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March 8, 2012 @ 5:18 pm
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Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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No stranger to the justice system, Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib is facing a lawsuit stemming from a 2010 traffic accident in which he allegedly threatened the other driver.
Troubled Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib is facing the Texas justice system later this month regarding an incident last spring that ended up with a grand jury indictment and a charge of felony assault with a deadly weapon. Today the Tampa Tribune reported Talib now faces a lawsuit, stemming from a traffic accident that occurred in 2010 in which the plaintiff claims Talib “threatened to put a cap in (her).”

Betty Atwood, who filed the lawsuit on March 2, said she was driving eastbound on Spruce Street near the intersection of Westshore Boulevard on Dec. 9, 2010 when Talib "negligently caused them to collide," this according to the suit filed with the Civil Division of Hillsborough County's 13th Circuit Court.

Atwood claims in the suit that before police arrived, Talib verbally threatened her. Atwood is asking Talib for $15,000, claiming she suffered physical injuries from the crash as well as depression, anxiety, and "severe emotional distress" from Talib's threat.

Talib has been no stranger to trouble since his arrival since entering the NFL. In July 2008, Talib was involved in a fight with teammate Cory Boyd at the NFL's Rookie Symposium and later that year, during an altercation with an offensive lineman, Talib inadvertently struck teammate Torrie Cox in the face with his helmet.

Then in August 2009, Talib was arrested after an incident involving a cab driver while riding from a St. Petersburg club to a Tampa hotel. The driver claimed Talib punched him as the cab driver was driving. Talib pleaded not guilty, and the case was dismissed after he entered a pretrial diversion program and took anger management classes.

Talib was suspended one game without pay by the NFL for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

In Indianapolis two weeks ago new Bucs head coach Greg Schiano hinted that Talib would get a clean state. While the alleged incident took place nearly two years ago, there remains a chance that the Buccaneers could cut ties with their top defensive back if the allegations somehow were to be proven true, or if Talib is found guilty later this month in Texas.

Talib's attorney released this statement this evening regarding the incident:

Statement on Behalf of Aqib Talib

Fifteen months ago, on December 9, 2010, Aqib Talib was involved in a very minor traffic accident involving Betty Atwood.  Ms. Atwood placed a 911 call to report the accident, and was also interviewed by police at the scene of the accident.  

At no time during the 15 months since the accident has Ms. Atwood ever reported this alleged statement to the police.  Further, we have witness statements confirming that Aqib never made a statement of this nature toward Ms. Atwood.

Following the accident, Ms. Atwood discovered that Aqib played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  In order to leverage a substantial monetary settlement, she concocted a tale to increase her alleged damages.

Aqib is evaluating his legal options with respect to this false allegation. Aqib is confident that once all of the facts are known, this matter will be resolved favorably and in an expeditious fashion.

Given the sensitive nature of this matter, we cannot comment any further.

Jay K. Reisinger, Esquire
T.R. Unice, Esquire
Attorneys for Aqib Talib

Last modified on Thursday, 08 March 2012 22:01

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  • avatar

    I think that we should cut ties with this CB.Tampa should resign R.Barber for $5million to play another year Period. Then getr that CB from LSY period
  • avatar

    Aqib Talib once talked to me in a local bar. He was nice at first then he started saying he was going to dance on my grave and the graves of all my ancestors. I am still suffering from this outburst that took place 17 years ago. I don't have a job because of the stress. So 17 years at $120,000/year, Aqib Talib owes me $2,040,000. Where do I go to pick up my check?
  • avatar

    This is just a conversation piece. What Talib said has no merit in a civil case. People argue all the time at the scene of an accident, even call each other names. Talib could accuse the plaintiff of calling him a racial name. It doesn’t matter. It is not material to the accident. It would be an issue if a crime had been committed, ie, assault. But no crime was reported at the time and will not be charged now. Now for the law: There have been no criminal charges filed for assault, assault with a deadly weapon or even a complaint filed for such at the time of the incident. This is a civil suit for damages in an auto accident. For all intent and purposes, Talib will have no involvement. This will be handled and settled appropriately between insurance companies. It is not enough for the plaintiff to try to recover losses for stress or stress-related injuries. Medical documents, related treatments, and reasonable actions taken by the plaintiff as a result of such stress must be substantiated. This will go away as fast as it appeared in the news! Since there have been no complaints filed with the appropriate agencies other than in the unsettled civil suit, This will be treated as hearsay and will not be allowed to prejudice Talib in the Texas case. At this point, it is he said, she said! If there is anybody out there who says you couldn’t file a lawsuit unless there was merit, you’re wrong! The next time there is a tainted lettuce scare, go to your local market and buy a head of lettuce. Eat it on the way to the emergency room complaining of stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. They will treat and release you. Then call your favorite ambulance-chasing attorney and, voila, lawsuit. You can sue a ham sandwich. You just won’t win! Now for the court of public opinion: This should in no way affect the Bucs recent desire to give Talib a chance to move forward. But the last thing a new regime needs trying to get things on the right track is distractions. While this may not have merit, it is still a distraction. If it is believed that Talib is now a magnet for these types of distractions, whether deserved or not and If they acquire the talent at CB that they are looking for in FA and the Draft, they may decide to trade Talib and be done with the drama!
  • avatar

    Sounds like Ms Atwood thought Talib would just cut her a check like he did the cabbie who sought season tickets. People that make false claims ought to face severe penalties too. And the attorneys who convince them to, at the very least, exaggerate and fabricate their "damages" ought to lose their license. 25 years ago my then teenage daughter got into a fender-bender. A few weeks later the driver sued our insurance company and later me siting his inability to have sex. When he found out there was no cash he settled for the insurance settlement offer which they were quick to pay without question. That's why people stage these events. The insurance companies fold too easily then raise all of our rates. I know two people personally who suffered absolutely no injuries following a minor accident. Yet they filed claims and received cash settlements. When I offered the insurance companies proof that would falsify their claim they weren't interested in the truth. The agents just wanted the work off of their desk. Talib has made himself a target. If this happened with D. Brooks Ms Atwood probably wouldn't like her odds of collecting.
  • avatar

    I had strained ligaments in my neck from my accident. My attorney told me that neck injuries were a standard $5k from the insurance companies. This was back in the late 80's, so it might be a little more now but it's still an automatic payment. My uncle is a doctor and he told me that you can't prove if someone has or doesn't have whiplash. Of course he told me that about 15yrs ago so maybe they can prove it now with medical science advances. My best friend got rear ended by a lady at a traffic light. Her insurance company wanted him to file a claim his insurance company and have his insurance company come to them for reimbursement. He refused to go through his and have his rates go up. He just wanted his bumper fixed and her insurance company kept resisting him until he said "oh did I mention that i think my neck hurts?". They immediately cut him a check to get his bumper fixed...lol
  • avatar

    I find it funny that I first read the story before the update was released with the attorney statement. What I assumed happened is exactly what the released statement ended up confirming. I'm actually surprised this type of blackmail doesn't happen more often with NFL players. I guess when it happens with a player with a bad reputation the person feels they can get away with it. People like that are the reason Florida's auto insurance rates went up last year. I had to drop my coverage to liability only just to keep the premium low.
  • avatar

    Hope this situation and other woes with AT are far off in the rearview mirror soon~wether he stays with the team or not.. How about this little bit of positive Buc chatter ~~ Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reports that free agent cornerback Cortland Finnegan is actively "recruiting" free agent wideout Vincent Jackson to join Finnegan on his next NFL team. Cole suspects that team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. now THIS is team worthy news !! Speculation or not,just glad the Bucs are getting some mention in a positive light~especially in regards to free agency... Hope Glazers break bread ~and I hope Cole is on to something ~ could give the Bucs a ton of breathing room come draft day,especially if both these guys were on the roster...
  • avatar

    I work in insurance and claims, and the only way she can file a lawsuit against A.T. is if this never went through insurance or her lawyer refused his policy limits, and like someone said I'm sure he has the coverage to cover a claim in which a PR was not even taken due to 1 or 2 factors, 1) the damages were very minor, or 2) fault was cut and dry, in which either insurance would take care of the matter. This lady is just going after him for money. every lawyer who chases insurance claims will tell you the longer you wait to file a BI claim the lower your chances of collecting I would say that 15 months is not very supporting of her BI injury claim.
  • avatar

    Playing devil's advocate... I was in a car accident alomost 25yrs ago the weekend before I started college and my attorney had me wait to see what the final extent of my injuries were. That can be physical, mental, and emotional. I had reconstructive knee surgery over a year later and did not start getting settlement checks until almost 2yrs later. Regardless, if he is making threats, then he might come accross someone that takes him seriously and puts a "cap" into him first! It's the ones that don't make threats that you have to watch out for!
  • avatar

    Guys we just received a statement that I will be posting later. At practice with my son but will post it when I get home. If this happened as alleged why is she just coming forward now. I'm not buying it.
  • avatar

    can the Bucs Please, please dump this guy already. Eventually t he's going to kill someone.
  • avatar

    Over a year later and this woman has just now figured out that she may be able to cash in. I wonder if there were any credible witnesses to support her claim of Tailb's alleged comment or if she just happened to see a Culpepper Kurland commercial or one of their billboards on I-275. No mention if she reported any injury, just that Talib threatened her with some Gheto talk. As much as I wouldn't condone the behavior, this smells as bad as the cab driver wanting season tickets. If it were any of us making a threat after a fender-bender we would have gotten one in return and moved on. If she knew anything about Talib's marksmanship she would know she was in no danger. I'm sure there are those on this board who have already decided Talib should be sent to prison without benefit of a trial but he does deserve his day in court. However, if this latest incident is true and Tailb is found guilty of this classless act, it's just another step for him to make toward the exit.
  • avatar

    scubog your crack about his marksmanship or lack of thereof really made me laugh!
  • avatar

    Took her this long to find an attorney hard up enough to file.
  • avatar

    ummm this is just another case of a dumb girl looking to get money..who gets depression and anxiety from a little car accident...what a joke...and for all you talib haters that want him to be cut..think about what we have at corner besides talib..nothing!! same with the safeties..nothing!!.. we need him doesn't matter who we draft we need him a lot regardless if we get carr or finnagin. he's a good player and who cares what happens off the field..thats his business..you guys just want something else to complain about like there isn't enough to complain about with this team as it is.
  • avatar

    Surely Talib's agent guided him to meet state laws regarding insurance coverages - and mentioned that something a bit more than PIP and Property Damage Liability - assuming he was adequately protected surely his insurance carrier has the case for resolution. And the lovely Ms. Atwood can work with an attorney and their doctors to get their case in order to break No Fault thresholds. This is nutty.
  • avatar

    Mark, would you fact check something for me. The Tampa Police are reporting that they have no report of an accident or the incident as reported. In your piece, you report that the incident occurred before the police arrived. Is there a police report or not?
  • avatar

    I think that he did that it time to let him go his own way,period.The Bucs will Go w/o Him.
  • avatar

    Unbelievable! Even if he is innocent of everything and the latest is just entrapment by a gold-digger, he still is a magnet for trouble.
  • avatar

    Clean slate......
  • avatar

    He's toast...
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