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February 17, 2012 @ 3:46 pm
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Report: Sheridan Hired As Defensive Coordinator, Bryan Cox Also Added To Defensive Staff

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers are hiring Bill Sheridan as their new defensive coordinator according to the Ohio newspaper The Lantern. PewterReport can confirm former NFL linebacker Bryan Cox has been hired as a defensive assistant.
According to the Ohio State University newspaper The Lantern, the Buccaneers have hired Buckeyes’ defensive backs coach Bill Sheridan as the team’s new defensive coordinator.

PewterReport.com can confirm Bryan Cox was hired by the Buccaneers as a defensive assistant.

From 2004-2005 he worked as a TV analyst before being hired an assistant defensive line coach for the New York Jets under Eric Mangini. After Mangini was fired and became the coach of the Browns, Cox followed Mangini to Cleveland working as the Browns pass rush coach. Cox spent last year as an assistant with Miami.

Sheridan was recently hired at Ohio State by new head coach Urban Meyer to serve as the team's defensive backs coach.

The Lantern reported a spokesperson for OSU, Jerry Emig, confirmed that Sheridan was leaving the Buckeyes.

"It is my understanding that Bill Sheridan has elected to pursue other opportunities," Emig said.

Meyer talked about Sheridan after hiring him recently.

“Bill Sheridan is a perfect fit for our program,” Meyer said. “His experiences in the NFL are huge. He has Midwest roots and, most importantly, he wants to be an Ohio State Buckeye. I am really impressed with him and I think he is going to be a terrific addition to our defensive staff as a coach, teacher and as a recruiter.”

Sheridan discussed joining the Buckeyes team in 2012.

“I have a refreshed perspective coming back from the NFL and getting into college coaching again,” Sheridan said. “I am really interested to study the offenses people are running in the Big Ten. The running quarterbacks are distinctly different than what you see in the NFL. It is stimulating if you enjoy the schematic part of the game, and I do.”

Sheridan has just one year of experience as a defensive coordinator for the New York Giants in 2009, but was fired after the season as the Giants lost eight of the last 11 games, and surrendered 40 points or more a franchise-record five times in one year. He was promoted from the position of linebackers coach where he served in New York from 2005-08. Sheridan left New York to serve as the Miami Dolphins' linebackers coach from 2010-11.

He also nearly has 20 years of college experience at Maine, Cincinnati, Army, Michigan State, Notre Dame and Michigan.

A representative from the Buccaneers would neither confirm nor deny the hiring of Sheridan.

University of Alabama ofensive line coach Jeff Stoutland declined to interview with the Buccaneers for their vacant offensive line coaching position and will stay aboard Nick Saban's staff according to al.com.

Last modified on Friday, 17 February 2012 16:26

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    After having the opertunity to hear Coach Schiano. Coach Davis, Coach Sullivan and read about the hire of Bryan Cox and Coach Sheridan I'm trully excited to see what the future is going to be with the Buc's. This staff has a real fit with the age of the players we have. I think that well show as time goes on. The players better buy into the new system or they are out of here. That is what I take from what the coaches are saying. I have not seen that the past few year.Somes players just seem to hang out and play when they wanted to. We need to get behind this staff and team and climb this mountain all together and POUND THE ROCK.... AGAIN!!!!!. GO BUC"S
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    dcrum 35 is right on target......injuries were a big part of the problem with the Giants in 2009, just as they were in the middle of the season this year and once healthy, they became Super Bowl Champions. Sheridan is a solid NFL defensive coach and with Davis on board, the BUCS defense is going to be dramitically improved. One thing everyone is missing is the "need" to bring in better players!!! The BUCS are $67 million under the cap and I believe they understand they have to spend, aggressively, on free agency or the stadium will be empty this year and any coaching staff isn't going to make much of a difference. Two years of being the youngest team in the NFL, was clearly a financial decision and the reason the stadium was only half full for the last two years. I sincerely believe the Glazers understand the condition this franchise is in and what they have to do to bring the fans back. GO BUCS!!!
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    I am just surprised that Cox seems to be staying on the D-line. Wouldn't he have a much greater knowledge pool to draw from as a LB's coach? Well, I hope he can help teach our D-line, they need a little work and they are a little young and raw. We do have a lot of players with potential on both sides of the ball, and now maybe they will get some better coaching to help them along. I am excited ! ! I just wish we could have landed Stoutland, we should have given him a blank check! We need a REALLY good O-line coach now. I hope they can still find one. Great hires Bucs, now let's get to work ! ! !
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    Once again, good choices; one an experienced coach another an experienced NFL Player. Wow! What a difference from last year coaching and this year? I think it spells DISCIPLINE! Unless you're creating the next invention of "newness" in this world; most everything else is done with discipline, team work, and just plain hard work with some talent thrown in to take it to the next level. It's now called "The Buccaneer Way". I believe the Owners are serious about a winning team and will part with some of that cap money. I would resign Barth, Zuttah, Bennett. The rest of our Free Agents are questionable pertaining to value versus other Free Agents out there. Just my opinion on that statement. Go Bucs!
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    The Bucs are not the Giants...and a coach doesnt just make a D worse if they are great! they where up and down after he left...a coach works to make good players better...not bad players good!
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    Sheridan's last tenure as a Defensive Coordinator sounds like it went about as well as Raheem Morris's last year in Tampa Bay. Unlike Sullivan, whose qualifications sounded attractive in regards to his candidacy, Sheridan seems to have not found success in the position he will now occupy on the Buccaneers staff. I am a bit perplexed by this choice.
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    Is everyone forgetting that this guy was the one who only played Osi Umenyora like 6 plays during those 40+ point outings. They ran him out of town because he didn't get on with his players, didn't know how to use the personnel he had and was just aweful. It's also telling that he keeps getting demoted in positions since NY.... Does that really sound like a successful hire to you?
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    As for Brian Cox, I do not know how he is as far as coaching, but if nothing else, he will light a fire under D-lineman and LBs assssses and he will not hesitate to get in their face and let them know if they are slacking or not playing hard.
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    Sheridan has done good everywhere he has gone and comes from a good coaching pool. The only issue is the 5 game stretch of the NYG getting gashed when he was the DC. NEWSFLASH: injuries played a big part. Just like this year when the NY Giants defense was not going great. Then they got healthy and Fewell got recognition and people wanted him for a coach. I do not know if Bill Sheridan will be good or bad. What I do know is he did not get a fair chance with the NY Giants as DC. He was a scapegoat used to save Coughlin’s job at the time. With Schiano and Davis looking over him, I have a feeling if they do not like something, they won’t hesitate to let him know.------------------------------------ The staff is there, time to get to work!!!
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    Tell you what...these kids are gonna get coached up this year...not gonna know what hit em...and thats a good thing...good staff...GO BUC's
  • avatar

    I was a fan Bryan Cox as a player. I don't know much about him as a coach/assistant. As for Sheridan, I'll wait to pass judgement.
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    I think these are two more pieces of the puzzle added into this mix. Tampa Bay will be ready in 2012 and beyond.GO BUCS
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