those things can’t happen. We have to play better, we have to go out and execute better. It wasn’t good enough.”

The former Boston College star didn’t disagree with his head coach’s assessment.

“Obviously it all starts with us [up front] blocking,” Trueblood said. “If we don’t block anybody we cant do anything. That's a group effort. We would like to think of ourselves as the bus drivers but we obviously have to improve what we did last game if we expect to win.”

PewterReport.com also asked Trueblood if Dallas did anything different Saturday night than they had shown on film.

“No, they have a talented group, same thing as always,” Trueblood said. “They didn’t stop us on the third-and-short, we stopped ourselves by having a missed assignment. We fumbled the ball. We gave up sacks. It is what it is. We tried to fix it and come out and do better. All we can do is try and continue to do that.”

One of the critical failures of the offensive line Saturday night came at the 7:25 mark of the second quarter. With Tampa Bay trailing 7-0 the Buccaneers had a third-and-1 at their own 29. LeGarrette Blount took the handoff from Josh Freeman and followed Erik Lorig who kicked out the end. Trueblood released to the second level while guard Davin Joseph double-teamed the nose tackle with Jeff Faine and Dallas defensive lineman Marcus Spears shot through the gap unaccounted for and virtually untouched to make the stop, forcing a punt.

Trueblood talked about that specific play.

“Just miscommunication. Ended up being a missed assignment. That’s a little different than what should have happened. But you can’t go back and fix it. I don’t want to blame anybody in particular because I feel like if we would have executed it as a whole we would have been ok.”

The Bucs sixth-year offensive tackle summed up what has been an issue the entire season for the whole team.

“We have been saying this all year but it's not like it's one guy who continually messes up,” Trueblood said. “Unfortunately it’s like everybody picking a different time to do it. Guess are bouncing back and fixing what they are doing wrong, then someone else does it."

Last modified on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 15:28

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    ....and I couldnt help myself but why in hell are people still missing assignments consistently? Doesnt anyone prepare anymore for games and focus on the task at hand? Its shocking how easy it is for players to say its a missed assignment or so and so didnt know where to line up. Oh yeah, is that what happened? Then why dont you start paying attention and man up! Sick of the lame excuses. If missed assignments and not knowing where to be or what play to call in Week 16 isnt "quitting" or mailing it in, I dont know what is.
  • avatar

    So what you are saying Trueblood is that you didnt quit, rather the team is just terrible. Ok, 10-4. Hear you loud and clear.
  • avatar

    Truedud,and crime time,I love it. Deion is confusing quit with poor coaching,and bad players.
  • avatar

    Here's another question - why are we calling the most obvious play in the stadium on third and one?
  • avatar

    Truedud may have whiffed on just about every block...but he never quit! Perhaps he will quit at season's end so that Dominick doesn't bid against himself and extend him...again.
  • avatar

    Most teams that are dominating another team throttle back a little just because there focus is a little less; time to play the back ups; time to protect anyone that has any kind of injury. We have gotten the heck beat out of us in the first half in the last several games; to me that says it is about coaching. Of course almost all players will tow the party line when talking to the media. The Defense got 7 points Mr. Trueblood of the 15 points.
  • avatar

    Any truth to Talib asking Deion Sanders if he can use the moniker "Crime Time"?
  • avatar

    @scu- thats hilarious! then Talib can do his top ten thugs in the NFl and show their highlights
  • avatar

    the entire organization is pathetic. No leaders throughout.
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