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March 14, 2012 @ 7:39 pm
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Dominik: "I Think We're Tired Of Rebuilding"

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Bucs general manager Mark Dominik addressed the media after Wednesday's press conference and discussed some different topics, such as Mason Foster remaining at middle linebacker in 2012, Tampa Bay's linebacking corps and more. Find out what Dominik said in this PewterReport.com article.
Tampa Bay general manager addressed the media and took some additional questions from Pewter Report and the other Bucs beat writers about free agency after the Vincent Jackson, Eric Wright and Carl Nicks press conference. The following is a transcript of Dominik’s comments.

Dominik on the Glazers following through with their commitment to spend money
“When Mr. Glazer stood on the stage and talked about doing whatever it takes, we did that with an exhaustive search to get a coaching staff, a head coach and then we took our time with the assistant coaching staff because that was really important. Then we took a lot of time to get to this day today to prepare. All along, the owners were behind it all the way and making it all happen.”

Dominik on whether this year was different in terms of that commitment?
“It’s a little different, because what’s lost in here is we brought back Jeremy Zuttah, who’s important, because last year when we were involved in free agency, Davin Joseph re-signed, and that’s not as sexy. But I was darned happy about it. We spent money last year. Obviously, we spent it at a different level this year. But the important part, the difference was, when you have the ability to bring in three guys with the salary cap and the way it is, it speaks volumes of how we were really focused on how we were putting it together and how we were doing it the last couple years, because in 2010 we really came off a lot of wins at 10-6 and going into 11, we were hoping to build off of that so we didn’t get as involved in free agency. For two reasons. One we had young players and two, we really didn’t like the feeling that you wouldn’t have any time to jell as an organization with guys that had not been a part of your football team before. And I think that’s what’s important about this. You actually have an offseason to spend with the players so they all come together as one and that’s how it’s come together this time.”

Dominik on if you expect to have more than a rebuilding team in 2012
“I think we’re tired of rebuilding. That’s not what we’re trying to be. We want to be the best team we can be in 2012 and we know that these guys can help us become that. Along with the player we have and the draft. And we know we are not a finished product, but I do sincerely mean that our eyes are toward the NFL Draft, and what we can do with the fifth selection. Whether we can stay there or move or whatever happens, will really be the next moves for this team in terms of acquiring talent, and that’s our goal. Today was a big day. I’m a big believe in quality. That’s important to me and today showed, you can do it different ways and we’re going to do it the quality way.”
Dominik on whether the Bucs are done in free agency
“I would say our eyes are still on free agency, but [we are] watching it because you should. As a good general manager and as a good organization, you need to continue to monitor free agency, but I don’t see being really active or involved in it after today for a while there, just to let it calm down and then see what’s there. We’ve made our mark for what we wanted to accomplish.”
Dominik on Jeff Faine’s future regarding the speculation he would be cut
“We’re talking to Ben Dogra, we’ll talk to Jeff Faine later today and discuss that and figure that out.” (Editor’s note: Faine has been released by the Buccaneers)
Dominik on what Wright’s arrival means for the Bucs re-signing Ronde Barber
“Nothing. Other than the fact that it gives him a teammate if Ronde decides to come back, which I hope he does. That’s the truth. It doesn’t change anything for Ronde Barber or anything like that. Nothing has changed in terms of our desire to have him back on this football team. But again, out of respect to him, I’ll let him decide. He’s earned that.”
Dominik on not yet addressing the linebacker position in free agency
“Again, I think we’re at the tail end of what we’re doing in free agency already. Certainly we have some players who will have the opportunity to see what they can do at certain positions. I know we’re talking to the team about Mason Foster being the Mike linebacker of this team. And I think the coaching staff that has been in here evaluating that tape feels like he has a great opportunity to keep the green dot and stay as the middle linebacker.”
Dominik on the timeline of the signings
“Carl didn’t officially sign until this morning. We were negotiating all through the night, working on language – and that’s the hardest part that sometimes gets lost. You can talk about the numbers, but then you have to write up the big contracts and make sure that everybody is on the same page and feels comfortable about the way it’s written and how it’s written, how it’s paid out, how it all plays. So it’s taken a while, but obviously, the timetable between them, it’s kind of a blur right now. But last night we were able to get Vincent Jackson done and we got Eric done really late last night, past midnight was when we got him to sign the contract. And then his agent flew in today to make it official from his perspective. Vincent was about 8:00 or 8:30 p.m. From the first signing to the last one, it was about 12-13 hours.”
Dominik on the possibility of re-signing the Bucs’ own free agents like Geno Hayes
“They’ve all hit the market now and certainly we’ll monitor them just like we will all the free agents, and that’s where we sit today.”
Dominik on Jackson’s history of DUIs and his age (29)
“I’d say production speaks volumes. The guy’s been a 1,000-yard receiver every time he’s played. He did have DUIs and we’re aware of that we dug very deep into that before we made the decision because that’s important, but that was something that we felt like, the time, what happened, his punishment, how he’s responded over the last few years. That spoke volumes to us.”
Dominik on if spending money in free agency will silence some critics
“There’s no debate that people look at salary cap and say, ‘What are you doing, why aren’t you spending.’ But I knew what we wanted to do going into this season and being involved in free agency and that’s why when Joel [Glazer] stood up on the podium and said, ‘We’ll do whatever it takes’ I knew what we were going to do, because we had discussed it. I understood. When you look back at these three players – and Calvin Johnson just did a tremendous deal, and great for Calvin, he’s a phenomenal football player – but that freed up room for Detroit. Detroit didn’t have a lot of room and that made it hard for them to keep Eric Wright. We studied all of that to see if he could become free. Certainly the Drew Brees situation allowed not only [Marques] Colston, but Carl Nicks to become a free agent, which is rare. That’s why Mario Williams is being pursued so hard, because that just doesn’t happen often. And then you have a chance like Vincent Jackson, who you know if they’re going to tender him another franchise number your talking huge number. So you have to look at each one of these individuals and say these are not just your every day free agents. These guys all got out under rare circumstances and that’s what made them all so attractive to us, because it’s not just free agents. These guys are all great players that they’re teams really wanted back.”
Dominik on not liking the term rebuilding any more
“The last three years, we built a foundation with draft picks. Obviously, we had some injuries last year with some of those key pieces, particularly at defensive tackle. We all know that. So we still have a core group of young guys. That’s why this group, knowing you have young players that are already here, and all three of these guys signed five-year deals for a reason. They’re all going to grow with this young football team, and now the goal is to have those young players continue to ascend, reward them with contracts and that’s how you build the whole thing going forward. Certainly, Josh Freeman is a big part of that and being able to protect him. Something I’ve always talked about protecting the quarterback. It’s one of my fundamental beliefs and why you’ve seen Tampa most go with veterans up front, because that’s how much I believe in trying to keep Josh Freeman healthy and upright and to give him an opportunity to stretch the defense and then play defense.”
Dominik on if the Bucs had signed quarterback Dan Orlovsky, which has been reported on the Internet
“That’s a guy that we’re talking to and are interested in. I’m hoping the entire team feels more confidence and competition. There’s going to be more competition with these guys here and I hope they’re going to feel more confident that we can get it done.”

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  • avatar

    When analyzing the play of the linebackers last season; we all need to remember that the young rookie was put in a terrible situation trying to guide an ill-conceived defense for which even the coaches showed little understanding or consistency. Was it the players or the game plan that allowed opponents to rack up points before any half-time revisions to the poor plan could be implemented? That was no Monte Kiffin Tampa 2 out there.
  • avatar

    I have great respect for DOM, but he needs to get a quality MLB. We already tried the rookie there last year and he needs to be moved to OLB!
  • avatar

    I am very excited about this year. I also think that we need to sign a FA MLB but I think everyone needs to notice that not one has signed with any team while most of the top WR, OL & CB's have already signed. I think this shows how the importance of LB has gone down. I would look for the Bucs to sign a second tier LB like Joe Mays or Dan Conner or one of the Minn LB's. That would allow us to draft without any glaring wholes. My draft would be RD1 - Claiborne (or trade down - I think someone like the Panthers or Miami would trade up to get Blackmon before the Rams who are right after us) RD 2 - L. Miller or the Boise RB or VT RB...RD3 get TE Green who is the only legit "move" TE in the draft or a LB...RD 5 Center or RT depth... RD6 - Saftey (I like Asante & Black but could always use another special teamer)...Go Bucs
  • avatar

    Please don't mention Ruud as a possible MLB on this team again. He cannot stop the run and was constantly dragged down the field 5 to 8 yds. before he could bring someone down. Horrible at plugging the hole and always tried to bring a runner down from the side instead of hitting him head on. This team better figure out during this offseason who to get to play on their defense to stop the run or their offense better score 40 pts. a game to offset the pts. their defense will give up every game.
  • avatar

    "We're tired of rebuilding"......translation.......What we did the past three years didn't work worth squat!!!!!!!
  • avatar

    I know I will probably be carved up for this suggestion, but if we are not going to go after Lofton or Bulloch as FA's, we still need to address the LB situation. There is a guy out there that can instantly give us leadership at the MLB position. His name is Ruud. I think he can take command of this defense again, let Foster move to the outside, and let Tampa draft another LB. Then we don't have to have another season like last year with a rookie making the calls on D. I don't think we are going to draft a super rookie who will step right in and take control, but if he has a season to work behind Ruud, then we are setup for the long term in better shape than last year. I think that with an improved D-line, better OLB's and some solid DB play, he can be a solid and reliable player for us again. We need someone who can show these young defenders how to make plays. If we aren't going after Lofton or Bulloch - I'm just saying. We could do worse.
  • avatar

    The focus should still be building through the draft. There are times when free agency works and I beleive this could be that time. The team has too many holes to rely on the draft and undrafted free agents. The Bucs had the cap space at the right time. Jackson is an older player but a big upgrade at the position. Nicks is entering his prime and fits into the offensive philosophy of pounding the ball on the ground. He's a good pass blocker too. Wright fills a position of dire need and he's versatile. The Bucs still have premium draft picks to add talent to the roster. I think I can speak for the fans and echo Dominik's statement saying we're tired of rebuilding too. The process takes patience, but we can finally see real progress. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    I love how C. Nicks (who was my favorite FA signing BTW) is the only one there without a suit on. That's how a lineman should show up in front of the cameras. Honestly, I never understood any professional athlete wearing suits for interviews or walking into the stadium before a game. You're not there cause you're pretty. You're there to play a dirty, grimy, nasty game especially if you play in the trenches. If it were me I wouldn't shave or shower before a game and show up to the stadium in my team apparel warm up gear ready to play. You don't see people in the olympics showing up to the stadium in suits. They have on their warm up gear looking like they would take on anyone in the parking lot if they had to prove they were the best.
  • avatar

    This was a fantastic day for Bucs fans. Great pick-ups!!! The concern I have moving forward is the holes that still need to be filled. We need RB, FB, 2 LB's, 1 CB and a safety. That's 6 holes to fill and even if you hit on the first 3 draft picks, you're still 3 areas shy of a better team. I would really like the team to look at London Fletcher. Probably could be had for 2-3 mil for the next 2 years and teach the new guys what professional football is all about. He can set the defense, adjust on the fly and stop the run. Not long term, but his value could not be overstated. That gives us another draft to bring in another really good prospect next year to develop under him.
  • avatar

    I'm typically not a big fan of building a team through free agency because the caliber and age of the available player most often doesn't match the purchase price. Then players brought in for the one day headline are on the team for only a short time and the process has to start again with little success left behind. This is different. These are quality, young Pro-Bowl players who immediately make the Bucs better. Vincent Jackson is no Alvin Harper. He is a proven #1 receiver. Carl Nicks is no Kerry Jenkins. He is one of the best guards in the NFL. Eric Wright is no Phillip Buchannon. He is an ascending cornerback capable of playing either side. Hopefully, the worn out remarks about the Glazers being "cheap" and being "broke" by fellow posters and J.P. Peterson will cease. For those who have refused to buy tickets because of the perceived unwillingness of the ownership to spend "whatever it takes.....to win", they spent! Get out that Mastercard and buy some tickets. I'm tired of sitting alone.
  • avatar

    All right, i just sat down with my nice steaming hot plate of crow which i'm about to choke down. Hats off to Dominic and to the Glazier family. These are VERY impressive signings and required real "big league" money to make happen. Thank you for making that commitment to our team. You've earned back my ticket money and respect.
  • avatar

    michael bush anyone ? If we sign him opposing defenses could get BLOUNTed and BUSHwacked....
  • avatar

    Anybody buying what Dom is selling about MLB and keeping Foster there after evaluating film. They have done a great job in FA, but don't sell us that one. You have shown that you will upgrade positions with the signings, maybe I am wrong, but I just think the FA linebackers like Tulloch and Lofton asking price was more than they want to spend. Not doubting Foster's ability, but you can upgrade the MLB position with one of those signings. Go Bucs, still an exciting day, but we know we gotta improve this defense, I hope a great start will be coaching staff.
  • avatar

    @burke, V Jax age is 29, relatively young, great size and speed. Heck, we had Joey Galloway at +30 something, he still was a threat .
  • avatar

    Great job dom now take t.richardson in the first and stephen gilmore in the seconed go bucs
  • avatar

    I thinkthat what Tampa has done within the last 24hrs. I have never seen something that Tampa has done with this quanity of the talent. If we get a QB, ILB,OLB a Safety and maybe a vet RB would be great. Iam really looking to see what Tampa has been the draft gets here-GO BUCS FANS CLIMB BACK BEFORE
  • avatar

    I like the moves so far...although I am not too familiar with Wright...I just have not seen him much. The other top corners went for a lot more money. So maybe the Wright signing was not a bad deal. I love the Nicks signing. Anytime you can get a guy that is the best at his position in the league and still young...DO IT! So that was great. I like the Jackson signing, althought I am little worried about his age. However, I think wideouts can play longer at high level than a lot of other positions. What I don't like is that we did not go after a LB. Our linebackers were terrible last year. I think they really need to go out and get Lofton from Atlanta. We a starting caliber DB and RB in the draft in the first two rounds. Or maybe they grab a LB. Overall though, I am very pleased. I think this coaching staff had their heads screwed on straight. I am giving them the credit since that is the difference between last year (sucked) and this year (don't know yet..but starting out well).
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