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January 2, 2012 @ 4:20 pm
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Bucs Players React to Morris' Firing

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Surprisingly, most of the Buccaneers players were caught off guard by the firing of Raheem Morris – despite losing 10 straight games and finishing 4-12 – as word to them of Morris' termination trickled down by word of mouth.

As news of the firing of head coach Raheem Morris trickled down to the players the reaction was obviously somber. According to some players they meet with Morris earlier in the morning before the team's decision to fire him was announced and actually found out through word of mouth.

Several of the players PewterReport.com spoke to talked about the personal relationship they had with Morris as opposed to him as a coach.

Bucs rookie safety Ahmad Black commented on his relationship with his now former coach.

“He is a great coach and I know I have a friend for life.”

Rookie running back Mossis Madu was shocked by the announcement that came to them by word of mouth but grateful for Morris.

“I love Rah,” Madu said. “I fully expected him to be our coach next season. It sucks that he is gone because he gave me a shot. I’ll forever be thankful for him for that.”

Left tackle Donald Penn defended Morris and shifted the blame more towards the players.

“The head coach always gets the criticism,” Penn said. “But the head coach isn’t leading the league in turnovers, that’s us. That’s the players. The coach isn’t the guy out there missing tackles or not making plays.”

Fellow offensive lineman Davin Joseph echoed Penn’s sentiment.

“Of course, that’s the position of the head coach he is going to get a lot of the blame, but just looking at us yesterday you can tell the execution wasn’t there,” Joseph said. “So [there] is only so much a coach can do before it falls on the players. If you ask me I think as players we need to perform better. So that’s where this offseason is really going to show the dedication of the players in this locker room. This offseason will help us become a better team. That will be something to come and we will get to that in April.” 

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy addressed the Morris firing via Twitter.

“Prayers and love go out to Raheem Morris, the coach who believed enough in me to draft me. Wish him all the best.”

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  • avatar

    gruden was bringing in old dinosaur like free agents but it wont him a superbowl..Dominick needs to earn his money evaluating players that are already established in this league he hasnt proved he knows anything about established players, dennis hickey is the college scout. step it up mark you and the glaziers set raheem up for failure if you did that to a veteran coach you'd never again be able to hire anything but up and coming new coaches
  • avatar

    bring in a HC thats never even been a coordinator and give him nothing, force him to be the coordinator when it was clearly to much to handle, get rid of all his veterans, wont spend in free agency then fire him when being cheap backfires...Now you want your fan base to believe your willing to spend. Your gonna have to spend to get a veteran coach to come here but just imagine how much better this team would be if they were active in free agency, if they let rah focus on coaching and actually went out and got a DC. GLAIZERS SUCK and its been said even in bible stories jewish hoard money and theyre not doing much to change that perception
  • avatar

    These Youngry players are in for a reality check once the Bucs hire a real Pro Head coach. You can't be friends with players.
  • avatar

    Nice Guy, doesn't mean he's head coach material. This is a business...and the product is WINNING. Good Luck Raheem.
  • avatar

    Also Madu, Lumpkin, Lewis, Haynesworth, Black, Hayes, Jones, Talib, Mack, Biggers, Trueblood, Faine, Dotson, Lee, Parker, Stroughter, Lorig, Winslow, and Spurlock
  • avatar

    Architek79, I'd give Madu a chance yet and Trueblood but I like the rest. I would tell Hardeman, Dotson, J. Johnson, Carpenter, Miller, Okam, and oh yes Talib and Lynch that it's time to step up or step out.
  • avatar

    Men lie, women lie, NUMBERS DON'T. You cannot lose 10 straight and expect to comeback after 5-6 non-competitive games. I mean really, giving up 28 points in the first quarter. I still don't trust the Glazers because all of a sudden, the UK tour is over, they commit to FA's, and getting the "right" coach??? I feel bad for Raheem as a employee but he was well compensated to do what he loves so he will be okay but the organization troubles me.
  • avatar

    Of course the players liked Morris, but they have no other NFL head coach or staff with whom to compare. A guy could think Rosanne is good looking if he's never seen Jennifer Lopez.
  • avatar

    WOW... that is EXTREME!!!!!!
  • avatar

    DINK and DUNK has ended. thank god. Morris you tried, and you players quite on you. Learn grow and become better. To the players, good luck at keeping your job. Time to step you to the plate and earn that money. Remeber this, the NFL means Not For Long
  • avatar

    "Several of the players PewterReport.com spoke to talked about the personal relationship they had with Morris as opposed to him as a coach." This is why Morris was fired. I doubt any of the players send Gruden a Christmas card. Also seems funny that the veterans Penn and Joseph actually kind of get it and take some resposibility.
  • avatar

    Now that the first part is done another can begin. Attention Players get ready for the off season. Playas, Get with the program or get ready to kiss your A$$ Good Bye Too!!!
  • avatar

    Attention all Players!!?? Stay in the Tampa Bay area and be part of this community and maybe some of you might understand why this community is wondering about what happened to Buccaneer Players living and working out here in the area year around. This is a great area to live in. If you don't believe us and think that you like it elsewhere just talk to your buddy Talib about it. One more thing? Erase the play with anger mentality and replace it with the focus mentality and the hard work never killed anybody mentality. Go Bucs! It's a new beginning!
  • avatar

    Great guy but as much as he wanted to believe that NFL players have "changed", the truth is that they are in more desperate need of discipline and strong leadership than ever.
  • avatar

    I wonder if anyone gives a s**t that Greg Olson is gone ? ;) For those who are sad Rah is gone,know the silver lining is that so is GO...
  • avatar

    Fire RB Madu! If he truly believed Morris would be back, he's too stupid to be on this team.
  • avatar

    Did you really say that?
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