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February 1, 2012 @ 5:47 pm
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PR REACTS: Bucs To Battle Rutgers For Assistant Coaches

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Rutgers is reportedly gearing up to battle the Buccaneers for the services of assistant coaches by offering raises. In this PR Reacts article we give our thoughts on the report.
Already up against the wall and running late in the assistant coaching search, reports now say that Rutgers University may give some assistant coaches raises to keep them in New Jersey instead of following new Bucs head coach Greg Schiano to Tampa.

Source: Stephen Holder Tampa Bay Times
With Rutgers naming interim coach Kyle Flood as its permanent coach on Tuesday, the Scarlet Knights' goals now turn to retaining the core of their coaching staff. That will put them in direct competition with Schiano, and it's not out of the question to suggest there could be some bidding wars.

The Star-Ledger newspaper in New Jersey reported that new Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood intends to use some of the payroll money available in the wake of Schiano's departure for sweetening deals for assistants who might otherwise be lured to Tampa Bay.

The paper reported Flood will make a starting salary of about $750,000, about one-third what Schiano was making after 11 seasons on the job. That presumably gives Rutgers the flexibility to offer key assistants competitive deals that might convince them to stay.

One who appears headed to Tampa Bay, however, is Rutgers defensive coordinator Bob Fraser. He reportedly is interviewing for a job on the Bucs' staff today in Tampa. Fraser has a history in coaching linebackers, and it's possible he could take on a similar role for the Bucs, who will have a new linebackers coach for the third time in four years.

PR’s Take: Everyone knew the Buccaneers would have a hard time finding quality assistant coaches due to the fact that they made their head coach hire so late. In fact the Buccaneers were the last of the teams who made coaching changes to bring their coach on board. But now it appears not only will Tampa Bay have to battle the rest of the NFL for assistants, but even Schiano’s former school Rutgers.

It makes sense that Rutgers would do everything in their power to retain assistants as most certainly there was some hurt feelings on the staff and in the administration with the departure of Schiano, especially as close to the end of college recruiting. Keeping the staff intact will certainly make the transition from Schiano to Flood a more stable process.

But reportedly the Buccaneers are one of lowest assistant paying teams in the league, which may make it more difficult to attract assistants form the NFL ranks and now even college assistants.

Perhaps Schiano will, or already has been able to persuade management to open their wallets when it comes to hiring coaches. Like in free agency, when the pickings become slim you sometimes have to pay a little more to attract the right person.

As far as Fraser being brought aboard, his lack of NFL experience makes us a little nervous. Ray Perkins, when hired after Leeman Bennett was fired following the 1986 season, also brought a lot of his Alabama assistants to Tampa with little success. And just like a college player, the adjustment to the NFL takes times even for assistant coaches. However Jim Harbaugh had a few of his Stanford coaches follow him to San Francisco and that worked out pretty well.

Last modified on Wednesday, 01 February 2012 18:01

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    I do not like the way this is going. I still feel that there are some good coaches with NFL experience waiting for a "good" job. Open up the wallet.
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    Rutgers is saving money with their new head coach, but so are the Bucs. Chip Kelly was offered a reported $6 mill per year salary. Schiano is getting paid a salary much lower. Money should be available for the coordinators and position coaches/assistants. However, I don't see a reason to overpay a position coach with no NFL experience. I would prefer coordinators and position coaches with more experience, as long as they mesh with Schiano and his philosophy.
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    charlespoupot - Here, Here. Exactly right.
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    I've been saying we need NFL experienced staff from the start. We cannot have a staff void of NFL experience. In comparison, when the Bucs gutted the team of vets and went to a youth movement, how did that work out? A staff is no different. We can't have a bunch of college rookie coaches and no NFL experience - it's a mistake.
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    When analyzing Greg Schiano's record of accomplishments at Rutgers, you have to realize that its the whole body of work and the whole realm of factors that have an input into the outcome. What do I mean? YOu can't knock Schiano for not winning a National Championship, it takes more than just good coaching for that. You have to have a winning program with the best athletes too, and Rutgers could not get the best athletes in only 11 years. Look at how USF loses out to UF, UM, and FSU with the blue chippers, it will be years before a steady stream of blue chip players go to USF over the others.
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    "But reportedly the Buccaneers are one of lowest assistant paying teams in the league, which may make it more difficult to attract assistants form the NFL ranks and now even college assistants." Ok, Ok, I know, some of U keep on saying the Glazers are not cheap, they have a plan, money will never be an issue ... But there isn't smoke without fire, and we keep on hearing quotes like that. Hiring Schiano is fine with me, but we have (had ?) to get him some NFL coachs to right the ship. It doesn't go this way for sure. I don't mind getting anybody to coach the defense, Schiano is a defensive minded coach and he will get his hand on it, but the OC and QB coach are critical hiring for freeman to succeed. A little bit afraid for now ...
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    No offense to Schiano, but minus owning USF those assistant's from Rutgers helped him to average 2 Big Least wins a season over the last 3 years... Yes they are great recruiters and we all can agree that Rutgers had/has very good talent... But recruiting well doesn't mean S#!T in the NFL (unless it's the RB coach and he lands us Ray Rice :-). Get us some NFL experienced coordinators AND position coaches please! Move away from Rutgers poor on-field performance coaches. That OR it's not to late for Joel, Brian and Ed to man up and pry open the wallet to hire the Giants DC as HC, a new GM and be done with this foolishness now... Just saying.
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    I wouldn't mind one or two Rutgers coaches or college coaches to make the staff. A Rutgers coach or 2 would give Shiano a little bit of a comfort level at his new job, that is not always a bad thing. As long as they pick the RIGHT one or two. Bobby Fraser, the Rutgers DC, sounds like he would be a good choice. If he is experienced at coaching LB's, that is just what we need. Maybe he could make some sense of our LB core. It would not hurt to have a position coach who is experienced at calling defenses either. I still hope that they get a good amount of coaches that are experienced at the NFL level. I also hope that whoever coaches the defense will put Foster back on the outside where he belongs. He can probably turn into a good MLB, but I think he could turn into a very good, if not great, OLB.
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    Just to let you know the Bucs contacted me today to fly in for an interview. I guess they liked the fact I coached pop warner teams for two yrs now and my 11 yr old were tenecious. They assured me they would open their wallets for me and give somewhere in the range of 5k a year so I'm pretty tempted but honestly I think my 11 yr olds play better defense
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    I think its only the correct thing to do when hiring a new coaches staff. If the Glazers wants a top knock staff they would have to pay for it. GO BUCS
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    A coach who wants to move up to the NFL would take less money short term, for the opportunity to coach in the big league.Bidding won't be an issue, and I'm not worried about college coaches,because we are a college team. The goal is to grow something that lasts. It would be nice if the Bucs had one coach for the next ten years,and some players too.
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    You know this isn't the only year that the Bucs can hire coaches. If a mistake or two is made, they can correct it later. No team or company makes perfect hires a 100% of the time. Schiano doesn't strike me as someone who will let a coaching hire mistake last any longer than he has to.
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    Actually, Ray Perkins Defenses were one of the Hardest Hitting Defenses in the NFL and had a Reputation across the League as such. They didn't win many games but many opposing players commented on how hard the Bucs Defense Played and Hit. One particular game during Perkins tenure, Bobby Hebert, QB of the Saints, was Knocked Out and lost Both of his Front Teeth in the game. Hebert did return in the Second Half... after the Bucs D knocked the Backup QB out of the game. (doubtful Hebert would be allowed to return in today's game but...) The Bucs weren't very good during the Perkins Era but their Defense played Hard & Hit Hard.
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    very true. Very physical team, a reflection of Perkins. Just short on talent.
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    Well this is really not news at all. I am sure one or two of the Rutgers coaches might be persuaded to jump to our ship. We still have two Superbowl Teams that some of their coaches might be in consideration too. Whether some of you like it or not, our Scouts are still doing their job and our GM is doing his job so chill out. I believe there are many good coaching choices to select from yet. Time takes care of everything and yes we do have time here. I appreciate that the Buccaneer Organization is trying to right the ship.
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    Are the Bucs looking to become a college team ?! Come on guys !!!! I know the Bucs like to move in secret but the clock is ticking people..
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    I just hope that the fan base doesn't blame Schiano for this. It's clear this is a GM and Owner issue. They went a little to far in taking so long to pick a HC just to prove they weren't rushing. But in the end they make what I think was a good hire but neglected the rest of the rest of the staff.
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    You guys are not paying attention. Haven't you learned anything? The Buccaneers do things secretly. Whoever is leaked will not become a coach.
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    I think that the desparate move to hire Rutgers Assts may backfire with their lack of NFL experience plus Schianos. That leaves those guys with the possibility of being out of a job within a year. Then where do they go. If they are thinking that way too, the Bucs may lose them as candidates too. Better to go in another direction. Maybe finding asst coaches in college with NFL experience. I'm sure there may be a few worth consideration. And its a cleaner safer move for all concerned.
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    This is the first mistake I believe they are making. Stop trying to get your buddies here and hire some real experienced coaches. Think outside the box a little. I dont care if they arent big names but atleast get some experienced ones that know what there doing.
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