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January 1, 2012 @ 7:33 pm
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Buccaneers To Pick 5th In 2012 NFL Draft With 4-12 Finish

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Due to 10 straight losses, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers finished the 2011 season with a 4-12 record after starting the season 4-2. The Bucs are assured of picking in the top 5 in the 2012 NFL Draft as they and the Browns finished with the same record.

With Tampa Bay’s 10th straight loss, the Buccaneers finished the 2011 season with a 4-12 record after a once promising 4-2 start. Tampa Bay concluded the year tied with Cleveland for the fourth-worst record in the league. The Browns will pick fourth and the Bucs will have the fifth overall pick behind Indianapolis (2-14), St. Louis (2-14) and Minnesota (3-13) in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Both Cleveland and Tampa Bay finished with a .250 winning percentage in 2011 and will alternate drafting fourth and fifth throughout the draft with the Bucs having the fourth pick (36th overall) in the second round.

The last time the Buccaneers had a top 5 pick was in 2009 when Tampa Bay selected defensive tackle Gerald McCoy with the third overall pick.

Although there is not a consensus top five in terms of 2012 NFL Draft prospects, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is considered to be the sure-fire first overall selection, followed by USC left tackle Matt Kalil, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne, Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon and Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. The player the Bucs would be most interested in would likely be Claiborne given the need for a cornerback.

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    I like Tampa selects #5 in 1,#4 in 2,#5 in 3,#5 in-5, #4 in 6 and #5 in Rd-7. If Claiborne is there I say get him. But if He is not There I would get Trent Richardson RB from Bama, but if he is not there I would shock eveyone and get that ILB LUKE KUECHLY FROM BOSTON COLLEGE. Then in Rd-2 then I would get a good CB, But if CB CLAIBORNE is there that I think should be the choice. Then in Rd-2 @ #4 I would select Vontaze Burict from Arizona St or Alfonzo Dennard CB from NEB or WR Kendal Wright from Baylor. GO Bucs
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    Oh yeah, let me add, SEC, enough with these PAC 10 and BIG 12 players.
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    I prefer Claiborne, he is a stud and playmaker, but best player available is what the Bucs should do, they do need to get back in the fourth round, this team has too many holes. Whatever we do, please ad speed.
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    There are a ton of studs out there for us to pick. On just Alabama's roster there is Trent Richardson, Donte Hightower, Mark Barron and Dre Kilpatrick...all play positions we are in desperate need of. I think we can't pass on a back like Richardson. As tough as the NFC south is, we need some big backs who can move the chains. I think there will be plenty of receivers out there. I like Wisconsin's Nick Toon, sneaky fast and big like Calvin Johnson.
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    Hopefully we can trade down and get Kuechly. With so many needs we need the picks.
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    Now that this season is over we need to let the HC/DC/OC go and change the whole scouting dept starting with Hickey!
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    Not sure if coaching is the problem player performance on both sides of the ball was terrible. They should go richardson or o-line
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    The bleeding has stopped for now~lets just hope we dont draft a caddy when we could draft an Aaron Rodgers if you catch my drift...lets hope our focus is for the long term and not the quick fix..We need better evaluators and a better plan to begin with..
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    Does anyone thnk Morris Claiborne is as good as Patrick Peterson or Erik Berry (top DB picks the past 2 years)? I hate to use #5 pick on a DB unless he is super-elite. Same for WR. Not sold on Justin Blackmon. In my opinion none of the Bucs needs in the 4-8 range are worth it. Trent Richardson may be the best bet as an athlete and complete football player, but any RB has risks. I really like MLB Luke Kuechly (Mason Foster would flip to outside), but he would be considered a reach at that #5. Kuechly had 191 tackles this year and 186 last.
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    last time we had a coin flip with Cleveland for a pick, we got screwed.
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    Now does everyone see how dumb a move it was for Dominik to trade this year's 4th rounder for Stocker? Now it's a really high 4th rounder for a player that has shown no signs of being worthy of being a starting TE.
  • avatar

    pinkstob, I am not sure about that yet; the jury is still out because he did look okay when healthy. I do agree that we do need to draft another TE and or sign one in Free Agency. It hurt us will Gilmore was cut and picked up by another team immediately.
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    Now that is the only good news and positive news for the 2012 draft. I think that means positions 5, 36, 69, if my math is correct based on the Bucs alternating their pick positions every round. Those three draft selections will help us along with 2-4 free agents and of course the biggest impact will be the Coaching changes. Go Bucs! We will get better!
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