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March 9, 2012 @ 3:18 pm
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Dominik And Schiano Make It Clear They Want Barber Back

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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While it was assumed by most, general manager Mark Dominik today confirmed to PewterReport.com that he and Greg Schiano have met with and told veteran cornerback Ronde Barber that they want him back for a 16th season.
Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik told PewterReport.com today that he and new head coach Greg Schiano have had “several” talks with free agent cornerback Ronde Barber, and said they both made it clear to Barber they want him back for a 16th season.

The 15-year veteran started all 16 games for the Buccaneers in 2011 and led the team with three interceptions while adding 79 tackles, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery.

As free agency approaches next Tuesday, and with the NFL Draft upcoming in late April, the Buccaneers are trying to formulate a game plan in regards to several positions, particularly cornerback. With Aqib Talib’s status up in the air as he awaits trial later this month in Texas for a felony aggravated battery charge, getting a decision on Barber may determine their strategy concerning free agency, but even more so in regards to the draft.

Reserve cornerback Elbert Mack is also an unrestricted free agent, and may be on his way to Washington to reunite with new Redskins’ secondary coach Raheem Morris. The only other rostered cornerbacks (besides the questionable Talib) are Myron Lewis, Anthony Gaitor and E. J. Biggers.

Tampa Bay appears willing to wait and give Barber all time he needs, but at least it is now clear the Buccaneers themselves want the remaining link to the 2002 Super Bowl squad back for at least one more year.

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    Ronde has been given his respect and his due from the Bucs 15 years, but time to move on old vet and youngry punks on the roster and crime dog talib. Reality has set in for everyone fans and ownership this crap needs to go. Ronde has already earned his bid into the Hall of Fame. Maybe the ownership should pay him to be defensive back specalist on the coaching staff. Top cornerback in the draft Morris Claiborne should be available on our 1st round pick at #5 or Lardaruis Web from the Ravens or Cortland Finnegan from the Titans.
  • avatar

    Ronde's better days are definitely behind him as he got beat in pass coverage many times covering one on one. Please don't bring Jacobs here as others said as he isn't any tougher to bring down than Blount. If you get Finnegan and Clairborne, you would have instant improvement in your secondary. Concentrate on linebackers and a running back with speed to make this team a lot better.
  • avatar

    I dont agree with moving Ronde to safety.. theres no guarantee he'll be any good there. If we draft Clayborn and sign Finnegan, Ronde should play the Nick corner which is what he's best at anyways. I think Talib will be back at some point this season but will be gone next off season, I like Gaitor I think he will stick around which leaves us with Lewis, Biggers and Mack.. 2 out of those 3 will be gone as i see it... this is assuming Ronde comes back but Im not buying that he's inclined to go to Washington just because of Rah and he would have to learn a new system there just like he would here... They arent any better off than we are.. Actually they could be worse off than us... and I dont see the point of picking up his family and moving just for 1 more season, maybe 2 if he's lucky... he's either gonna retire or come back 1 more season... C'Mon back Ronde we need you!!
  • avatar

    Richardson to Browns, Hillis is a free agent and they don't want to pay him, Bucs get Claiborne and Finnegan and Aqib is acquitted, move Ronde to safety and defensive backfield has just become a strength doing it the Buccaneer Way. I think coach Cooper is the right guy for the job, I also believe LSU has a pretty good safety that could slip or another SEC safety that Coop has had the chance to see. Our best scouting should come from the coaches that was just coaching college guys and been recruiting them for the past few years
  • avatar

    Ronde Barber deserves to go out on his own terms. Anyone who didn't see that Ronde still played very well last season wasn't watching. Trent Richardson will not be drafted by the Bucs at # 5 or probably anyone else before # 10. One need only to follow the history of recent drafts regarding running backs. If Dominik does desire to draft Richardson, trade down to about # 15.
  • avatar

    Redskins just traded for 2nd pick in draft, so it looks like Claiborne should be headed to Cleveland so we should get Trent Richardson!!!! Please let this happen! Actually Blackmon looking good as well! Lets do it! Get some corners in free agencies, we have a great shot at turning this around
  • avatar

    brandon Jacobs got cut ~ lets scoop him up..he may be 29 but he could still be of use to us..
  • avatar

    No No No No No. . .what POSSIBLe use could Jacobs be to us other than being a worse version of Blount? Maybe he can block a little better but I would rather see us use money on help elsewhere and draft Richardson.
  • avatar

    Ronde needs to make up his mind quick. The team can't enter free agency expecting him to be there, they have to assume that he is gone if he doesn't declare.
  • avatar

    Barber can be let go in a heart beat, replace him with someone younger that can run. Barbers days are way behind him. How many times have you seen that Barber has been beat ? Coach Shiano wants him back, he needs to look as some more tape!
  • avatar

    Right call, guys. Ball's in your court, Ronde.
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