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January 12, 2012 @ 5:30 pm
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PR REACTS: Morris Set To Join Redskins

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Former Bucs boss Raheem Morris accepted a job as Redskins secondary coach according to published reports Wednesday. In this PR Reacts feature Mark Cook gives his take on Morris' decision to jump back into coaching.

After being fired as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers January 2 Raheem Morris quickly landed on his feet taking a position on Redskins coach Mike Shanahan’s staff in Washington.

Source: Rick Stroud Tampa Bay Times
Raheem Morris' quick rise from defensive quality control assistant to head coach with the Bucs might be one of the NFL's best examples of someone working their way from the bottom to the top. Wednesday, Morris agreed to coach defensive backs for the Redskins.

Morris interviewed with the Vikings about becoming their defensive coordinator. He said he has had no further contact with them and didn't want to make the Redskins wait.

Morris, also the Bucs' defensive coordinator, said Redskins coach Mike Shanahan will allow him to seek opportunities as a coordinator next season.

PR’s Take: Raheem Morris could have easily sat back and collected a cool $2 million from the Glazers, hung out at Monte Kiffin’s beach house drinking adult beverages while hanging on the deck with former players and reflecting on his three seasons as Buccaneers head coach and where it all went wrong. But Morris constantly talked to the media this season about his life being basically just football. By taking a job right away instead of taking some time off, Morris showed he was serious when making those statements.

Reportedly Morris interviewed to be the defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings this week but apparently decided a firm offer as a defensive backs coach is better than a maybe-so offer that might not materialize for a coordinator position.

I believe Morris made the right decision taking this opportunity with the Redskins and reuniting with former Buccaneers general manager Bruce Allen. Taking a major demotion certainly is a blow to the ego but in the long run it will accomplish two things. First, Morris will be able to get back to the fundamentals of coaching without the pressures of running an entire organization. And secondly Morris is proving to future potential bosses that he isn’t above starting from the bottom as a position coach.

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    Great leaders are usually the best followers. Rah is proving that he knows and understands that. Plus he's going to do what he's best at and gain more critical experience.
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    I am happy for Coach Rah and I hope he kicks *censored* in DC. I will be checking out some DC games to see our Coach. I know they will be a better team because of him. As for the Bucs, they quit on him. He did not quit on them. I see very few on that team that cannot be replaced with a second round draft choice.
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    Good move for Rah. He can re-establish himself as a position coach and work his way up the ranks, which should've happened in the first place. He gave the head coaching gig a shot and I'm sure he learned a lot. He can build on that experience and possibly have a head coaching opportunity in the future.
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    Raheem is at the perfect position for him as he is not a coordinator or head coaching material and proved it with the Bucs.
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    He is in a good position,but not for the reasons you just said
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    Nick: I heard a little hint about something happening on the London trip on Steve Duemig's show but he never elaborated nor have I heard anything further. I know this much, the team sure was a different personality when they returned. Whatever it is it will come out eventually.
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    Raheem Morris made the right move. But I don't agree with the Albert Hanesworth caused the Bucs slide theory. To me, SOMETHING happened on the London trip, and I have heard this from people too. An issue happened with an assistant coach. It was something that was NOT dealt with properly. In the end, the Players didn't care about anything, not even how bad they looked. They will pay for that.
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    Wish Raheem the best. The Glazer's put him in a terrible situation. If I were to tell you the Bucs were going to hire a 31-year-old position coach with no Coordinator experience at the pro level, cut all the veterans, sign no free agents and go all rookies, what would you predict the results would be. Rah almost pulled it off. Too bad they went into a downward spiral. On a side note, a lot of young players looked up to Haynesworth calling him a "rock star" when he joined the team for the Houston game. When did we first see the team really start to quit? Coincidence? I can see why the gambled on him given the situation, but his presence of a proven quitter leading the locker room might have put the final nails in the coffin.
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    Iam happy for Coach Morris I believe that he might be a great Head coach let's say another 5 years, But being in that position this year and not having a full summer camp, what could have been was lost. I wish Coach Morris trhe best of luck. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Perhaps he will learn something that may be helpful to him should someone desire to hire him as a coordinator.
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    I firmly believe that Raheem will be a head coach again (likely a DC first). I also solidly believe he'll be successful. Good luck Raheem, thanks for doing your best with what you had to work with for three years!
  • avatar

    No one was going to hire him as a D.C., that will be the next progression. If he sat out this year, the road back to being a D.C., H.C. would've been much longer. Good luck Rah, you made the right choice.
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    Happy for Ra, he should do well there and have the time to season his craft and pay his dues.
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