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December 20, 2011 @ 10:47 pm
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Morris Says Bucs Will Miss Talib

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

With CB Aqib Talib being placed on the injured reserve list on Monday due to a hamstring injury, the Buccaneers defense suffered a big loss head coach Raheem Morris said Tuesday afternoon from the media room at One Buccaneer Place. 

Morris praised Aqib Talib on Tuesday for his ability to stop opponents such as Calvin Johnson and Greg Jennings. 

“Obviously it’s huge,” Morris said. “Aqib, gives you the luxury of letting him track the best wide out. He did a nice job of doing that throughout the season for us. He was able to go to Calvin Johnson, at the time it didn’t seem like he had a great day. But to give Calvin Johnson two touchdowns and 40 yards was pretty good. Especially one of those touchdowns being a one-yard catch that I don’t think anyone could have stopped.

“The other ones he went up against Jennings and did a nice job, went up against a bunch of wide outs and had a couple of good days. He scored two touchdowns this year, ended up with a couple of interceptions – would have liked to have a couple of more. He dropped a few he got upset about.

“He actually had his best tackling season,” Morris continued. “He was more physical than he had been throughout his career. He was really starting to develop on that side of the ball and really getting those guys going with that new man-to-man mentality they have going over there. He was the driving force of that.

“To lose that, obviously to the team and for the guys, is tough. I know it hurts him more than anything. He’s one of those guys who tried to fight through the hamstring and go out there and finish the season because he has no quit in him. But unfortunately he wasn’t able to do it.”

Talib started 13 of the team's 14 games this season and was inactive for one other. On the year, he recorded 42 tackles (41 solo), two tackles for loss, two forced fumbles, 13 passes defensed and two interceptions, both of which he returned for touchdowns. Since entering the league in 2008, Talib has 17 interceptions, which is tied for the seventh-most in the NFL during that span. 

Morris would like to see Talib back in Tampa next season.

“Aqib (Talib) is a really good football player. If we can get Aqib back healthy, get him going, get him stronger, get him faster, get him better, all those things he’ll do this offseason, then we can’t wait to go back to war with him and get him back on our football team. He’s always one of those guys like that.

“Obviously that’s going to come up in time. The league will put their part in that and do their due diligence as well as us. We’ll have to let that play out a little bit and be ready to deal.”


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    What good is he if he can't finish a season? Look at his off field troubles, how has he made our D better? He doesn't seem to be a leader on or off the field. Yes for where he was picked, I consider him a bust.
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    Sigh, so let me get this straight. I would like to see the Bucs with a player at every position that is in the top 10 in the league at that position. I think that's every GM's goal at a minimum and a team like that should be in the playoffs every year. The topic of discussion is Aqib Talib. He is #7 in the league in INT's since he came to the NFL despite the fact he's missed a lot of games due to injury and suspension. That's #7 in the league. Had he played those games he'd be at least the #5 CB in the league in INT's. But let's stick to where he actually is ranked. You guys are claiming the #7 CB out of 64 starters in the league to be a bust. You want to ignore the 41 solid 1-on-1 tackles he made and point out the 2 or 3 he didn't. As far as personal fouls, Ronde had just as many as Aqib this year. Based on some of the comments I'm seeing this year and the attendance at the games I'm not so sure Tampa even deserves a football team anymore.
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    No it does not Jon. What we need is an infusion of veteran leadership to go along with our young talent. that means opening up the checkbook, drafting top flight, high-character, guys that will support Josh Freeman. By the way, does anyone else remember us drafting primarily team captains? How has that turned out?
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    All I have to say is does it really matter at this point whether he is on the field or not?
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    I've been critical of Talib with his non football problems. If the gun/shooting charges works out for him and if he stays out of trouble, then okay. Now to the football issue; I believe he needs to stay right here in Tampa and get physically strong. He needs a motivated trainer that can motivate him to train harder than ever before. He is a decent CB and he would be a good CB if he can work on his tackling and stay healthy.
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    Considering where he was drafted he's a bust. Injury prone, a thug off the field,never made the pro bowl. I don't know what tape Morris has been watching, but he sure hasn't looked all that physical to me this season. Oh don't forget the bone head personal fouls that his buddy Raheem never held him accountable for like he did Price.
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    Wow. What happened to next man up? Now Rah is crying about losing Talib. That sends a great message to the rest of the team. How about putting some faith into the rest of the cornerbacks that are here. So Talib can tackle now? When did that happen? Or maybe he can but chooses not to. And obviously that man scheme they have been working on has turned out very well...just look at the amount of points allowed by the defense as the indicator...and to look into it even farther, number of touchdown passes allowed. I know Romo had at least three td passes. Well, I know this...even if Talib comes back next year, he will not be coming back to Raheem's team. This team is a bad joke and Raheem is the punch line.
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    How about keeping him and his mother from getting collared during the off-season.
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    I get it that he adores Talib but this is part of the reason this team is in disarray. Let's be honest there will never be a scenario when every player will be treated the same but disrespect and insubordination is unacceptable. I would definitely bring him into camp but look to upgrade him. He's not all that.
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