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January 30, 2012 @ 12:23 pm
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Bucs Looking At Davis As Possible Defensive Coordinator

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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According to multiple reports, the Buccaneers are interested in bringing in Butch Davis to fill their defensive coordinator vacancy and/or assistant head coach position.
According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, new Bucs head coach Greg Schiano wants former North Carolina head coach Butch Davis as his new defensive coordinator and/or assistant head coach.

Davis was the head coach at the University of Miami when Schiano was the defensive coordinator from 1999-2000. Under Schiano, the Hurricanes defense was one the best in the NCAA, ranking fifth nationally in scoring defense in 2000.

Davis also brings NFL experience from his days as an assistant in Dallas and as head coach in Cleveland, which many think would be an asset to Schiano.

Davis was 64-43 as a coach in the college ranks and put up a 23-34 record in his time with the Browns.

On Saturday, the Arizona Cardinals blocked the Bucs from interviewing wide receivers coach John McNulty for their offensive coordinator position. McNulty coached under Schiano at Rutgers for five seasons, first as receivers coach and then as co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in 2006. During McNulty’s tenure as play-caller, the Scarlet Knights set school records for total offense, points scored, first downs and became the first team in NCAA history to have a 3,000-yard passer, a 2,000-yard rusher and two 1,000-yard receivers.

Sources told the TusconCitizen.com that McNulty wants to come to Tampa and is trying to work out an arrangement with the Cardinals and coach Ken Whisenhunt.
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    As of today, there are 8 OC positions and 4 DC positions open. Quite a bit of competition, don't you think?
  • avatar

    Matt62 and Kinderrt: As I recall Butch Davis was fired from his HC gig at North Carolina and has no contractual obligations. I'm surprised the PR boys didn't note that in this piece.
  • avatar

    That is what i thought; that is why i posed that question to KINDERRT?; where? Who? He was fired (asked to step down) because of NCAA violations. My point is that everywhere he was they had a solid Defense, that is his track record coming into Tampa. I just hope he can come in here and do the same thing. We have hung our hats on a solid defense for years.
  • avatar

    Would love to see this happen ,hope to get home this evening and see the deal done. Things are really looking up.*censored* move by Arizona blocking the interview of McNutly, But the Davis hire would be an AWESOME start. GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    B Davis? Yes please! His defenses are built around speed and monster d line he can choose the whole lb core (dquell Jackson come back home). I would love this hire. In this case it might be an advantage to have been in college after the pros since he will certainly be able to adjust to the diff NFC south offenses. I'm sure he has a good idea on how to shut down cam
  • avatar

    Butch Davis,Tom Bradley, among other names I've heard would be great hires for the Buc defense. Sounds like Schiano is looking at a Penn State/The U connection. If this happens as expected, we will be stopping the run next year. If Davis can bring that Robert Quinn/MarvinAustin attacking-style of defense to the Bucs, that LB work ethic from Penn State, and that play hard and nasty attitude from the "U", we are going to love this defense!
  • avatar

    I thought that we let position coaches interview for a promotion, and only blocked lateral moves.
  • avatar

    I say great bring in Davis and if arizona would free this other coach I say yes-But please no draft choices, but give arizona some money yes. Go Bucs
  • avatar

    It's dumb for any team to hold back any coach that can get a promotion. GM Allen did it here and I felt it was wrong then. I thought all that changed after the Gruden deal; I guess not? Butch Davis would be great. I have followed this man since he first came to UM and he has always done good wherever he went. He got a bad deal at his last stop.
  • avatar

    All you have to do is take a look at every where he has been and you will see a DOMINATE DEFENSE!!
  • avatar

    Thats a great choice .I hope we can get it done.
  • avatar

    Could be the same problem with Davis as McNulty (under contract).
  • avatar

    Who is Butch under contract with?
  • avatar

    I love this. I can't think of a better fit for Tampa at DC/Assistant HC. Bring him in. Get it done. I don't know much about McNulty, but those stats from Rutgers sounds pretty intriguing. Anyone that can get our offense scoring early and often is fine with me.
  • avatar

    Davis could give the coaching staff some NFL experience and assist Schiano with the transition. I'm wondering why other NFL teams haven't been rumored to be interested in Davis as a DC. I wouldn't be surpirsed to see McNulty get an opportunity to leave Arizona. If he wants to leave for a promotion, why would Arizona want to hold him hostage? Their relationship would probably decline if he's forced to stay. Maybe he could resign from his position, although his contract might have a clause that blocks him from joining another team right away. Hmm.
  • avatar

    Frankly, NOT letting McNulty the chance at interviewing is a d!ck move. I know we have done it to position coaches before, but it's still a d!ck move. I'm not saying he is the answer, but let him at least interview...good god.
  • avatar

    Yes it was bad, but it won't matter ESPN is saying he is talking to the Cardinals about being released, he wants to come to Tampa.
  • avatar

    I would love to see this get done.
  • avatar

    OMG Yes! Great, great, great wouldn't have anyone else besides Monte!
  • avatar

    That's great news. I'm not as concerned as most that we are getting our coordinators so late in the year. Coordinators and position coaches come and go either because they get fired or they're good and get head coaching jobs somewhere else. We were lucky to hold on to M. Kiffin as long as we did. So long as we have a good HC and GM (which we do) everything else will fall into place eventually. If the coordinators don't work out this year, then we can be the first team to fire our coordinators next year and get new ones.
  • avatar

    Read this earlier on ESPN. I really hope we get Davis. He's a hard nose no nonsense guy that always had awesome defenses. UNC has been a farm for high round draft picks on their defense the past several years. I don't care for McNulty as much. I'd rather have a Hugh Jackson or someone with better skills.
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