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January 26, 2012 @ 8:50 pm
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Buccaneers, NFL Players React To Schiano Hiring

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Buccaneers players were just as caught off guard by the hiring of Rutgers' coach Greg Schiano today, but the ones we spoke to seemed excited and maybe somewhat relieved to finally have a new boss.
With the hire of Greg Schiano as the new head coach of the Buccaneers, there are many unknowns for fans, but maybe more so for the Tampa Bay players. After what has been a somewhat lax atmosphere around One Buccaneer Place over the past three seasons, the one thing that most certainly will change will be the discipline and the accountability that Schiano will bring.

While a few current players are probably dreading the regime change, the Buccaneers PewterReport.com spoke to and those that have spoken to other media outlets seem to be happy with the choice of Schiano as Tamp Bay’s new head coach.

Safety Tanard Jackson told PewterReport.com that while he doesn’t know a lot about Tampa Bay’s new coach, he is looking forward to having him at the helm.

“I have a little familiarity with him since I played at Syracuse but from what I do know is he a good leader and really turned the program at Rutgers around,” Jackson said.

Jackson was asked if having a more disciplined style coach would benefit the Buccaneers’ young roster.

“I think it will definitely help us in the long run,” Jackson said. “We are all professionals and this is our job, but if guys don’t respond or aren’t receptive to it then they will be replaced.”

Receiver Ed Gant also wasn’t all that familiar with Schiano, but does remember how good the Miami Hurricanes were during Schiano’s tenure as defensive coordinator.

“Those late 90’s classes and teams were some of the best ever,” Gant, a Miami, Fla. native, told PewterReport.com. “I’m all for anyone being coach that was part of those years in Miami. My brother (former Buc Phillip Buchanon) played there when Schiano was there.

“I’m glad we finally got a coach and can now get to work. I’m starting my offseason workouts tomorrow and it will be great to get back to Tampa and have our team bond with a new coach and get this past season off our minds and the bad taste out of our mouth.”

Buccaneers tight end Kellen Winslow was on Sirius NFL Radio earlier Thursday and expressed some disappointment that former Hurricane assistant and current Rob Chudzinski wasn’t hired, but in the end, he seemed to like the Schiano hire.

“I was really hoping for Coach Chudzinski, who I was with at Miami and Cleveland,” Winslow said.  “But, you know, we got another guy in Greg Schiano, who I know, and heard he’s one of the best coaches people have been around. He’s got a lot of enthusiasm and [is] real energetic so I’m excited, man.”

Bucs rookie running back Mossis Madu was another player caught off guard by the Schiano hiring, but likes what he has heard so far.

“A friend texted me and told me he was hired,” Madu said. “I don’t know a lot about him but from what I have heard he seems like a good defensive coach that will bring some discipline to our team. I think it will be good for us all and I’m looking forward to getting started to try and correct last year. I think we all are.”

Colts linebacker Gary Brackett played for Schiano at Rutgers and as a native of New Jersey knows how far the program has come under Schiano’s guidance.

“When I started in the NFL, Rutgers was a joke,” Brackett said. “Coaches would tell us to ‘pay attention, we aren’t playing Rutgers this week.’ But coach came in and changed that. Coach is a man of faith and character and really was loved by the players on the team and I think it is a great hire for Tampa Bay.”

Buccaneers guard Jeremy Zuttah played under Schiano at Rutgers and was very complimentary when speaking about his new head coach to Tampa Bay Times reporter Stephen Holder.

“He really stresses doing things the right way, all the time," Zuttah said. “Not just when your coach is watching. He’s just a great coach. I think with the attention to detail and doing things the right way, players know he’s tough. But you know he cares, too.

“For me, the ability to do something special really appealed to me. We tried to put Rutgers on the map, and that’s what we did. When he got there, they were plain losing. But he went in there with a plan. What he built there will last.”

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who played for Schiano at Rutgers simply tweeted Thursday afternoon, “The Bucs are getting a great man and a great coach.”
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    Well this week I had a chance to sit down and look at what the bucs organization did, In fact I believe He will win more games in ywear one that any of the previous head coaches. I think he's a fighter and he expects each pl;ayer that make this team with give 200%. Iam really looking forward to the new Tampa Bay offensive and defensive schemes will give everyone fits. GO BUCS IN 2012.
  • avatar

    If everybody reads between the lines, several players have commented on how having some discipline will help the team alot. That tells you right there definatively that Rah was did not discipline enough and did not have enough accountability. This is no news to many of us but I think its a smoking gun if you will to the core of the problems this past season. I am relieved that clown is gone and we can get back to having a real pro team. GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    I do agree with the discipline aspect of the team i think raheem went in trying too be too much of a friend than a coach. i think you have to treat situations like that like you would raise a child you have to establish the fact that your the father first and friend second. altho i reject the notion that he is a clown i think he is a very good coach just put in a bad situation of trying to turn water into wine but he just needs to come into his next head coaching gig with a different style of how to deal with younger players and i also think that dominick was responsible too lets not forget they had the youngest team in the nfl so you basically had a bunch of college players going up against veteran teams coupled with the fact that dominick didnt hire a good OC which is why we ended up with olsen who was terrible, so when you base the direction of the team on building the team soley through the draft i think your setting yourself up for disapointment.so people should stop blaming raheem for the debacle you should look at dominic and the glazers also. i think raheem was just a pawn going back to the fact that the glazers where still paying gruden and also the glazers had more money under the cap more than any other team in the nfl if not the top near the top.so with this new hire he will only be as good as the people they put around him which raheem wasnt given that luxury. we need a good too great OC we need speed in the backfield we need another CB on the other side of talib we need a number one receiver (aka blackmon okst)im sorry MW i think would do better in the slot and we need a LB that can blitz the QB if people are talkn bout having this great D again you have to have one. we need more of a veteran presence you have some great veteran receivers out their v jackson and d jackson altough he is not a veteran he is a playmaker and as far as the draft the bucs have to take bold steps.The falcons whatever you might think of them made a bold move that made their fans BELIEVE!! they want to win when they moved up too get that receiver they where saying to their fans WE WANT TOO WIN!! and thats something the bucs fans want to see thats what's going to put fans in the stands and it seems like everybody can see that but the drivers of this car and if they dont see it they are going too continue too crash.
  • avatar

    Madu's words said a lot. When a player admits the team needs discipline it really shows how big of a problem the Bucs had in that department.
  • avatar

    Hope we staff up fairly soon,the options becoming fewer every passing day.. Would be great if we could get Rice to follow his old coach to tampa..Would take the sting out of not drafting Richardson,since CB seems to be our greatest need..
  • avatar

    Nice words from Ray Rice about our new coach and his former coach. But the real question is whether Rice, who is a free agent this year, would consider playing for his old coach again. That would be the ultimate endorsement. (I know, but it never hurts to dream!)
  • avatar

    Gary Brackett & Ray Rice aren't Bucs players. Just pointing out the conflict there with the title of the article.
  • avatar

    Unless they changed thetitle after you posted this comment, it reads "Buccaneers, NFL Players React To Schiano Hiring" and those guys are NFL players.
  • avatar

    They were NFL players the last I saw too.
  • avatar

    its all good, interested to see how it goes
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