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January 1, 2012 @ 10:49 pm
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Morris: "I'll Go To Work Until They Tell Me To Stop"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Ten losses in a row could spell doom more Morris' tenure as Buccaneers head coach. Here is what Morris had to say following the Bucs' 45-24 loss to the Falcons.

Raheem Morris spoke briefly to the media after Sunday’s 45-24 loss to the Falcons, the team’s tenth in a row. Frustrated and disappointed Morris wasn’t talking like a man thinking he will be fired however.

“Obviously, this was a disappointing loss,” Morris said. “You have to admire the moxie that the guys came out with in the second half. There were significant names such as Elbert Mack who really came out there and was fighting for us. This is not the season we wanted or expected. But we will need to re-dedicate ourselves and get ready for this offseason. We’ve learned a lot from adversity and from that we will bounce back into shape.

“We got outplayed by a better football team. They went out there and played hard. They came out of the box and got on it quickly. We didn’t tackle and that’s an issue. In the second half, we went back and re-focused. We played a little bit better in the second half, but obviously not enough.”

Speculation Morris could be fired as soon as Monday has been swirling the last few weeks but the Bucs head coach wasn’t in the mood to discuss his future.

“If I was in the business of working out my future I wouldn’t be coaching,” Morris said. “I’m going to go to work tomorrow until they tell me to stop. This is not the time to talk about this type of stuff. We have to go out there and play football and that’s what we’ll do.”

Morris was asked what he was thinking as he walked off the field Sunday evening.

“I was thinking about Elbert Mack and how he went out there and played in the lineup. I was thinking about Michael Bennett and how he responded. Elbert Mack went out there and put on his helmet. With Ronde Barber out with his elbow, Elbert Mack got out there and gave that certain type of effort.”

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    I've supported Raheem since the moment he was hired. Even after the first season, I said this guy would right the ship. I felt great after our 10-6 season, looking like Nostradamus and telling all of my friends that the Bucs were back. This season, that all changed. Even when we were winning, we have never looked right. Even with a thrilling 4th qtr victory against the Vikings, I was shaking my head thinking "how did we let it get this close??" Fact is, all season long...our team has looked ill-prepared and out-coached. On offense, we've been beat like an orphan from the moment the whistle sounds and on defense we've been exposed game in and game out. Our special teams have looked sloppy (save for our kickers...Connor Barth may be the only carry-over from last year's success and Koenen was a fantastic FA addition...be it an anti-climactic one). The worst part about this year, though, has been Josh Freeman. I blame this on coaching as well. Last year, he looked like he could read a defense and make a quick decision. This year, he's just looked confused. There has to be someone in his ear making him second guess everything he's doing because you don't go from throwing 6 INT's to 22 INT's. While I still believe that Raheem has a future as a head coach (but probably wont ever get it now bc of this job), I think he was just unprepared to assume that role with a young team that needed to be rebuilt from the ground up. It's time to find someone who CAN do just that. I'm looking to Jeff Fisher for that. But other coaches I think would work would be Marty Mornhinweg...or if the Eagles are dumb enough to let Andy Reid go...he'd be on my wish list as well. We need someone who can come in an teach these kids how NFL football is really played; not just on the field on Sundays, but during the week...in the locker room...on the practice field. People may say our team is bad...but I refuse to say it lacks talent. We have a franchise QB, talented but underachieving WR's, a bone-crushing RB, a cornerstone at LT, a budding defensive line and a tackle-machine at MLB. We have our holes...but we do NOT lack for talent enough to consistently win. Hopefully our next coach can make that happen.
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    Hey Mark, if Raheem can use the phrase mental midgets, which is a slur to all little people, and not a very nice way of referring to people wondering about his job status, I say we get to call him Radio! Although all this time I thought we were just gray matter.
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    Well said niko, that is why we need change. You cant build a respectable team when you don't control the locker room and players show little to no work ethic or improvement. And when players stop listening no matter how good you are or can be, nothing good will come of it. It will be a tough and unsettling offseason to say the least. I hope for change but not sure what kind we will get....
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    No one expected a Superbowl, few expected a Divisional championship, many expected a playoff berth, but all expected a competitive team whose young players improved from week to week. There's no one reason for the debacle that has been this 10 game losing streak but certainly Raheem needs to be waving his arm to take on at least some of the blame. Some want to blame the "cheap" Glazers and as owners they are always going to be ultimately responsible. A handful of high-priced free agents might have resulted in a few more wins but is 7-9 or 8-8 like the Eagles our goal? The 100 million dollar man, Albert Hayneswoth ended up here two years later. Anyone notice him? Mark Dominik and the scouting dept deserve some blame for what now look like average draft classes. The scouts helping with game planning sure seem to be clueless about what to expect from each week's opponent. It's a collaboration of responsibility from scouting to ownership. Let's hope JEB Glazer figures it out with an effective hire like Dungy and Gruden were. As Meatloaf would say, "Two out of three ain't bad".
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    the dude isnt making excuses....hes just loyal enough to his players where he wont throw them under the bus because they all suck. i didnt see a team that "quit" out there. i saw a team that wasnt even on the same talent level as the back ups of the atlanta falcons. im seriously sick of hear all of these fans complaining about this team and calling for morris to be fired. this instant gratification mentality you all have is sickening. its been 3 years since the roster was blown up to rebuild this team and we have only gotten YOUNGER since. if college teams were competitive enough for the NFL why wouldnt they just play in this league....OH WAIT cause they cant. that is what the tampa bay buccaneers are at this point....a professional college team. hopefully the owners have enough brains to see this thing through even through the fans out cry and the media wanting raheems head. if it means we lose of few of you fans in the process good cause i for one do see some promise on this team. they do hold the super bowl every year folks and just cause we didnt make it to the final tournament this year doesnt mean we cant come back next year and be fine. but then again i kinda hope raheem gets fired....so maybe we can get ourselves in a worse predicament and then everyone will be wishing we at least had that idiot raheem morris. if we fire raheem get rid of freeman while your at it cause he looks like a bust too. oh and if its raheems fault for not coaching them up well enough, remember you can only polish a turd so much....blame the GM and ownership more for not giving the coach a chance with veteran talent. do people honestly think an NFL head coach wants to field a team of all first second and third year players with a few aging veterans whos skills are a flash of what they were....come on people if your bosses gave you a third of the required items to do your job then complained you couldnt do it....is it truely your fault for not getting the job done? seriously? just sick of all the complaining and head hunting the media and fans do to this team we have something great here and we all just want to blow it all up for one bad season.
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    Devinmosca, I am NOT one for instant gratification, and have been a morris supporter until recently. the bottom line is it would be unfair for Morris to get fired, but life is not fair. This team is so bad, its out of control bad, and this is coaching. I believe in "players play, coaches coach" but Cleveland played Pittsburgh into overtime. The Cardinals struggled to finish .500. Vikings played competitive vs Bears with their 3rd string QB. Look all around, you see bad football teams that come together and play a good game. We did it...vs Green Bay. But this team has fallen apart, and that is on the coach. the debate is over. Yes there is a lack of talent on this team, but not THAT MUCH. Morris lost his players, and ultimately its probably because of the relationship he had with them. Raheem Morris must go, and its not for instant gratification, its because he's proven at this point he has lost the locker room. Far better coaches in the past have lost their lockerrooms, John Fox was one last year. I feel bad for Raheem, because he's a damn good guy. I think he will rebound too, but Morris must be fired. Then the Glazers need to spend money. Only both will result in Bucs winning again
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    They played better in the second half? The freaking backups were in and the game was out of reach by then. How can anyone listen to this junk and believe any of it? So long - Heems.
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    ...I used to be one of Raheem Morris's biggest fans, but enough has been enough !!! Stop with the never-ending excuses already. Once again, we resembled a pile of sh%t and once again here he comes with the bandages to sooth his players' fragile psyches . Come on, man ...
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    Seriously just stop and take youngry with you.
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    LOL. Stop. Seriously.
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