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February 15, 2012 @ 12:41 pm
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Bucs Release DT Haynesworth

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Tampa Bay released defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. The roster move frees up $6.7 million worth of salary cap room as the Bucs may now have the most salary cap space in the NFL.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced today that they have released defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. The move saves the team $6.7 million, which is what he was scheduled to make in base salary, according to his contract, which the Buccaneers claimed when the team acquired him off waivers from the New England Patriots on November 8.

The Buccaneers reportedly have the second-most salary cap space in the league, according to ESPN.com, which stated the team is expected to have over $60 million to spend after rolling over approximately $23.5 million from 2011. The $6.7 million freed up from Haynesworth's release could push that number to $66.7 million, which would give Tampa Bay the most cap room available in the NFL in 2012.

The 30-year old Haynesworth is one of only a handful of Buccaneers age 30 or older. His release makes the youngest team in football – with an average age of 25 – even younger heading into the 2012 season.

"I appreciate Albert playing for us after some key injuries this past season," said Bucs general manager Mark Dominik. "He was very professional and we now wish him all the best as he moves forward."

He played in seven games with six starts for the Buccaneers, and recorded 25 tackles and two tackles for loss. After recording a season-high seven tackels in his Tampa Bay debut against Houston, Haynesworth's play declined as the season went on and he was never fully embraced by the Bucs players in the locker room.

Haynesworth's release leaves just five defensive tackles on Tampa Bay's roster heading into the 2012 offseason: Gerald McCoy, Brian Price, Roy Miller, Frank Okam and John McCargo. McCoy and Price, Tampa Bay's starters, are both coming off seasons that ended early on injured reserve.

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    maybe we should go after moss
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    yea yea yea we might be 66.7 mil under the cap but a smart man could have a dollar a make a million but when fools have 66mil they could make a dollar and this yr is make it or break it for the glazers and dumy-nick im going to say this for the umptenth time this team are only going to be as good as the playmakers that 66mil can bring aboard and you guys shud keep in mind that even though steven jackson is out there he could get franchised but i guess if the bucs want to pay they could get him also mike wallace from the steelers is going to be out there and manningham we also need a rush LB that can get more than 2 sacs for the season and the saints number one guard is out there we also need speed at RB if we cant get blackmon they need to have a plan in place i hope they dont turn that 66mil into a dollar keep your fingers, toes, hair, knees, ankles, arms and a@# crossed
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    so long big al...
  • avatar

    So now Albert Haynesworth is gone. He sure played well that first game but after that became nearly as invisible as Quincy Black. And this, my friends, will take over as the classic example of the risks of signing FA players to huge contracts and watching them do little to earn it. I remember when the "cheap" Glazers and Dominik were attempting to lure "Big Al the banker's pal" only to have him jilt them to join Dan Spender's collection of overpaid has-beens who haven't helped that organization. Oh how my fellow posters scoffed at the "inexperienced" Dominik's failure to land the biggest fish of free agency. So now this "prize of free agency" is left without a team and little chance of finding one at his age and recent history. With many of our own draft picks making up the team that is still short on talent and depth; Dominik and the Glazers are now willing to shell out some money in free agency in the hopes of finding some instant success. I applaud their willingness to take the risk but hope Dominik and staff are diligent in finding players who are "worthy." My favorite target is WR Vincent Jackson.
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    scubog, mine too.
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    I see that Tampa Bay will be a major player in 2012 Vet FA sootout. I see Tampa go after another Veteran DT available, A WR, an vet CB,Safety and of course a couple offensive lineman. Anoth fast slaher/running back. If they do this and go after the best wr in the county, plus other high profile players coming out from college. Can you Imagine if they do use the money for good players why can't Tampa Bay be up their in wins and go back to the playoffs. I've seen this before and they failed to act. lets do it in 2012 like tomorrow go bucs
  • avatar

    The. Bucs should offer about 2.5 to 3 mill to resign Haynesworth as a backup on a 1 year contract with an option for 2. A little high maybe but McCoy has yet to prove he can play a full season. He is still a decent insurance policy and he wasn't a cancer. Who cares if others in the locker room didn't embrace him, a lot of them wont be there next year anyway. Haynesworth wasn't the reason our defense sucked, I think he kept it from sucking even worse.
  • avatar

    dollarse, I agree with you.
  • avatar

    Horse, I'm no lawyer but I thought I read last year that Talib passed on the opportunity to take a plea and fully embraced the idea of going to trial to have the evidence brought to light. The Bucs brass weren't allowed to advise him at the time but apparently he and his lawyer thought the evidence was so strong in his favor they would rather take the gamble and go to court and have his name cleared. We'll see in the next couple of months if that was the right call but if he as acquited I can't see him getting more than 2 games for "embarrassing the league" or some other crap Goodell will make up.
  • avatar

    pinkstop, I am not a lawyer either. Now a days everyone states "not guilty" no matter what. If Talib had said guilty then he would have been out the NFL and no chance of making money like he just did in 2011. I am sorry but I feel very strongly about people using a gun to resolve issues that are not life threatening. Once on the scene Talib chose to keep the gun in hand and start firing at the guy as he was running away. Yes everyone in our country is innocent until proven quilty. It appears to me that too many people do not want to take responsibility for their actions; for me that is a big character issue that this team doesn't need. Now my son did tell me that if the Bucs wait until the trail is over and he is found guilty, then they don't take the hit on the salary cap. Does anybody know if that is correct or not?
  • avatar

    I thought Hayensworth had a sack in the game against his former team, the Titans. At any rate, I still think Dominik made the right move in signing him when he did. I don't think he played that bad all things considered. Dominik said at the time that he would not have made the move if McCoy had not gone down. Since McCoy is expected to make a full recovery it didn't make sense to have two high priced 3-techniques on the team. If Hayensworth would come back for backup money I'd welcome him back.
  • avatar

    I expect for Albert to resign with the Bucs with major incentatives involved. I still believe that McCoy has to show something this season or he is gone (probably contract restructured then). If Talib trial is delayed then it is good bye for sure. My guess with Talib that there will be a plea down and he will be suspended for at least half the season by the NFL so I wouldn't count on him at all. Lets remember here that the guy came to the scene with gun in hand and fired more than one shot at a unarmed man. We need to draft one a CB at the No. 5 spot and a ILB at the 36th Spot if we stay at those spots unless we pick up some starting ones from Free Agency. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Good break on this article, it came in really quick. That's a lot of money for a big question mark. - 3sk
  • avatar

    If you cut albert which i agree with you sure as the heck need to cut Q Black worst signing in the entire NFL Period!!! Don't mean to hate on Ram Rah but Quincy has always been his boy, he liked to have the team watch Quincy work out But hello Dip Stick he is always injured and has never been that good. Dom way to support your Coach but Ram Rah Gotcha on That One !! Ya gotta resign your own , well not the bad ones or pay em what they are worth about 1.2 a year
  • avatar

    The Bucs weren't going to pay him anywhere close to $6.7 million. Besides that, he doesn't fit in with the culture change taking place. It seems like money is growing on trees over at One Buc. $66.7 million, whew.
  • avatar

    Thank you Albert!! i am glad that you proved to us and 31 other NFL teams that you can be a team player and good community person. You were involved in a tough losing situation and you showed class through the process, hopefully other teams take note to that. best of luck to you!
  • avatar

    Let him go off and get in shape, lose some weight, come back and tryout for a roster spot like everyone else. If Albert's got anything left, he'll make it or otherwise good luck wherever he ends up! And if Frank Okam is reading this, he'd better get his big butt in shape quick, fast and in a hurry or he's gonna get that dreaded phone call. On a positive note, by my estimation, a few more cuts like this and we can add another 20mil or so to the 60.5mil estimated to be under the cap.
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