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January 12, 2012 @ 9:29 pm
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Phillips Bails On Bucs, Cancels Interview

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Houston defensive coordinator Wade Phillips apparently had a change of heart and has decided to decline an interview from the Buccaneers for their head coaching vacancy.

The Buccaneers plane was probably gassed and ready for Texas but hopefully the word came out before it reached cruising altitude. According to multiple sources Wade Phillips has taken himself out of the running for the Buccaneers head-coaching search. Philips had stated earlier he was happy in Houston and seemed to be having second thoughts.

“Well again, you know, my first priority is to be here,” Phillips said of Houston, via comments distributed by the team.  “I like it here.  I love it here.  You know we’ve had such a magical year and we’re going to keep it going so that’s my first choice.  You know I may not be their choice either, but I am going interview and you know take it from there. 

“As far as distractions, they asked me two weeks ago, they asked permission to talk to me two weeks ago so we knew what was going on for two weeks, but we didn’t let it be a distraction the week before so it won’t be this week.”

So far the Buccaneers have interviewed former Packers head coach Mike Sherman, Titans defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, former Vikings head coach Brad Childress and former Browns, Chiefs, Redskins and Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer. Tampa Bay may have more candidates on their radar including Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and possibly Brian Billick.


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    I would not want to coach for the Glazers if I was him either.
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    It's the best for both sides. I can't imagine Phillips was a real candidate in the first place. They probably wanted to pick his brain for a possible switch to a 3-4. Can't blame the Bucs for trying. If they truly are interested in making the switch, Phillips is a guy with arguably the most success with the scheme, next to Dick Lebeau.
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    Wade is not a great head-coach, he is not even a good head-coach, kudos to himfor what he has done as a DC and that is where he should stay.
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    Amen Bueller
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    I wouldnt shed a tear over this news,even if I was cutting onions...Remember how well he did with the Cowgirls...
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    PLEASSSE, hire Marty!!! Show the fans you are serious about being a winning team!
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    My prayers have been answered!! Hire Marty and his son Brian for the OC job and groom him to take over in two years.
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    Phillips was probably never a serious candidate because he is known as a player's coach - not a strict disciplinarian. I don't know if this is the case for Phillips, but some teams are providing extra incentives for for their high demand coaches to stay put. Jay Gruden removed his name from contention after receiving a raise that doubled his starting salary with the Bengals. Phillips is credited with turning around the Texans fortunes with a much-improved defense. He may have other incentives to stay after one year.
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    In a perfect world we get Brian Billick as HC, Childress as OC and either Zimmer or Gray as DC. I really doubt Gray or Zimmer would come over as DC's though - not really a promotion and knda starting over...just dreamin.
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    Thank you Wade; I didn't want you anyway. Now if Bum is interested, the Glazer boys should give him a call. At least he spits tobacco, has a cool hat and huge belt buckle that would impress our Arcadia fan base.
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    This "thorough" hiring process is a charade. They might as well name Sherman HC before top assistants go elsewhere. Wade Philips knew he didn't have a legit shot at the job. Not sure why the Glazer's think this is impressing fans.
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    That probably ends the 3-4 switch I have discussed about recently.
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    I say Marty should be the choice, But let's see if Mike Ziller and Brian B. will come for an interview. Tampa is doing the correct sistutation they are not gonna to rush into naming the new coach. But Brad Childress will be coach the east west shrine game-and that valuable infomation could be available if they select coach Childress as the head coach. Go Bucs in 2012.
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    Gotta say, I agree, one threat averted here. He might, one day, be a head coach again (but not here, not now, too soon).
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    who cares, what are they waiting for, hire shottenheimer already!
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    He wasn't the right fit for our personnel anyway.
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