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January 27, 2012 @ 9:21 pm
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Dominik: Schiano To Have Final Stay On Staff Hires

Written by Mark
Mark Dominik addresses the media
Mark Dominik addresses the media Cliff Welch/PR


Mark Cook


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Bucs GM Mark Dominik talked with the local media shortly after the press conference announcing the hiring of Greg Schiano about a number of subjects including Josh Freeman, the hiring process and how the staff will be assembled.
When Greg Schiano’s press conference was over Friday afternoon Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik spent some time going into more details bout the hiring of Schiano.

What did you learn about how coaches look at the Bucs along the way?
“I think a lot of people saw that there is some talent here, but at the same point everyone wants to know it because I told them going in you are the head football coach of this football team. You can tell us whatever you want. If you think the draft picks here haven’t been what you want that’s fine. I want to know what your plan is. Not who the players we have. It is more important about the plan and what their method is to get to the final results. So with him, with coach, he talked (and all these coaches) they talked about obviously Josh Freeman as a key element. There is a lot of excitement in the NFL about Josh Freeman. Obviously he didn’t play to his level of expectation last year, but that was an intriguing part for every coach we interviewed. You have Josh Freeman.”

Talk about the nucleus of young players:
“Let’s be candidly honest Gerald McCoy hasn’t played a lot in two years. Da’Quan Bowers started to play at the end of the year. (Adrian) Clayborn has played one year and (Brian) Price has been off and on. So there is a nucleus of defensive linemen that we are still trying to figure out. Myself included. As you talk to them, a lot of people focused on the defensive front four and then a quarterback and then the pieces around it were intriguing for coaches.”

Do you study his performance as a game coach and was that anything that was a factor for you?
“You know we studied his performance as a builder of how he grew a football team. We certainly (I have watched a lot of Rutgers football over the years) [and] certainly our college scouts have—our director college has. So you know of him in that capacity. The thing that made it more interesting to me in what he did [was] certainly the consistency that he was able to grow there. At a program that obviously over 130 years of football wasn’t able to get there and I understand he didn’t win a Big East title, but that’s not how to me you choose a football coach. You choose a football coach on what he can do and how he has gotten [and] what he has been able to maximize with what he has got. I feel that Rutgers football is very impressive where it is right now and that’s all due to Greg Schiano in my opinion.”

You mentioned his character and does that have anything to do with it?
“That’s a lot of it and because we have such a young football team that’s really important. What he did there with the graduation rate at Rutgers is amazing. I challenge you all to go back and take a look at what he did. That means young people are listening to him and binding to what he believes and how you grow and how you become a professional not only on the field, but also off the field. Then the character of Coach Schiano is impeccable. And I have a lot of people in this league that I have a lot high opinions and every one of them said the same thing consistently of who he is off the field. How much of a family man he is [and] those things are very important to us.”

It’s been 11 years since Schiano has coached in the NFL and do you have any apprehension at all on how he can get up to speed?
“I am not concerned about that. You know because the one thing you noticed with Coach Schiano as you got a chance to meet with him you saw that he still talked to a lot of NFL coaches. And really continued to watch film and to learn and to study and to work and be around training camps and those kind of things. Those were really important to him so you knew that he was up to date. Again he was putting up NFL caliber players. He was certainly playing against good competition, but the main thing for me was I felt very comfortable (we felt ownership included) felt very comfortable that that was something that was not going to be a concern. It was actually that I think he is on top of it. When you look at his defense and how they play at Rutgers, you see where they rank statistically and what they do there, it is very impressive. It tells you that he has done it everywhere he has touched an organization he has been able to be successful. We are looking forward to that here as well.”

You talk about some impressions that people’s opinion of him made on you and was there a person that maybe brought it all home?
“Yes, one person did—Greg Schiano. He brought it all home because by the time you heard everything you heard about [him] and then you had the chance to spend the multiple hours we did with him, then you realized you can hear things, but then you can see things and you can talk to him. Realize what he said upon that stage today is Greg Schiano.”

He is sincere about this trust, belief, and accountability and creating the Buccaneer way and those things he resonated today is that what resonated with you?
“Very much so did. Every time you had a chance to meet with him you saw that the guy was absolutely convinced of what he wanted to be as a football coach and he has always had a plan. I think in his mind to develop a team and then go to the National Football League and I am quite honored that he saw our football team as the one he wanted to coach because I know this guy was going to be a head coach in the National Football League. I am certain of it. For him to choose Tampa and the timing of this all was very…I think we should all be excited about it.”

Is it accurate you both share the same philosophy?
“Yes, that is accurate. I mean I think our town is that way. We are a defensive town. I think Tampa is. Obviously offenses are exploding in the league, but as you watch teams that are playing in the playoffs and teams that are in the Super Bowl like the New York Giants defense still matters. Coach Schiano is a big believer in all three phases. He is a huge believer in special teams and I think when you find a coach that is a believer in special teams – he understands big picture philosophy. As a head coach in the National Football League, that is an incredible trait to have. So you know that he is going to be able to assemble the roster the way he wants it. That was a big part of the plan of getting to this point and why Coach Schiano was such a good match. I think that’s why we hit it off so well.”

How far are you in the process of hiring coordinators?
“Well we talked a little bit about it in one of the second interviews and spent some time there. Certainly today we are going to sit down pretty hard this afternoon. Again this is Coach Schiano’s staff. He is going to have final say on this staff. It is very important that people understand this is his football staff. I am just here to help him along because of where we are at in the process. Really just to check some balance to say here are some other guys coach what do you think of these? I want Coach Schiano to hire his football staff. So do the owners. We will put together the best staff. I am just here to help him do it. Everybody can be rest assured Coach Schiano is going to get the guys he wants to make sure it works for a successful football program.”

-Victoria Horchak contributed to this report
Last modified on Friday, 27 January 2012 21:52

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  • avatar

    roland do you think real bucs fans care ,stop crying.
  • avatar

    scubog, I gave up my season tickets the day Jon Gruden named Raheem Morris the DC. He is a poor tactician, especially with safety play and third down shading. I knew he wouldn't run a whole D well. Used to be in the Nose bleed in 313 row P :-)
  • avatar

    Horse, I would never do that to my staff. At the least he should have told them he had a "family emergency"or that something very important had come up and let his staff know he wasn't going to show.................................. You just don't bail like that. And so close to signing day too. Total d@uche move imo. I see no trust when he just stood up guys you know he picked for those positions and after 11 years with an organization. But maybe he got excited over the .7 million dollar a year pay raise or something. I just don't see myself doing that for a 25% or so raise. Trust... Not seeing it. 1-6 in the Big East 2 years ago using superior talent then the rest of the Big East coaches... And he's going to beat NFL HCs with our talent/GM/scouts and he wants to do it by "building through the draft". It all just sounds like 2 more years before we finally get to clean house, top to bottom, and really, REALLY build something....................................... But I do hope I'm wrong.
  • avatar

    Let's see about this new coach that Tampa has hired. If some of you donot like the hired then jump on another Florida or another Nfl Team. I was born and raised in Tampa went to school all the way and graduate from HB Plant in 1964.Served in US Army medical corp for over twenty plus years got to know the late John McKay, Had a chance to meet and waTCH THE LATE GREAT lEE rOY sELMOND, AND YOU DONOT THINK iAM FIRED UP.you bet iam. I've waited for another coach like Tony Dungry He should have won atleast two superbowls while he was at Tampa not won the superbowl in Indy. This coach from Rutgers is the real deal. He doesn't quit. Look at the nice words that NE Coach said about this coach from rutgers. Nis words about supporting the hired is goos enought for this die hearted buc fan and follower. Lets se who will show up to play at Tampa in 2012. GO BUCS
  • avatar

    post 2011 check list: A. Fire R.Morris. check Hire a real HeadCoach. check B. Glazers sell the team. not done yet. New team owners. not done yet. C. Fire Mark Dominick. not done yet. Hire a real GeneralMgr. not done yet. D. Give Freeman 1 more year to prove he's the Franchise QB. check E. Contenders. not yet, see B.C.D.
  • avatar

    I agree with most of what you stated i think the glazers are not commited to winning they no nothing about running an nfl fracnchise they have only made two bold moves since buying the team that i think for the most part have given this franchise a change 1.the hiring of coach dungy from which brought the great Dfense(tampa2)along with a host of NFL pro bowlers and hall of fame players also a host of assistant coaches that would come from the dungy family tree of coaches. i know for a fact if dungy would have been given a OC of the caliber of lets say a raiders when gruden was there or a sean payton of the saints he would have won a sb or two with the bucs but instead they fire coach.2 they hired gruden which was a great bold move they had a fire in their belly at that time they WANTED TOO WIN!!! and the only thing they were missing were points on the board and everyone one knew that.undoubtly that was the same sentiment sapp was conveying telling the offense just give us 17 points or so and they will win.now after gruden comes in bringing no more than his playbook and two players J.J & MP and in just one year wins a SB somthing that eluded coach dungy for not only four years but he didnt win until 2006 with one of the greatest offenses and QB's in modern football.so with all of that said when people try to make the argument that gruden won with dungy's team i just beg to differ.i do beleive that coach dungy is a great man and a great leader of men a great coach cant really say.also too i cant understand why dominic still has his job. i think they should have given that job too doug williams he has played the game coached college football won a championship in coaching college and nfl those are great qualifications.and to those who want to blame raheem yes he was part of it but his finger wasnt the biggest finger on the trigger i dont think he had any power as to what coaches or players to bring in so dominik was apart of the the downfall too so people need to stop blaming him he was only the tail not the head of the snake.
  • avatar

    That was very interesting about GM Dominik comments about he DL. Too many people have blamed Mark Domink for our drop in production; to me it was clearly, Morris the party guy guy with his players. His lack of work ethics and film study, game plan, and adjustments was as bad as Bennett, Williamson, Perkins.
  • avatar

    Roland, That's so silly on your part; you must have never had to keep quiet before you got a new job so your staff would not go ballistic.
  • avatar

    Does anyone know if Rutgers ran a 4-3 or a 3-4 defense?
  • avatar

    Hey Roland..you are one post away from losing your Buc fan card!!!...shut up!
  • avatar

    Where do you sit Roland? My seats are East, Section 34, Seats 19-24 and Club 235, Row N, Seats 17 & 18. Stop by sometime. Since you obviously don't like this hire and may not be willing to give him a chance to demonstrate why he was chosen; who did you research and interview that was your choice? Just curious.
  • avatar

    It is now day 2 and the hugs and kisses are over. Now it's time to start talking about the prescription for fixing this team and who will be used to do it. In this particular situation, three things are equally as important as naming this HC: the OC, the QB coach, and free agency. While it is a nice step forward for Schiano to name his assistants, it would be a quantum leap forward to know that we are going to free agency in a meaningful way this year. Let's stop talking about the MAN and let's start talking about the PLAN!
  • avatar

    “We’re in total shock right now,” said Brian Brodie, whose son, Ryan, is the top-rated offensive lineman in New Jersey. “We just sat with Coach Schiano last Sunday and he reassured us that he was staying. I think Ryan may want to open his recruiting back up.” trust...
  • avatar

    Roland, That's so silly on your part; you must have never had to keep quiet before you got a new job so your staff would go ballistic.
  • avatar

    "The Newark Star-Ledger, citing an anonymous person familiar with the negotiations, said Schiano’s NFL deal is worth slightly more than $15 million"... 3 mil a season... Doesn't that make him the lowest paid Head Coach in the NFL?
  • avatar

    And since Schiano started throwing around the word "Trust" and I haven't seen any of the media in Tampa report it, "...of the staff he (Schiano) apparently left in the dark during his flirtation with the Bucs, with several of his staffers at a high school waiting for him on Thursday morning, presumably to close the deal with a few potential recruits, when the news broke of his hiring in Tampa Bay." Nice of Schiano not to tell his old staff he was leaving, but I guess maybe he didn't need their trust anymore... I know he had a lot on his plate, but you'd think after 11 years he'd care a bit more about Rutgers recruiting class. Just saying.
  • avatar

    Roland, you are totally guessing here. I bet you that as soon as the contract was finalized, he called his staff. I believe what I have read was that they were still working on the details until early Thursday afternoon? I don't think many of us think that Schiano is NFL Superbowl ready, but he sure is a lot better than our previous coach so lets see what he's got and will bring to this team.
  • avatar

    Childress and Del Rio off the board...
  • avatar

    My favorite part of the intro was when Coach Schiano said he was going to establish a "Buccaneer Way." I heard things over the past few years like, we're going to be just like the Steelers, or I'm the best thief in the NFL and I was concerned. When I started watching the Bucs' in '96, they were starting down a 10 year path of having one of the most heavily copied zone defenses in the NFL; the Tampa 2. They were innovators. It was amazing to watch. Certainly competition dictates that you borrow in the NFL. But truly dominate teams lead, they don't follow. I look forward to seeing the Buccaneer Way develop.
  • avatar

    i agree but why cant we adopt a great offensive scheme why do we continue too live in the past of the team who had this great dfense.we dont have sapp,rice,brooks,lynch any more we need to stop living in the past as a team those days are over back then we didnt have a franchise QB we had QB's the could get us buy and the defense would take charge.we need offense and we need to build around that with playmakers
  • avatar

    I wish you would have asked Dom a follow up to this statement, " I feel that Rutgers football is very impressive where it is right now and that’s all due to Greg Schiano in my opinion.” Did Dominick not realize that since 06 his win/loss record hasn't equaled his recruiting classes? I mean Dom is quick to point out how many NFL players he's had. Why so few wins after 2006 with all that talent at Rutgers?
  • avatar

    jrwilson85 I'm not brave because I'm out of range. I'm brave because I believe I'm right. And I used to give my season tix seat location out all the time. ---------------- As for you pointing out my facts being wrong, well next time double check yourself. Harbaugh as a coach and player had 15 years before being a HC in the NFL... not the 7 you stated. ------------------------------ And jrwilson85 since you've been watching a lot of Rutgers football over the last 10 years were you one of the fans clamoring for him to be fired 2 years ago when he went 1-6 in the Big Least? I mean I can understand with Schiano being there over a decade and no Conference titles and with his biggest win ever being the Texas bowl back in 06...
  • avatar

    Very interested in seeing what ends up happening with our staff~hopefully we will get some names soon of potential coordinators.
  • avatar

    Think of Butch Davis for DC............This will be huge Go Bucs
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