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February 7, 2012 @ 12:56 pm
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Packers Deny Bucs Interview Request; Search For Coaches Goes On

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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For the second time in their assistant coaching search the Buccaneers were denied permission to interview a potential candidate. First it was Arizona, now the Packers are the latest team to prohibit an assistant from interviewing with Tampa Bay.
For the second time in a week the Buccaneers have been blocked from interviewing a candidate for their open offensive coordinator position.

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported today that the Green Bay Packers denied the Bucs request to interview their tight ends coach Ben McAdoo. The Packers earlier last month also denied former offensive coordinator and new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin from talking to McAdoo about becoming Miami’s offensive coordinator.

The Buccaneers have now been blocked twice from interviewing offensive coordinator candidates, as the Arizona Cardinals wouldn’t allow receivers coach John McNulty to speak to Greg Schiano. McNulty has since been promoted to the Cardinals quarterback’s coach.

The second denial may force the Buccaneers to bring in more college assistants than they originally wanted. Rutgers offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti is thought to now be in the mix again to fill the same position in Tampa.

As the current offensive coordinator at Rutgers it is only natural that the Schiano and Tampa Bay would show some interest in Cignetti who took over the Scarlet Knights’ offense after McNulty joined the Cardinals.

Cignetti also served as offensive coordinator at Fresno State, California and the University of North Carolina and spent three seasons in the NFL as a quarterbacks coach (San Francisco, New Orleans).

Former Raiders coach Hue Jackson is still available and may be an option.

The departure of Jackson as Raiders head coach after just one season in Oakland left many Raiders' fans confused and bewildered. Jackson was dealt the unlucky blow of losing starting quarterback Jason Campbell to injury midway through the 2011 season yet still just missed the playoffs. Jackson is an outspoken personality and some feel that may have also contributed to his ouster.

Of all the candidates still available Jackson has the most experience, serving as offensive coordinator at USC then shifting his talents to the NFL where he was the coordinator in Washington, Cincinnati and Oakland before landing the Raiders top job. Jackson has also coached wide receivers, running back and quarterbacks during his NFL career giving him an extra perspective over some of the other candidates.

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    Dominick visits Montreal Alouettes to interview ball boy for DC position, but is denied access by the team.
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    Well said Martini. I'll go out on a limb and predict that the Bucs will eventually announce an entire coaching staff. I'll make another bold assumption that they won't fire both of the coordinators before the 2012 season is half over like with Raheem's first season. I'd also venture to say that whomever the Bucs hire as DC, the defense will rank higher than 31st. Chances are whomever the Bucs hire as OC the offense will be equal to the 2011 standings. As the most interesting man in the world's brother might say, "Stay patient my friends."
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    Just a couple of observations. All the recent post regarding the Quinn rejection and the Packers denial of the Bucs interviewing McAdoo. The Bucs have a head coach with potential that is a a proven disciplinarian. In the forty years I have watched football I have seen coaching changes that everyone thought was great, yet didnt work out. and those who were chaotic that resulted in strong teams. It is a crap shoot so dont get too concerned until we see the finished product on the field next year. Unless you are psychic or have a crystal ball no one can predict the quality or the out come of a new coaching staff. That being said we can to a certain degree predict how the players will perform and that concerns me. We need to buy some talent and get rid of some losers. After all coaches dont run or catch or block. There is not much that hasnt already been done that coaches can contribute, But quality players can provide the effort that wins. Thats my concern. Go Bucs
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    Dear Buccaneers, I am curious as well as the whole entire NFL community as to why you are interviewing the biggest fails and scrubs the NFL has ever seen. Is it not too blatantly obvious to point out that despite all of your idiocy, Hue Jackson IS STILL AVAILABLE? This would be addressed to Greg Schiano until I realize yet again... It's the Glazers that come up for the W in dissapointment. Do you have to be reminded that this position is just as important if not more important than the HC position? Do you want Josh Freeman to succeed? ~ One of many disgruntled (but used to this kind of behavior) Bucs fans. P.S. Do Tampa a favor and sell the team. Thanks.
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    This is how rumors get started. Turner is NOT hired. It said he is one of 3 people being 'considered'. Marty, Sherman, etc. were being 'considered' for HC too. We know how that turned out.
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    Though I agree things don't look very good right now, I don't think this announcement really makes that outlook any different. This feels like a game of poker where we fans are playing from behind, chasing that runner runner. We won't know if we win until we see the river card, but anything is possible. I, for one, am all in. With the team we've got, I really don't see us getting worse this year than last year.
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    O and Bill Lazor
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    Fox Sports is reporting that Bucs staff is almost complete. Rod Turner OC
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    Calm down, people. Green Bay also denied Miami and their new HC Philbin any access to McAdoo. Settle down. Its actually smart business not to let teams raid your assistants.
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    And business tells us that we have one of the five worst teams in the league right now....at least if the bottom line is any indicator. And though we have no evidence that this will remain the same, I don't think there is yet any substantial evidence that it will change.
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    Boo hoo. The sky is falling. We'll never get anyone willing to coach the Bucs! Sorry, I just got caught up in all the crying going on by the message board know-it-alls. Just a guess, but I think we'll eventually get some quality coaches, even if it means offering them more $ this late in the game. Despite the consensus thought, the Glazers aren't stupid.
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    I know Malcolm was brilliant. So where is your evidence that the kids aren't stupid? I have yet to see any evidence that they aren't.
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    Schiano would never agree to hiring Hue Jackson. That is tantamount to hiring your own replacement. And Jackson wouldn't take it anyway. He has a nice cushion from the Raiders contract to sit comfortably for a year or so and wait for the next round of firings, which has been 6-9 coaches a year for the last 5 years. Won't happen! Move on!
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    Don't want to be negative, but this is a big red flag. And we don't need to see any more of these. One has to wonder if the Glazers and Dominik went to far down since firing Gruden....that they have opened up the door to problems that they had never foreseen or expected. The Raheem "experiment" might be exremely more costly than the money they saved by trying to do it on the cheap. If that is the case, we may just be starting across the Saraha desert of what we will see for years to come, rather than coming to the end of a terrible year. Hope not.
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    remember when the bucs actuallly had good coaches and they would deny interviews, wow that is working out well now, people don't forget, i think we real buc fans are doomed for sometime, i am pretty sure marty would not have had trouble filling a staff
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    This isn"t good!Wonder why?
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