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February 2, 2012 @ 1:40 pm
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Who Will Fill The Bucs' Coordinators Positions? Part II: Defense

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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With assistants being snapped up on a daily basis the Buccaneers have yet to hire one assistant including the critical selections of coordinators. PewterReport takes a look at some names that may be of interest to the Buccaneers and new head coach Greg Schiano.
With the late hire of new Bucs' head coach Greg Schiano, Tampa Bay finds themselves behind the eight ball in the race to fill their staff from an ever-shrinking pool of potential coaches.

In the last two weeks quality coaches like Brad Childress, Mike Nolan, Mike Sherman and Bruce Arians among them, have been hired by other clubs.

A head coach is critical to an organization but arguably the choice of coordinators and assistants could have even a bigger impact on the success of the Buccaneers’ franchise.

So who is left? Below is a list of a few potential coaches that could join the Buccaneers as defensive coordinator.

Butch Davis
Davis is the one name that makes the most sense as Davis hired Schiano as defensive coordinator when both were at the University of Miami. Reports of interest in Davis arose shortly after Schiano’s press conference last Friday, but a week later there hasn’t been any movement, which you wonder if maybe there has been no interest on the part of Davis.

Davis is still receiving the rest of his salary from the University of North Carolina, and at age 60 may be content to stay out of the limelight. But the Buccaneers and Schiano would be wise to try and persuade Davis to jump back into the NFL, as he would provide credibility and discipline to a young Bucs defense. The project of restoring the defense won’t be easy but hiring someone with a wealth of experience would possibly hurry the process along.

Other than Davis there hasn’t been many names bantered about for the top coordinator job, just possible position coaches. PewterReport.com offers up these names as coaches the Buccaneers may want to take a look at if Davis is not hired.

Winston Moss
Current Green Bay Packers assistant head coach and linebacker’s coach Winston Moss was interviewed for the head-coaching job in Oakland earlier this month before the Raiders ultimately settled on Dennis Allen.

Moss was a second round-draft pick by the Buccaneers in 1987 and also played for the Los Angeles Raiders before finishing his career with the Seahawks in 1997. The following year Moss joined the Seahawks as a quality control assistant and in 2000 Moss went to the New Orleans Saints eventually as their linebackers coach, before being hired in Green Bay in 2006. One season later, Moss was promoted to assistant head coach to go along with his duties coaching linebackers.

Moss would be an interesting selection, although it is almost certain the Buccaneers would prefer someone with coordinator experience.

Mike Trgovac
While the name of Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac hasn’t been floated around in the media, it is a name that PewterReport.com would like to see the Buccaneers explore.

Trgovac, a 17 year NFL veteran coach, has an exceptional resume as a defensive coach, including serving under John Fox as the Carolina Panthers’ defensive coordinator from 2003 to 2008. During his tenure in Carolina the Panthers defense ranked fifth in the NFL in total yards allowed in that six-year stretch.

Trgovac left the Panthers on his own following the 2008 season after being offered just a one-year contract and with the knowledge Fox was a one-year lame duck coach in Carolina.

Before his stint in Carolina Trgovac was a defensive line coach for Green Bay, Washington, and Philadelphia, and prior to that was a college defensive coach for schools like Michigan, Navy and Notre Dame.

Trgovac doesn’t have any history with Schiano but is well respected inside the inner circle of the NFL world.

Other Names That May Be Considered
Two names from the Schiano coaching tree that may be explored are Baltimore defensive backs coach Teryl Austin and Packers safeties coach Darren Perry. Both coached with Schiano at Penn State under Joe Paterno.

In addition to his time in Baltimore Austin coached defensive backs for Seattle and Arizona and also spent one season as defensive coordinator at the University of Florida in Urban Meyers last season in Gainesville.

Perry played nine seasons in the NFL and has coached defensive backs since 2002 in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Oakland.

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    This just goes to show that this ownership didnt have a plan before they fired raheem which supports the fact that for the most part they dont have a clue especially dominick on how to put forth a winning organization allah steelers,pats,ravens etc... they continue to give their fans hope and a belief system that they will be in the thick of things every year even if they dont make it to the superbowl i think at this point bucs fans will be happy to be in the playoffs although winning a sb would b alot better but in reality we realize thats a long shot being we have these owners that dont want to do what it takes too win and they are tooo worried about playing kickball and not focused on making bold moves in free agency and the draft
  • avatar

    So you seriously believe Lane would leave being a head coach at one of the biggest universities in the nation to be offensive coordinator of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Seriously?
  • avatar

    I say give Lane and Monte Kiffen a call. They both have College and Nfl experience. Lane could be the OC and we get back who i wuld say the best DC in Monte. PLEASE I BEG U!!!! I want me old Tampa Defense back.
  • avatar

    makski, I agree with you. I am trying to think positive here so I am thinking the longer it takes, the more interviewing they are doing and the more options they have to select coaches?I believe most of the other teams that switched HC's have their OC/DC so that leaves a lot for us to chose from. It wouldn't surprise me if the the Bucs have gotten some very private phone call inquiries from other NFL coaches and some good college OC/DC types.
  • avatar

    I am fine with the Clements move too. That is obvious anyway. Who wouldn't rather coach Rogers and the Packer offense over Freeman and the Bucs offense. I am still hoping we get some guys with NFL experience to help out our new coach.
  • avatar

    makski, I agree with you. I am trying to think positive here so I am thinking the longer it takes, the more interviewing they are doing and the more options they have to select coaches. I believe most ofl the other teams that switched HC's have their OC/DC so that leaves a lot for us to chose from. It wouldn't surprise me that the Bucs have gotten some very private phone call inquiries from some up and coming coaches from some of the playoff teams and some good college OC/DC types.
  • avatar

    Well we know who one OC who turned us down? Tom Clements. Do you blame him? He took the same promotion in Green Bay with the team he help to build. That to me is common sense for a Coach to take a promotion with his team versus another team. I would not take that as a Buc rejection for the reasons given above. I am not referring to PR, but to some of the Soundoffs.
  • avatar

    I like Davis, Trgovac and Rod Marinelli for our DC. All 3 have NFL experience and could help out Shiano. I, too, hope that the rumor is not 100% true about candidates already turning us down. We will never know who they were but if we do not like who we get then maybe that is because the good ones all turned us down. I hope the Bucs and Dom have a VERY long list of good candidates for Shiano to pick from and I hope that one or two of them actually say yes. C'mon Bucs, you also have to shell out some cash to get these guys in here. I hope they turned us down because they didn't like the talent on the roster, or they were scared of our division, or they did not know Shiano well enough or something. If they turned us down because of the money, we are in BIG, BIG trouble !!
  • avatar

    I'm sure Schiano and Dominik are working hard at filling the coaching staff. The thing that bothers me is PR reporting that coaches are turning down Schiano as per the latest Fab 5. If that's the case, Schiano will have to settle for coaches willing to come here. They might be 3rd or 4th on his list. That's not a good start.
  • avatar

    ...sooo freakin' tired of the relaxed mood that our organization seems to be stuck in. All I can do is pray and hope that they are working effortlessly behind the scenes looking for coordinators (not from Rutgers) and assistants.This is maddening !!!
  • avatar

    ayron ~my vote is for Black Dynamite, that is one baaaaad man ! ;) Really~its basically put up or shut up time fer the Bucs organization.The field one of the most uninspiring teams in the NFL~the football culture of this team needs to change.While every other team in the NFC south are building teams to compete for post season play for the foreseeable future,the Bucs are still stumbling through compiling a coaching staff.Go Bucs ! continue your trip down the toilet...
  • avatar

    What about Singletary?
  • avatar

    What I noticed most about this article isn't the names in it, it's the lack of of names. Davis and Trgovac was really it. When a reporter can only come up with a couple legitimate names, we're in trouble. (Not that those two might not be good, but thats it)
  • avatar

    That's right, owning the most valuable and profitable sports franchise in the world is a bad thing. The Falcon fans have to be concerned about poor old Arthur Blank and that big hardware store he owns too.
  • avatar

    My vote for OC is Jaws Jaworski and for DC Mike Ditka. Would be great but less than a chance of a snowball in Hell. LOL many times.
  • avatar

    There are not many coaches left. Will probably get some unknowns. Too bad because the Bucs definitely need discipline and teaching, I was excited about Schiano but it looks like he is not going to have any experienced help. He sure can not do it all by himself.Dominik and Schiano better get on the ball and hire someone.
  • avatar

    The Glazers bit off more than they could chew when the bought Man U. If they continue to run the Buc franchise into the ground and refuse to sell, it looks like they are thinking of a future in LA. If I'm the commish, I wouldn't let them move to LA. It would be like allowing Bill Bidwell to move to LA. I try to stay positive, but the rumblings at the Senior Bowl from NFL people concern me. What if 50% of the rumours are correct? It doesn't bode well.
  • avatar

    I like the idea of trying to get Marty to join the staff...Since he has been out of the NFL fer a bit,it might be a chance for him to reintroduce his skill set to the league.That same experience could help with the developement of our players and first time NFL coach.If coach tanks,having Martys experience on board could prove itself priceless..
  • avatar

    We need good coordinators but I have a feeling the relative quite news on this front could be a good thing (a la Schiano, Kelly) otherwise we are in trouble if people are avoiding this franchise.
  • avatar

    Monte come back and get these kids on D back in line...greatest baby!
  • avatar

    All but davis stink packers defense is awful and there is a reason none of the others are coordinators I say with some persuading we get Marty Shoteinheimer as defensive coach NO one wants to go back to the UFL he likes the organization and what they have and he fits shiano's profile hardworking and a teacher
  • avatar

    It'll end up being Tomsula on the defense and Cristobal on the offense. You read it here first.
  • avatar

    Good article PR Mark; solid information. I really like Davis a lot for DC, but in reality he will probably sit on his NC Salary and relax. I think Moss would be a good selection because of his experience; being an ex Buc might help the fan base.
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