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December 21, 2011 @ 12:47 pm
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Freeman: "Obviously, A Rough Year"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon discussing the struggles of a 4-10 season.

Last year this team was as resilient as there was in the league, but this year doesn’t seem to be the same. Why do you think that is?
“I don’t know. It has been obviously a rough year. [We] haven’t played up to our potential. Whether it is turnovers, penalties you know…really the same stuff goes back to when you have to clean up your game. Then really on Sundays go out and execute better.”

Have you sensed that some bad plays or even bad games just linger with this team more than a year ago?
“Speaking for myself, I haven’t really felt that. Every week prepare the same way and go out and expect to play well and expect to go out and compete.”

Talk about the third down issues and the three-and-outs, and does LeGarrette Blount not having success on first and second down put additional pressure on you?
“It really depends. If he is getting it on third and short it makes it a lot easier. Obviously if you are sitting on like a third and twelve [or] third and ten [and] that’s your first throw of the game it is obviously not a high percentage situation anyway.”

Talk about the success you have had in the no huddle this year and as you look forward do you see more of that because it is a passing league?
“You know I do. We have had success in that and I think it’s because we all have a lot of confidence going into those situations. When we get in a three wide receiver side [then] we can go out there and spread it around [and] shoot the ball to different guys. Really get the ball in our playmakers' hands. I think our receivers feel really confident when we get in those passing situations and I also feel really confident.”

Do you hope or want to see more of that and do you see your guys before end of year trying to do different things?
“Yes, I can see that happening. Trying to really get something good going early. We are playing a good team this weekend in the Panthers. Their offense has been playing extremely well. So it is going to be a game where we are going to have to score some points.”

Is one the things you are looking to do these last two games just to get back to executing something like an 80-yard drive?
“Obviously yes. We are going to try to go out and finish this thing out on a high note. Like you were saying with the drives, you want to go out and you want to consistently sustain long scoring drives. That is what we are out to do.”

Are there a lot of learning moments in a season like this?
“Yes, of course. When you are going through a rough year like this you really can see what guys are made of. We have no playoff hopes anymore, but just coming in [on] days like today. With the enthusiasm and going about your job and taking some pride in what you do. You learn a lot about a lot of different guys on the team. I can tell you we have a lot of guys who haven’t by any means thrown in the towel. We are still fighting [and] still preparing. Hoping to go out and get a win this Saturday.”

What is the confidence level like at this point?
“On the offense side of the ball, we just want to get back out there. We want to go out there and finish off the year on a high note. Go out and play well to finish this thing off.”

When you only have 16 plays through the third quarter I think that was what that like is as a quarterback?
“It definitely is frustrating.  You want to go out and have an impact on the game, but what did we have four passes in the first half? You kind of feel like it is limited in that situation. Part of that is moving the chains. [You] move the chains [and] you get more opportunities, but yes it is definitely frustrating in that sense not really being on the field [and] not really having the chance to change the game.”

Do you feel like running the ball yourself is something you should do a bit more of if the opportunity is there?
“Yes, when I run it is all instinct. It is not a play where it is like oh I am going to run this play. It’s [my] stepping in the pocket seeing things open up and then taking off. Really this year [I] haven’t had a whole lot of opportunities to be honest. If I do get a chance and I have an opportunity to run [and] get a first down [and] get some yardage you know I am going to do it.”

Have you been waiting more for the pass to open up as opposed to deciding if it is not there I am going to run it?
“Yes, part of that is developing as a quarterback. Going about your progressions and getting all the way through down to the check down.”

How much confidence do you have in Mike Williams going forward?
“I have a lot of confidence in Mike. Mike is a tremendously talented player [and] a hard worker. A guy that I have a lot of faith in. In big moments in the game if there is an opportunity to get him the ball I am going to try and get it to him.”

Do you think you can handle more on this offense if they allow you to do it? Do you want to do more?
“Yes, obviously as a quarterback you want to do as much as you possibly can. I just want to do whatever it takes to win. Regardless of what that is being the quarterback you want to go out and you want to be able to be in a position to make the plays to win the game.”

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    Scubog, I do think Raheem's defense sucks, but the regression of our beloved signal caller is a direct blunder of Olsen's. For example, even when the defense is having a decent day, the offense does absolutely nothing, causing a not-so- good defense's flaws to be exposed time and time again. I've never sat in "footbal school class" before but even if you play wit the Buccaneers on Madden, they have offensive plays for days. Greg Olsen needs to buy himself an X-Box or Playstation 3 and learn something.Those obvious run plays we call on 3rd and short are soooo tired and lame. Whatever happened to our play action calls ??? Our offensive offense scares no one !!! I believe the offense has to take charge and the defense will follow (i.e. Green Bay, New Orleans,New England, etc....), but that's just me. Merry Christmas, Scubog.
  • avatar

    Afrika: Love the shades. Don't you think Raheem's own 30th ranked defense has as much to do with the losing as Olsen's 20th ranked offense?
  • avatar

    I see josh freeman and the younger players really missed out on valuable lesson this past summer. The team might have to change the way it prepares. I've been looking at where Tampa bay will be drafting. And again I see that crutial mistake in Rd 3 & 4. I see now that Tampa gave up too much to move up and this year with Tampa drafting in the top 6 or higher that 4th round is a very important. I herd rumers that Wash was going to give up their #1-#2  in 2012 and 2013 draft for an untested rookie QB. I think Wash needs to rethink the draft. about Luck. When Wash picks at #7 look at the QB that will be available-Brandon Weeden from OKL ST;Rober Griffin III from Baylor; and Laundry Jones from Oklahome. If I was Washington I would go that way. I see that If Tampa is at NO# 5 i would select one of the following players at Five-Forget Morris Claiborne from LSU he will be gone ist CB off the board. Now look at the players Tampa would have a chance- SILB LUKE KUECHLY from BOSTON COLLEGE he would be the IDEA pICK FOR TAMPA NEEDS,or DON'TA HIGHTOWER from BAMA. Or if Ne wanted to move up to NO#6 I would get NE 1st pick in Rd-1(28) and a 2nd Rd Pick. Then Tampa can pick and choose and get better in a hurry.Some drafts available at #28 slot would be SILB Vontaze Burfiet from Arizona State and in the 2nd Round at #36 Tampa could go after OLB Ronnel Lewis from Okla of another LB Audie Cole from NC State, or a wide receiever Alshon Jeffery from S Carolina. I am hoping Tampa will have high draft choices. So they can pick surefire picks along with the young players they have now. GO BUCs
  • avatar

    ...Greg Olsen is Josh's biggest problem. As long as 'Greg Almost" is the OC , Josh Freeman will continue in his slump. Unfortunately, Raheem Morris is too blind to realize his job's on the line because of Mr. Olsen's poor play-calling and J. Freeman's lack of growth as an NFL qb. I like Coach Morris as a human being , but as the head coach of our football team......I'm starting to doubt his plans ( Greg Olsen, Greg Olsen, Greg Olsen ) moving forward .
  • avatar

    Please don't screw up a top five pick with a useless victory.
  • avatar

    You know I really like this guy, but I look forward to the day he gets that high school look of awe off of his face and starts to project that tough guy image!
  • avatar

    and recievers thatll hold onto the football for him....or even get open for that matter. too many times this season ive seen freeman sitting in the pocket, with enough time to make a sandwich, and not a single person gets open which leads to a sack or terrible forced throw or INT. we need a calvin johnson type reciever for him.
  • avatar

    Poor kid needs a better offensive coach.
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