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December 27, 2011 @ 9:13 pm
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Joseph Is Bucs' Lone Pro Bowler

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Bucs right guard Davin Joseph was the only Tampa Bay player to be voted to the 2012 Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl honor is the second for Joseph, who also was selected during the 2008 season.

Despite a 4-11 record and a nine-game losing streak, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have a representative in the 2012 Pro Bowl. Right guard Davin Joseph was named to the Pro Bowl team for the second time in his career. Joseph, the team's first-round pick (23rd overall) in the 2006 NFL Draft, has started all 15 games this season at right guard after signing a seven-year, $53-million contract extension during training camp.

Joseph is the second member of the Buccaneers offensive line to be named to the Pro Bowl, following left tackle Donald Penn's trip to Hawaii as an alternate last year. Tampa Bay's offensive line, led by Joseph, has allowed the ninth-fewest sacks in the NFL, as well as the ninth-fewest sacks per pass play. The unit also helped the Tampa Bay average 4.3 yards per rushing attempt, which ranks 13th in the NFL.

Joseph becomes the fifth Buccaneers offensive player and second offensive lineman to earn multiple Pro Bowl selections while with the team, joining fullback Mike Alstott (6), tight end Jimmie Giles (4), center Tony Mayberry (3) and running back Warrick Dunn (2).



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    No one is advocating spending money for the sake of spending it. People call the Glazers cheap because they are one of the lowest salary cap teams in the league with a roster full of draft picks and practice squad players. While Dominick has done a good job in finding the hidden gems and Raheem coaching up the few players that could be coached up, any bad performance or injury will ruin a team without depth that only can be built through Free Agency. Someone said it earlier, Tulloch would have been a great pickup at LB, he was awesome for the Lions this year. This was a CB rich offseason where even getting a middle tier guy would have helped us not have to see Biggers, Mack, or Lewis cover anyone. Its never one specific way to success, its a combination of factors that leads to consistent success that teams like the Pats, Steelers, etc are able to achieve. I dont want a Florida Marlins style buy a team for a title run approach, I want a be a playoff contender every year type of team. You have to have free agents to be able to achieve that. Otherwise we will see more of the same, one year we outperform and get everyone excited to be followed by a year of mistakes, injuries, and a poor record.
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    Fitting that our only Pro Bowler is the "veteran" amongst the bunch. Davin is consistent and plays with a mean streak while protecting the right side of the line. I thought Barth and Koenen should have had a better shot given the years they have had but at least we did have one player.
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    Congrats Davin. Well done and way to be the only bright spot on a stained cloth.
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    Nicely done, Davin. Of course, the only other player worthy of this conversation is the kicker. Not a good year...
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    Congrats Joseph! At the beginning of the season, I thought Penn might make it, but he has been beat quite a bit by defensive ends the past few weeks, and my opinion changed. He seems really slow off the snap, and he look like he has gained a lot of weight over the course of the season. Anyone else notice the ballooning of Penn? When he was pissed and wanted his contract he was lean and nasty, and made the probowl. Now he has money, and he's sad because the bucs lose. He eats when he's unhappy, and he's unhappy when he eats. Its a vicious cycle. Joseph, keep it up, we get good yards per carry, its the turnovers that killed us killed us killed us.
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    He is great but he can only block one man at a time. We need other stud o-lineman to make holes and protect josh. PLAYERS I'D DROP: Trueblood, Faine. Keep in mind that both these players I would only drop if I had a viable replacement. Blood is ok as a run blocker but he is too emotional and draws mindless penalties. But there is nobody capable enough to replace him. Zuttah is someone I feel is a more than adequate replacement for faine, however, we need someone to replace him at the other guard spot. I say we draft a LG in 2012 and let faine compete with zuttah for the starting role. IMO the only reason they play Faine over Zuttah is (1) Faine is paid an arm and a leg for his services and (2) We don't have anyone better than Zuttah to play the LG position. IN SUMMATION: I cannot wait untill the draft where all we are doing is drafting for depth and not for players we want to start right off the bat unless they prove to be a phenom in training camp.
  • avatar

    According to some here,that could be a bit of a wait...
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    Scubog I would never say spend money on free agents for the sake of spending. However J Joesph, Tulloch, would've been nice additions to our roster and filled some needs. The Glazer's shoud've spent some money this year no question, they should've paid for a D coordinator over ruling Morris. I'm not going to call them cheap until I see how the off season goes, but you have to admit for such a bad team it looks bad they're so far under the cap.
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    Congratulations to Davin. He had a season worthy of the pro bowl.
  • avatar

    I'll promise to get my online GED if you would add a C to "ongrats" for me. Happy New Year to all! lol.
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    ongrats to Davin Joeseph. That block he made in the Packers game to spring Blount got him my vote!
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    Amen Scubog. I had a nice vacation from everything (including the internet) and I hope everyone else had a merry Christmas. I'm glad Joseph was voted to the Pro Bowl. He was able to get it despite the Bucs losing record, but no way he gets there without the Bucs getting some night games televised nationally. That's the way your players make pro bowls. On a side note, I looked over the AFC and NFC rosters and I can't remember a year where they did a better job of getting the right players in the pro bowl. I only have one nit-pick: Charles Tilman. Aqib is too injured to play anyway but I think Talib had a better year than Tilman.
  • avatar

    So here we have our sole Pro Bowl player. And guess what? The "cheap" Glazers are paying him as such. So which comes first; achieving Pro Bowl status and being rewarded or just simply spending for the sake of spending? I never read a comment that names the Bucs players who deserve to be paid commensurate with their lofty contribution to the team's success who are under paid. I rarely see a comment that names a free agent to be targeted unless we include Albert Haynesworth who was the sought after DT a couple of years ago. What I do see most frequently is comments like "The cheap Glazers need to spend money." No plan for improving the team, just spend. What a great offensive game plan that kind of thinking would produce. Throw the ball deep, no receiver in the area, but chuck the ball down the field anyway. So what if it just hits the ground without producing the desired result.
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    Iam glad he was honor to represted the bucs-maybe there will be a rush of injuries durning the palyoffs and a couple of the younger bucs could make that ripe. Iam glad I see that one buc player made the team. go bucs
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    I'm happy the bucs have him locked up for awhile.Joseph is a beast.When i watch bucs games seems like joseph and penn always have everybodys backs.Joseph is a keeper for sure.Congratulations davin.
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    Well deserved! He was the bright spot of the offensive line. He held his own and helped Faine and Trueblood survive. The both of them should give part of their pay checks to Joseph. I noticed that no one was placed on IR so I presume that everybody is healthy. The only players that should be on inactive are some of the present starters to give the younger players and those on the edge to perform like Lee, Dotson, Larsen, Parker, Biggers, Hayes, Heyward, Black.
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