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February 18, 2012 @ 6:53 pm
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Schiano Adds Bostad As Bucs New Offensive Line Coach

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers have added one more key coaching component today, as former Wisconsin offensive line coach Bob Bostad will reportedly be joining Greg Schiano’s staff in the same capacity.

Bostad recently left Wisconsin to take over offensive coordinator duties at the University of Pittsburgh, but like P.J. Fleck who left Northern Illinois and Bill Sheridan who had just joined Urban Myers Buckeyes’ staff, decided to make the jump to the NFL.

Bostad’s coaching resume boasts stops at California State North Ridge, Minnesota, San Jose State before taking over as the Badgers tight ends Coach, offensive Line Coach, and running game coordinator in 2006.


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    Wouldn't Tampa surprise everyone if Tampa went on to built thru the draft. A new OT,OG and OC, and the veterans get a WR-2-CB-1-stafey, and another fast RB and another b/u QB to help the QB out if they do this Tampa with its young players could grow up real fast with some good VETerans players added. GO BUCS
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    Horse: I think the Ring of Honor was a long time coming and glad the Glazers have chosen to recognize the past. I can't argue with the choices so far and realize we can't have a spot for every former Buccaneer. It looks like the criteria for the two players is the Pro Bowl appearances. Who was the first Buccaneer to be in the Pro bowl? Dave Pear. The Glazer boys should consult fans like you and me.
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    scubog, thanks for the information. If I remember right "first pro bowler was also known for something else and we will leave it at that because I know you know what that was about.
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    Horse: You must be referring to the great OT from Wisconsin, Jerry Wunsch who had to move inside to guard. Oh yes, I remember him well. Just kidding. I know you are referring to the best LT in Buccaneer history, Paul Gruber. In spite of all of the losing in those years, I at least could watch #74 and know he would keep his opponent at bay the entire game. As I recall, most of our resident experts wanted Perkins' Bucs to select WR Sterling Sharpe who would have been a wise choice to team with Mark Carrier. But in spite of the lack of accolades, Paul Gruber was still one of the best Buccaneers of all time.
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    scubog, most definitely Gruber was as solid as solid can be for many years. I hope one day he gets in the Ring of Honor; same for James Wilder as the best RB we have ever had. Speaking of that; I know the focus and push will be for Brooks, Saap, ,Alstott, Lynch, Barber but there were some players that were on some of our more memorable losing teams that should also be considered because of what they did despite the poor quality of players around them. What do you think about The Ring of Honor so far?
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    One of the best hires so far. Wisconsin has always produced great Offensive lineman as well ad some pretty good running backs. It will be great for the Bucs to have a coach that is experienced at a position so direly in need of help. Keep up the great hires coach Schiano. Now if the Bucs can manage to have a great draft and get some much needed free agents and leadership on this team they just might be somewhat competitive this coming season. I feel much better than I did after Morris got fired. But in reality College coaches making the transition to the NFL have not fared very well. Let us hope that Schiano is like Harbaugh and is an exception to the rule.
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    You've got to love how these coaches are all willing to give up their new coaching jobs to become an assistant to Schiano. What does that say about his leadership and vision and ability to inspire?
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    What a good hire! There have been a lot of Wisconsin big boys that have come from that school even our best LT ever so far that never got his true due because he played when the Bucs were not good. Go Bucs!
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    Or Adams I mean
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    Mark-- any insight as to draft approach/philosophy changes? Best player available or need? Based on Dom s prior draft it seems as if it's weighted towards needs. Maybe that's on of the reasons for the lack of elite talent on the team. I'm thrilled they hired b Davis to help strengthen schianos leanings on draft day, although I think dom has done a pretty good job. It would be helpful to know a bit more about Davis prior inclinations in the draft. Outside of qb, I personally think the bucs should take the best talent regardless of position in this draft. As a huge Blount fan, if that means taking Richardson because he is elite then I think they have to. It would be like passing over Adrian Peterson againsince they already had caddy and winding up with aqib...
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    Hard to figure Doms thinking at this point. I think it will be easier this season as the best player available will also be one that can fill an immediate need. It's not as if there isn't glaring needs at WR, CB or in my opinion even RB.
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    ladies and gentleman i really like this hire! checkout this article and i think you will be impressed. http://www.rantsports.com/tampa-bay-buccaneers/2012/02/18/tampa-bay-buccaneers-bob-bostad-best-hire-yet/
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