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January 1, 2012 @ 7:59 pm
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Tampa Bay's 2012 Opponents

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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With the Buccaneers' 2011 season concluding with 10 straight losses and a 4-12 record, the table is set for the 2012 schedule - minus the dates and times, which will be determined this spring by the NFL.

The Buccaneers finished the 2011 season with a 4-12 mark after losing the final 10 games of the season following a 4-2 start. Tampa Bay will play each NFC South opponent twice next season, in addition to facing the teams in the AFC West, NFC East and the last-place teams from the NFC North and NFC West.

Tampa Bay's 2012 home opponents
Atlanta (10-6)
Carolina (6-10)
New Orleans (13-3)
Philadelphia (8-8)
Washington (5-11)
San Diego (7-9)
Kansas City (7-9)
St. Louis (2-14)

Tampa Bay's 2012 away opponents
Atlanta (10-6)
Carolina (6-10)
New Orleans (13-3)
Dallas (8-7 - pending the outcome of Sunday night's game)
New York Giants (8-7 - pending the outcome of Sunday night's game)
Denver (8-8)
Oakland (8-8)
Minnesota (3-13)

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    well guys we don't get abreak in the opponents. I thought that Tampa should play a last place schedule. But it seems we have a very bad schedule. Tampa don't get any breaks period. we need a new entired coaching staff, plus Tampa needs to spend a whole bunch of money to bring in veterans for the both sides of the lines. go bucs
  • avatar

    I'm sick of playing the Cowboys seemingly every year. Since Romo has been starting for them they clearly have our number.
  • avatar

    Based on this season, looking at that schedule there is 1 team with which we might be competitive.
  • avatar

    2002sbchamps - I think you are right that Denver plays here and we go to San dieago. Either way this is a great schedule for next year. If the bucs do not make coaching changes, spend some money and draft well, I am sorry to say that I will miss these games and not get my club seats next year!!!! Show me something Glazers if you want my money!!!!
  • avatar

    Got to have a TEAM to PLAY them first. Not just Show Up!!!! Other wise there is no game anyway. Get rid of all the Dead Weight Now. The Ship Has Sunk!!! It's time to Raise it NOW!!!!!
  • avatar

    I think this is wrong doesn't Denver come to Tampa and Bucs go to San Diego?
  • avatar

    This is all the more reason to replace the Coaching and then let the new coaching staff determine the players they want to keep and the new players they draft and who over all they keep. This is not just about the coaching staff, but also the scouting staff, trainers, consultant's, marketing staff; every one needs to be re-evaluated. I am sure that the Glazer's are not happy that The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have lost multiple tens of millions of dollar investment value and if not quickly corrected it could go over 100 million in devaluation in less than a year. That does effect present and future loans and investments for the Glazer's.
  • avatar

    Hpoe your right Horse. But is for sure from worst to first in the NFC South is no longer true. And if we keep this staff it will stay that way.
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