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December 26, 2011 @ 12:56 pm
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Morris Not Concerned About Job Security

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Raheem Morris met with the local media on Monday to discuss the teams ninth straight loss. With one game left Morris said he hopes to play spoiler and also talked about the question surrounding his job security.

Opening statement:
“Hope you guys had a Merry Christmas because I didn’t. It was miserable. With that being said we have another game to play against the Atlanta Falcons. Hopefully it has some meaning. For those guys, they have a chance, depending on what happens in the game … we got flexed. Obviously not on the terms we wanted to but hopefully we have a chance to play for some meaning here. (Atlanta) has a chance to be a three-seed or a six-seed. So hopefully we can play spoiler at some point. And get these guys to play faster. We are just not transitioning over what we do in practice well enough. And we have to do that a little bit better. Guys get in a game and whatever happens, they want to make a play and then instinct happens and you start to make up stuff. Those things can't happen to you as a football team. You have to just trust in what you practice all week and what is going to happen and work. Every once in a while it works when you guess and you make a play. Then every once in a while the play doesn't work. You have to eliminate those things on both sides of the football.”

How much of the struggles is undisciplined players or how much is it players not being able to make the play?

“It is a combination of both. When you talk about the game (Saturday). I think what you are referring to in not being able to make the plays, is some of the missed tackles (and) that was very evident. We missed a bunch of tackles as far as whether a guy in his gap, wide-open defender on him on a man, and you miss that play. That’s just things you have to do. Dig down deep inside and make... we did everything to work on those deals. We did everything to put guys in position to make those plays and you have to go make them. The other part about it is guys getting frustrated in some cases wanting to make a play and jumping outside the box. When you lose that much those type of things creep in.

"Last year when you are winning and you are at the point of possibly making the playoffs, guys are saying, ‘Hey man lets just not mess it up lets go out here and play within the system, believe in each other, do what we have to do and keep winning.’ Right now when you lose a couple games in a row, you get guys – some of your better players – taking chances they don’t have to take in situations you don’t have to take chances in. And when you miss them they are huge, they are big and they hurt your football team.”

So mistakes aren’t limited to just young football players?

“No this is what happens when teams lose whether you are talking about basketball, whether you are talking about football, whether you are talking about hockey. Put in a basketball reference; you are the best player on a basketball team and your team is losing. Then you are trying to figure out a way to make your team win. And then you go out there and chuck up 80 shots because you feel like you trust yourself more than you trust anybody else. But it doesn’t work that way either. It has to be a collective team effort and right now we have guys trying to make plays outside the box when you don’t have to and you are missing the ones you are supposed to make.”

How surprised are you how this season has gone?
“You cant be surprised when you don’t play fast hard smart and consistent. I base it on that the whole time. We haven’t played smart all year. I’d be surprised if we were here with the same amount of turnovers as last year. I’d be surprised if we did a nice job (this year) like we did in penalties last year. Then I’d be surprised. I’ve said all along we are not a finished product. But you don’t have to be a finished product in order to win. And we proved that last year. You have to go out there and play fast – hard – smart – and consistent. And what we have struggled with all year has been smart and consistent. And that is what has hurt us the most.”

Why should you be retained?

"It’s not even about me. It’s about us collectively. We get together and we believe in each other and we build this program through young players, we build this program around Josh Freeman, and we have a chance to be better. Last year the same team won 10 games, through a little bit of smoke and mirrors so to speak, but that’s not the point. You have a chance to get better this offseason, you got a chance to come out here and get an offseason, get these guys together and get them to out there and play fast, play smart and consistent and go win. You don’t win 10 games by accident. You win 10 games because you followed the formula – fast, hard, smart and consistent. You didn’t turn the football over, you went out there and competed in every single game you had a chance to win. Even when we won 10 games, we barely won those 10 games. That’s the point. That just lets you know you have a chance to get better in the offseason. You had a chance to get better through the draft, through free agency and go out there and compete for a championship, period."

Do you think you should you be retained?

"I think I answered this questions a few weeks ago. I will never fire myself. We go out and you don’t go from being a coach of the year candidate to being the worst coach in the league to getting fired within a year. It’s about us. It’s a little bit of everything. I believe in my guys. I believe in the system, I believe in the program, in what we do and in everybody in this building, so it’s a buying in factor. And either you’re buying in or you [aren’t]. We wanted to build this thing young and develop a team that goes out and wins and wins consistently."

We can’t imagine you would have wanted this team:

"We made a collective agreement to go young when we took over this program. That’s something we wanted to do. In order to upgrade at certain positions, sometimes you have to get worse before you get better. And going out and getting a young middle linebacker was something that we decided to do and we did it. Whether or not at the beginning we were both on the same page or all three of us including the Glazers were on the same page doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, we decided to do it and we went out and did it.

"We still have a chance to be better than we were last year (next) year. We can be. I believe that. We’ve upgraded some positions, we’ve gotten better at some positions, we got guys to play faster, we’ll get guy to have a chance to be in the fire for a year. And then you come out next year and you just have to get better. This offseason, you get a chance to work on some of the fine details of some of the stuff we may have missed last year or may have missed form being in the offseason. This year we’ll have a chance to have an offseason, to be with them, to clean up some things. This year we’ll have some great examples of how to lose game and how to win games. Because we’ve got the last two games to look at."

On being in so many non-competitive games:
"Bingo, you got me. I can’t even talk my way around this one. That is the most frustrating thing for me at this point. But it happens because people go outside of the box and try to make plays that are just not there in order to get their football team or basketball team or hockey team to win. You got to go play within the system and make the play that technique and opportunity allow you to make. And once you do those things, it’s just like the year before. But until you do those things again, until you realize that, until you settle down and stop pushing the panic button so to speak and jumping outside your zone and outside your gap or try to do something bigger than what it really is, leap a man in open grass. And all those things are a part of it.

"You don’t want to put the finger at any one thing. Kellen didn’t jump over that guy with the intention to fumble, he tried to make a play outside of his realm, outside of the box in order to get his football team to win. And I’m not going to bash him for that, it’s a teachable moment, for even a guy like Kellen Winslow. You can’t go outside the box and do those things. Because you could be great and we could be great, but in order for us to do it all together we have to be on the same page."

Are those guys trying to do everything at once?

"There’s no question. There’s no doubt. Kellen Winslow is a prime example of, I’m going to win this game despite everything around me for Raheem. No doubt in my mind that he was thinking that when he jumped over that guy. It was not a selfish act. There was nothing about that that was selfish. He was trying to score. There’s no doubt it my mind.

"They’ve been like that. The idea that I lost them and all that garbage talk, there’s no doubt in my mind that stuff is not even close because of our 61 men in that room when we meet in the team meeting when I can actually call guys out and tell them what to do and not to do. I’ll never do that in front of you guys because that’s not my style but I understand and they have to understand that too."

Is the benching going to be more of your coaching style, benching guys immediately for their mistakes?
"It wasn’t immediately for mistakes. It’s kinda going back to what we talked about again, going out of your realm. When you go out and you prepare all week and you get your opens together and you talk about what you want to do and you get your look, you get the quarterback to do exactly what he’s supposed to do and you get your line doing what they’re supposed to do and you drop the ball on the first play, that’s a lack of concentration. That’s not being locked in on the first play of the game for yourself (or) your football team and you don’t deserve to play those next couple of snaps, so I’m going to take you out of there.

"The same thing when you’re an old player and you jump the man that’s not in your zone and you kinda get outside of your box in order to make a play – whether it’s for me or your teammates or it’s for yourself – it still can’t happen. Those things won’t be accepted or tolerated so you have to put the next man in and let them think about it.

"I’m going to go back to those guys because those are my guys. There’s no doubt about it. Hand selected. Tanard Jackson. Raheem Morris. Hand selected. LeGarrette Blount. Raheem Morris. You can point the finger at me for hand selecting the wrong guys or the right guys.

I’ll just tell those guys at the end of the season, like the old man liked to tell us, Joe Gardi, rest in peace, 'you got a chance to go home and get better.' I’m going to give you a C and the C tells them you don’t play very well, you’re not a good player. You got a chance to go out in this offseason and prove me wrong. Come back and be ready to do the right thing and be the best player you can be."

Sounds like that’s the message for this week, go out and play the right way and if you mess it up, it’s on me?
"Guys, I’ve got no problem standing in front of you guys and tell you when I mess something up. It’s easy. I do it often, sometimes when it’s not all me. But when we do something out of the box and outside of the realm, it’s hard to do that. We want to get everybody to do the right thing, let’s do that this last week.

If you could go back, what would you do differently?
You’re trying to trick me to get off our philosophy. For me, I can’t think about it because that puts me in a mentally weak state. It’s like going home listening to your parents tell you what you should do with the football team. Your mom knows what to do: throw the ball deep to Mike Williams. I know your mom told you that. My mom has. It’s like going home and just listening to that. It’s got to be elevator music to you."

But not what the outside people think, but what you think?
"You do all that stuff. That’s why you go back and get tape when you were doing it the right way. You go get the Atlanta game, you go get the New Orleans Saints game and you show them: this is us. I don’t know what we’re doing today but this is us and I don’t know where that went. It can’t be one or two players that make a big difference like that. It’s got to be a collective development. If that guy is not as good as the guy we lost, then it’s got to be people around him that makes him better. That’s got to be the nature of the beast."

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    If Heem is to keep his job,he needs to hand over the DC job to someone else~and Olsen NEEDS to go period...
  • avatar

    Well, Ronde pretty much laid down the gauntlet: firing Raheem probably means he retires, which we can ill-afford. As I've said, Raheem needs to be retained and we need to shore up the coaching staff behind him. Hire a DC either from the Dungy chain or from the staff of another team running the Tampa 2, and replace Olsen, in that order.
  • avatar

    Unbelievable! The Bucs lose a couple of close games and everyone's in a tizzy. You'd think they were the worst team in the league. But me, I'm a faithful fan - while I couldn't watch the game in real-time, I did record it on my DVR. For some reason, I haven't had the nerve or desire to watch it, though...
  • avatar

    My twelve steps to recovery started midway through the 9 game losing streak when I felt that something was amiss and the wheels had come off after watching some uninspiring putrid football. Boy am I thankful for mailing in the season then as it saved me from the excruciating pain and constant anger I feel watching our Bucs play. It wasn't obvious then but the fact we were so unprepared each game, committing above average penalties and turnovers weekly, and showed zero leadership and camaraderie makes it quite clear to me now that we still don't know if Raheem can be a good coach, one year Coach of Year candidate, the next extremely unqualified? Possible, but without any tools how can we know? And whats to say if a new coach is brought in that they can do any better with what we have? It wouldnt be fair to expect Raheem to win consistently with the youngest, least talented team in football when the next guy gets a new, qualified OC/DC and some free agents. We went from Dungy's team built through veterans and the draft for the long haul that the community embraces to quick fixes, one after another. We imploded that mess in what I thought was the worst season on record when we went 3-13 but this season will easily match it. You simply can not build a team overnight thru the draft with rookie coaches and rookie players. You need people who can teach rookies how to respect the game and prepare each and every week. Right now, everyone is doing whatever they please and its truly sad to watch. They have all sold their coach down the river if he gets fired because it is he who believed enough in them and their 10-6 run last year to keep sticking with the plan. It is the players who let Raheem down and he has finally started saying it in his press conferences. No one is listening at One Buc, no one. I mentioned in many previous posts that I hurt me deeply to throw my season ticket renewal forms in the garbage. But its the only thing I could do to get the absent minded owners we have to start waking up to the reality of a truly loved franchise that is losing its fan base week by week. It is up to them to make a statement this offseason and start righting the ship. If not and they go to their same old smoke and mirror bag of tricks, lord have mercy. Happy New Year to all in PR land. May the 2012 season bring us better tidings...
  • avatar

    If you cannot develop a cogent answer to the question "what would you do differently" when everything you have done has failed, then you have no business being in any position of leadership. I used to hate that Morris was head coach because he was grossly underqualified and ill-suited for the job. Then I hated Morris himself for consistently leading the most unprepared teams I've ever seen onto the football field, only to be humiliated by beatable opponents. Now the more I read, see and hear, the more I just feel sorry for the young man. I only hope he has the sense to quietly go away. I remain embarrassed for the Bucs' organization that he is still Defensive Coordinator, let alone Head Coach.
  • avatar

    The bucs need to move on from morris we look awful to say the least.It's about keeping your fans happy because we buy the tickets and the merchandise. If a business was putting out such a bad product then you would close it from not making any money or change it to get the people interested in it. Thats what we need a change! I can't even defend this team to people we look pathetic if owership is happy with that then that tells me something as a fan.
  • avatar

    Surferdudes is so right.....I've thought about it before and never liked the Rah thing. On here its easy to refer to him as Rah but as your coach....as long as I played sports the coach is always called COACH, DUNGY was, GRUDEN was. Right there is the smoking gun. They don't respect him as a HC. He is viewed more as a peer or buddy. We have all posted on it through the last 3 years but its so clear now. If he is going to Magic games with Talib thats a problem too. The both of them should be nose deep in game film or playbooks the way this team has played. It also just doesn't look good for the HC to be hangin with a possible convicted felon outside of work, regardless if its a co-worker. A fundraiser is one thing but after hours you gotta draw the line. If he doesn't think about those things then he really doesn't need to be a HC. Come on BUCS lets lose another one and lock in our pick....then the most important pick....a new real NFL head coach!!!!!!!!
  • avatar

    I have nothing personal against Heem,just dont think he is head coach material at this point and I dont want to wait til he is.. We let our "players coach" go years ago and he went to sh*ttsburg.Heem is no Tomlin.. Heem IMO, lacks intensity and a track record to command the respect needed to coach a team in this league.This isnt a personal problem ,its business.If losing is the business the Bucs are in,we have a great CEO~if winning is our aim,we need new leadership. Maybe its time to check GBP and CAR staff for possible replacements ~they have done wonders with young QBs~ Freeman deserves a solid chance in this league but will only get it with solid leadership.. Sorry,but the Heem experiment is failing~its time for a change...
  • avatar

    Freeman's had his chances, Not saying he's not a avg QB but am saying he's not Franchise QB. He's just not elite like many in Tampa Bay think he . Morris = blackouts, Glazers are idiots if they retain him. But hey, they're idiots anyways so who knows.
  • avatar

    Dear football Gods, I pray you allow Jon Gruden to return as the Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, if only to watch 70% of the posters on this board and Steve DumbDog's head explode. Amen.
  • avatar

    Wow what a post to be on for my first time on this site. Yep I am a newbie and I am happy to join especially after reading this post. I left another site (that will remain nameless) because all they did was whine and swear on their posts. After I made a comment about thank god my son isn't with me reading this I got my name douched with criticism that you wouldn't believe, so I left and I end up with the Pewterreport and I am so glad I did. To hear everyone as passionate as I am about the Bucs (been a fan since the early 80's) and not reducing to name calling. I don't care if you are black, white, blue or yellow, if you can't coach you can't coach. Simple as that. Do I like Raheem, sure I do especially he is from NJ like I am but I see this team failing in all positions. I would love to see Raheem stay with a new DC and OC with a full offseason with the young guys then if it doesn't work next season then it is time tolet him go. I know that isn't the popular decision, but I think it is the right one for this young team.
  • avatar

    graypilgrim: Howdy Doody for DC! Thank you for injecting a little humor in this season that's on its' death bed. The JETS Jets, Jets Jets are no doubt getting fed up with the rants of their HC, Phinius T. Bluster. I have to give Raheem credit for standing up to the criticism and not lashing back at the media like most coaches would do. The question I have to pose to Morris' contention that the problems on defense are about players not trusting the system and just doing their job. Why don't they trust the system? These guys have played organized ball for at least 10 years before the NFL. By this time they know what works and what doesn't. Perhaps hiring someone to develop, and more importantly, teach a system that results in better than a 31st in the league ranking is the answer. Raheem is probably getting the same excuse I used to get sometimes from subcontractors. "I thought it would be better if I did it differently than the drawings." His "Core Beliefs" have turned to "Core Doubts." On offense, it's probably a similar problem with players disbelieving Olsen's system caused by the lack of positive results. If the plan was "All about # 5" then get him some weapons for whom the opponent fears. Blount could be one of them IF the team wasn't always two scores down. Blount is the perfect closer. Teams know that once they get on the plus side of the scoreboard, our single weapon goes back in the holster. I've seen enough over the years to recognize that there is sufficient young talent on this team to win if they just play together. Right now their collective psyche is in the toilet. A win or at least a competitive game Sunday over the Dirty Birds is all the team needs to rejuvenate itself......and us.
  • avatar

    Well You guys I have been a bucs die hearyed Fan ever since Tampa came into the league. I'm sorry some of the coaches did a good job, but most of theme just went through the motions. Tampa is going to have a high draft choice in 2012 draft I hope they Don't blow it. I SEE RB-ILB-CB not in that order with the 1st three picks. In Rd-1 I would go after that big ILB from Boston College, In Rd-2 Get a big CB or a fast RB in Rd-2 or In Rd-3 Get the player that was not opick in Rd-1 or @. Tampa can make some three big IMPACKED MOVES,PLUS A NEW HEAD COACH, A NEW DEF HEAD COACH, AND A NEW offensive coach. tHAT THREE YR PLAN IS NOT WORKING. i HOPE WE DON'T beat atlanta we have alreasdy did that the first time around. go bucs in 2012.
  • avatar

    Mark, let me commend you for speaking out about the tone and temperment regarding Raheem Morris.Today I have read some of the most vile and repugnant posts that I have ever read, primarily on the newspaper blogs. The rhetoric has been raised to such a level that it borders on hate speech. I know that it is a small sample of the most vocal, but it is nonetheless disturbing. I understand the passion and the desire for change because we want to win, but some of this goes beyond football and winning. I am pleased to be part of a family of posters at PR that have maintained a civil dialogue on evidently a deeply divisive issue. So again, cheers to you and the staff at PR. Keep up the good work!
  • avatar

    @niko - why do you and others have to refer to race whenever criticism is voiced towards Morris? One reason race remains an issue is because too many people like you keep it festering - leave it alone. The problem with Morris is not race, it is his level of incompetence as a HC/DC and the wins and loses. What amazes me is the wonderful set of double standards you and even at times PR have. I continue to be amazed at the softball questions thrown to Morris, nothing like the ones that the likes of McKay, Perkins and Bennett had to endure. Either we have a softer set of reporters or we do have a double standard issue. And PR, before you jump in to defend yourself, try to review the past couple of years and try some objectivity. I personally do not care if Morris or Howdy Doody is the HC; I would like to see improvement (not this year) and how about a perennial winner? It Atlanta and the Saints can do it, why not us? Those are some of the questions that Morris should have been answering, along with why does he feel the "buddy buddy" system of his is working when it is obvious it is not.
  • avatar

    For all the shortcomings this year, we did rock that one guy's world and send him to the locker room early with a big hit. I can't remember his name. Oh yes - it was Sean Peyton. Man are we tough on D or what?
  • avatar

    Morris is awful. The players may like him but who the heck cares?! Bottom line is our defense is a freaking joke!!!! He is the DC if you cant even run your side of the ball how can you run the team? Olsen is a joke too. Run the dang ball and stop the bs penalties. It's so hard to watch! I've watched Buc ball since the late 70's and this is as bad as its ever been! @ my boy Sharp, Morris earned the name Radio it is funny to me. No one expects us to go out and dominate with a young team every week but lets try playing hard, tackling, catch the ball, hold on to the damn ball and stop the bad lazy selfish penalties. DO that and the fans will back you for another year.
  • avatar

    The difference bewtween Ron Rivera and & Raheem Morris is simple. Ron Rivera was ready to be a head coach. Radio had never been a coordinator in the NFL. Another thing that is detrimental to this team is the fraternization/favortism that goes on. As a military officer, the worse thing you can do in your organization is to create an atmosphere where your soldiers look at you more as a friend then the leader that you have been put in place to be. Once you cross that fine line of being a friend and not a leader, you lose all credibility. In my opinion this is what has happened with this team. There is nothing wrong with being a young coach, being able to relate to the players. Tomlin has proved it can be done. There is no doubt the Pittsburgh Steelers respect their coach. Morris has failed to manage that fine line between friendship and being a leader and there is noway to get it back. Secondly, discipline must be unilateral throughout an organization. You can't punish one for a mistake and let someone else get away with the same one. That has happened way to many times this season. Another downfall for the Morris regime. Just my opinion
  • avatar

    Personally this name calling of Raheem as Radio is disturbing. I, like a previous responder, never read past a post that where someone starts calling him radio. Even if you don't like Morris as a coach what point have you made by referring to him as a character from a movie that has an affliction? It is distasteful to Morris but maybe even more so to people who have mentally handicapped people in their family. It's not humorous in the least and to me just a step above being out and out racist. As fans everyone has a right to voice their displeasure with the coach of a team they pay hard earned money to support. But to take shots and low blows is childish. I suspect the ones guilty would also be the first ones to be Morris' best buddy if they ever got the chance to spend time with him. I'm quite sure they would never have the guts to say it to the mans face. This isn't a "sanctioned" PR post and perhaps I shouldn't worry about it but I really just have to shake my head at the immaturity of the story posts and boards sometimes.
  • avatar

    I respect your opinion but for you to claim that my post has any bit of racism in it is a stretch. I really didn't expect this kind of reaction. I do have a mentally handicapped brother and my comment in no way was meant to de-mean the handicaped. It's called freedom of speech. For you to spin it into some great big deal that it is not is almost as depressing as the Bucs play this year.
  • avatar

    Freedom of speech? Well I exercised mine. Just an opinion. You aren't the only one I was referring to sharp. Plenty of others man.Take it for what it is worth, which in your mind is probably not much, but I was just expressing my opinion. I just know you are plenty intelligent enough to relay your message without adding to the negativity. The message in your post was an excellent example of what the comment section is for. Valid, well thought out and concise. Just thinking you didn't need to stoop low to make your point. Not trying to hammer you, just something that has been on my mind for a while. And as far as the race deal, I take you for your word on that and I apologize for tossing that bomb out.Not intended to you personally. It does seem to feel of that in some of the "radio" posts I've read by others in the past. I've talked to several other insiders who really hate the reference also. Again I liked your post after I forced myself to get past the radio part. Take care sharp2325. Hopefully no hard feelings. MC
  • avatar

    No hard feelings, I appreciate the back and forth. Take care and keep up the good work.
  • avatar

    Appreciate it man. Maybe the long depressing season is making me a little grumpy! My wife keeps telling me I am anyway. Happy New Year.
  • avatar

    The players just won't play for him anymore. How can a professional football team surrender?
  • avatar

    FlBoy, Morris can't say that, because those are his guys. I've seen him at Magic games with Talib, probably get's his weed from Jackson, of course Winslow's his soldier. That's been the biggest problem with Rah,his players actually call him Rah,like they're friends, which they are. You can't be friends with these young players,they won't respect you, they obviously aren't worried about their jobs. Should we hire Jeff Fisher, I don't believe any of the players will be calling him Jeff.
  • avatar

    You really don't think Raheem has learned that lesson now? Do you care about this year, or next year more? I really don't care what the Bucs do with Raheem Morris, it won't matter ONE BIT if they don't go out and get some Free Agents.
  • avatar

    Ron Rivera made this comment a few weeks ago: Asked which players need to make the most improvement, Rivera was direct. "They all do ...whether it's the guys need to improve as football players or we need to go out and find guys who can help us at those positions," Rivera said. "This is an evaluation process. I'm going to evaluate me. I've taken a lot of notes from my first year and there are a lot of things that will change and a lot that will stay the same. "The one thing is it's got to change for the better. I've told the players, when it's all said done, when we come back next year, we're getting better. If we're not getting better, we're moving on. We're not going to wait. We just can't afford to. I've sent them a message and I've been very up front with those guys." Panthers haven't been the same team since. Now re-read Morris' presser, there is no comparison. Morris should go into politics instead of football.
  • avatar

    Morris is either a fool or a liar
  • avatar

    I listened to that whole tape and Morris just doesn't understand. All he talks about over and over "we got to play fast, hard, consistent, and not get out of our box". It's not happening with Morris as the Coach! The players aren't buying into it anymore. I am disappointed as heck that I am not hearing any indication from Morris that some starting players are sitting and we are going to give a lot more young players the opportunity to play in this game. Morris talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk. He believes what he has done and is doing it the right way. I have to assume that Dominick does too. I guess the Glazers do too so there is no reason that anything is going to change. For the first time since I have been a Buc fan which was before they played their first game; for the years that I was a past Season Ticket Holder while I lived in this area; and now I have moved back to the area and was going to buy tickets; I am seriously thinking about ending this relationship and move on from this team. I am really disappointed, disgusted, frustrated, with this whole regime. I just don't see anything positive coming out of this group in the next two years. I am close to just giving up on them and moving on because who needs this crap at 65.
  • avatar

    Horse, I feel you Bro, Ive been a fan since 1979...So I know what you mean. This is as bad as its ever been. But don't give up now. I personally am waiting to see what happens this offseason. To me firing Raheem is not as big of a deal as seeing if the Glazers will open up the pocket books and bring in one or two TOP TIER free agents. No one will blame you for not investing in season tickets if you don't feel the ownership is putting in their dues, but don't jump ship after one losing season. In the end, so far thats all it is. One losing season. albeit one of the worst ever. Lets see what happens.
  • avatar

    niko521, It's not about the losing because we have been use to that, but a tleast back when we were that kind of losing team in the 70's and 80's you felt comfortable that another team would not score more than 20 points on you. Most times we lost to teams that only scored in the teens. Our problem back then was mostly offense and the defense was something we could be proud of and hope for better times that the offense would get better. With Coach Morris and the DC and OC there is nothing to hang our hat on and be proud. This I believe is the biggest mess i have ever seen with this team. We are going to play at Atlanta after they will have just 4 days of rest before we play them and probably most their starters will sit and get ready for the playoffs and I am still not sure if we can even be competitive with their backups. I mean that is sad.
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    One more game then we can fire this clown.
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    I dont understand all the hate for Raheem Morris. No one hates what has happened to this team more than I do, but there is no way as a fan of football as long as I have been can I hate a guy like Raheem Morris because the Bucs are losing. Maybe he's not a good coach, but the outright hate against him almost has me rooting for him to work it out, just to prove all these people wrong. These players have embarrassed themselves, they are pitiful, and they are the ones who deserve our Ire, not Morris. The guy says all the right things, learns from his mistakes. No it may not be enough to save his job, and thats ok. But Morris is a good guy, and doesn't deserve all the hate. You have to wonder how racially motivated some of the haters really are. People who could even hold a conversation with the man have the guts to call him names, when they don't even put their own name on their comments.
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    I don't understand the hate for Jon Gruden.................................
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