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December 21, 2011 @ 3:04 pm
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Williams Agrees Bucs Need To Grow Up

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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After Ronde Barber suggested the Bucs need to "grow up" following Saturday's loss to Dallas, WR Mike Williams agreed with Tampa Bay's defensive captain.

After last Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys veteran CB Ronde Barber talked about how the Buccaneers need to grow up. Wednesday, standing in front on his locker at One Buccaneer Place, second-year wide receiver Mike Williams agreed he, and the entire roster, need to take the older player’s advice.

“I guess it means grow up,” Williams said. “That’s all you can take from that. When the players like Ronde and Kellen [Winslow] say that [then] you are doing something wrong. That you’re not mature enough. That you are doing something [wrong] that you know is your job. So basically to grow up.”

Williams was asked what he thinks Barber and Winslow meant.

“It means all of that,” Williams said. “Talking right to the media. Saying the right things. Helping your teammates out. Watching extra film. Staying after practice ... things like that.”

Williams was shut out for the first time in his career Saturday night against Dallas and has had, like many Bucs’ players, a disappointing season compared to 2010. Through 14 games the Bucs' leading receiver in 2010 has 60 receptions for 701 yards and three touchdowns. The former Syracuse star says the mood of the team after 14 games is frustration and now a reassessment of goals is in order.

“Well, they change,” Williams said. “Everybody feels bad. We were 10-6 last year, but the simple fact is we didn’t make the playoffs last year. We didn’t make the playoffs this year either so things haven’t really changed. Like you said, people had a lot of good stuff to say [and] now people got a bad stuff [to say] today. We want to keep all our stuff inside the locker room. We know what is wrong. We got to get it together inside the locker room and go out and get wins.

“Expectations have changed for us. Our expectations were we wanted to win our division [and] we can’t do that. We wanted to get in the playoffs, we can’t do that. We wanted to win the NFC, we can’t do that. We wanted to win the Super Bowl, we can’t do that. So we are mad about [those] situations. Hopefully we get on a winning streak so we can start it over and try to do it next year.”

With two games left in a disappointing season Williams hopes the road warrior mentality of last season can come through.

“It's good that we are on the road,” Williams said. “We get to go out and be with each other. More time with each other. More meeting time and things like that when you play on the road. We've got these last two and hopefully we get a streak going.”

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    K2, K2 really he had anything to say about being a pro? Mr Pass Interference, false start, etc... Same now for Williams. He needs to be quite and just play football, and more importantly, CATCH THE DAMN BALL!!! Go Bucs....
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    we need to spend money.
  • avatar

    i agree spend money and hire a Def. Cord Rah has been coaching in the league as a def.cord any where to be both head coach and d.c the coaches that take on 2 duties have been player or coachc for along while bucs took a gamble with morris he was cheap bet you a dime to a donut manchester u they dont take chances on that team thats what supporrting some income for the bucs the bucs are a tax write off MC is where they make the money
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    If you're not getting better everyday, then you're getting worse; nobody stays the same. Coach speak 101. I feel for Mike. I think we all have the experience of good intentions ending in failure because of poor follow through. It's common life experience. Many successful people say that failure is part of the learning process. Hopefully the team will learn from some big time failure and make the changes that need to be made. Whatever they are. This division is only getting stronger. Go Bucs' get better.
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    Winning 10 games last year made the rookies like Mike Williams have an inflated opinion of themselves. It came too easy. It was the Michael Clayton syndrome spread over the entire team. Now that reality has set in, perhaps this off season will be what gets them back on track.
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    Thanks Mark for the information. To me it is the coaching that is responsible to make sure everyone "grows up" if that is the problem. I think Williams was honest when he wasn't sure what that meant.
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    The "soldier" has alot of nerve to tell someone to grow up
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