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March 20, 2012 @ 8:49 pm
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Talib's Trial Pushed Back To April 16

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Aqib Talib's trial scheduled for later this month has been pushed back to April 16, according to Talib's attorney Frank Perez.
This evening Dallas area attorney Frank Perez who is representing Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib, informed PewterReport.com that Talib’s trial for felony aggravated assault, originally scheduled for March 26, had been pushed back to April 16.

The prosecution made a motion to have the date pushed back as one of the members of the prosecution team’s wife is scheduled to be in labor during the originally scheduled date.

The veteran cornerback was arrested in March 2011 and charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, after allegedly firing a gun at his sister’s boyfriend. The charge is a second-degree felony, which can carry a prison sentence of five to 20 years.

Talib has been no stranger to trouble since his arrival since entering the NFL. In July 2008, Talib was involved in a fight with teammate Cory Boyd at the NFL's Rookie Symposium and later that year, during an altercation with an offensive lineman, Talib inadvertently struck teammate Torrie Cox in the face with his helmet.

Then in August 2009, Talib was arrested after an incident involving a cab driver while riding from a St. Petersburg club to a Tampa hotel. The driver claimed Talib punched him as the cab driver was driving. Talib pleaded not guilty, and the case was dismissed after he entered a pretrial diversion program and took anger management classes.

Talib was suspended one game without pay by the NFL for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

While in
 Indianapolis a few weeks ago new Bucs head coach Greg Schiano hinted that Talib would get a clean state. While they haven't commented on how Talib's trial affects their draft plans, it is thought that the Buccaneers were hoping the case would be resolved in plenty of time before the April 26 draft. The Buccaneers currently hold the overall No. 5 pick, and what direction they go was thought in part to depend on Talib's situation and also veteran Ronde Barber's decision to play another season.
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    Let the court system decide. I hope he comes back if he his found not guilty. Time will tell Go BUCS!!!!
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    I say Tampa trades down to pick #8 with Miami. Tampa gives #5 to Miami. At #8 They go after ILB Luke Kuechly from Boston College. I believe that the head coach from Rutgers knew ab out Kuechly. Then with their pick at 36 they pickup Stephen Gilmore from SC or Alfonzo Dennard from Neb. Then in Rd 3 Pick the RB at #69 and then get the miami/chicago trade pick and go after an defensivie linemen in eitherDT Marcus Forston from Miami orDaJohn Harris from USC. Or Just go after the best player available at each round. But I believe with NO out of 2nd rd. Then Tampa I believe has seceral options available. How about Trade to Cincy picks at #17 & 21 Tampa could really get several players in Rd-1. GO bucs
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    It is obvious many posters continue to ignore the facts of the case and the shadiness of Talib's accuser. Hey as Bucs fan I agree that Talib has a screw loose at times, but in this case the charges are bogus and he should be playing in the fall. My hats off to the poster for the update on the "Rest of the Story"!! Why has this critical information not been all over the local News media???
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    Trial postponed due to the prosecutor having a child on the way. Talib's defense secured a new date, one that cannot be moved. The "victim" in this case is sitting in Jail once again for sexual misconduct with a minor. On the plus side he's never swung a helmet at a team mate or hit a cabdriver. On a personal note I prefer & enjoy that PR sticks to football & doesn't get into litigation. Specifically Mark has done a very good job reporting thus far in his stint with PR, and has well researched opinions worth considering. On the flip side, listing every infraction Talib has been accused of since his arrival does put PR (whether intentionally or not) on one side of the fence because sides are being chosen. Scubog remains entertaining with his dry wit and usual big picture grasp of the situation.
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    I hear you mjmoody. We do list his previous transgressions just because the facts are he did commit them. I promise I have no agenda with Talib. People may not believe me, but I do like Talib and I spoke to him nearly every week. He wasn't always the most pleasant interview but I give him credit as he made himself available through the good or bad times.
  • avatar

    Scubog, I could not agree more with you. If you look at what the guy has actually done versus the way he's described, this can only be called Talib hysteria. I've asked PR on several occasions to post the link the the actual police report and you will see how absurd the case against Aquib actually is. They won't do it because it will expose them, but, everyone should check out Joebucsfan yesterday because they had the integrity to post the link in an effort to inform as opposed to editorializing. Here are the highlights, no witness saw Talib with a gun and the shot that his mother heard that everyone reports could have been Talib shooting, the pedophile admits he had the gun and it discharged when he dropped it. And speaking of the pedophile, PR is also neglecting to inform us that Talib's only accuser, Billings, today sits in a jail cell for his second sexual assault arrest SINCE this incident. Once again, his sexual assault involves a child. BTW, it's the State that pushed the trial back and taxpayers in TX should be offended by the State pursuing this case.
  • avatar

    Are you saying we won't post the police report because WE will be exposed? What does that even mean? WE are neglecting to report about the accusers past? What motives would we have to do any of this? We aren't attorneys, this isn't Judge Judy or Inside Edition, we report football news. Talib is a member of the Bucs so we report what we know about the upcoming trial, but it isn't our job to try and prove or disprove anyone's guilt or innocence. We have been in contact with Talib's attorney Frank Perez and we will report what happens as it does. I have a call actually scheduled with him later today. Again I still don't understand your line of accusations against PR. If I have taken them the wrong way I apologize, but I am really not sure what exactly it is you expect PR to do. MC
  • avatar

    Why postpone the court proceedings when it will only take five seconds for the judge to introduce himself to #25, point his finger and say, "guilty" and sentence him to prison? In fact, why even have a trial at all? I can't believe the court system is still letting Talib have his day before a judge and jury of his peers without convicting him already. Surely the Texas prosecutors know of Talib's criminal past. After-all, every Pewter Report article about Talib goes through his entire rap sheet. Laughable by most inmate standards, but hey, it's all he has to show to his new cellmates to get some "big house cred."Yo, what you do man?" Well, let's see, I took a swing at a teammate, I swung a helmet at another teammate, I popped a cab driver in the back of the head, my momma and me shot at a wife-beater and oh yeah, I said I would bust a cap in some woman who hit my ride." The riot squad would have to swarm the prison to stop the laughter from the drug dealers, thieves, rapists, murderers and oh yes, child molesters. I wonder which one of those should be released on parole to make space for the Bad Buc?
  • avatar

    scubog, I hope you are right and I am wrong. I would rather us not have to draft a CB in the first round. The difference with most of the people you described that are in jail don't have the money and Talib does. I do expect Talib to get off because of money; unfortunately justice is also about who has and who hasn't the money to pay for good attorney's.
  • avatar

    I don't think this changes anything. If talibs lawyers were the ones pushing it back, let him go. Either way we take Claiborne at 5. And start to rebuild the secondary.
  • avatar

    I think this puts the nail in the coffin for Talib. If Clairborne is there at five we draft him. Talib will not play for the Bucs. He will be cut once his trail is over and after the NFL suspends him for multiple games. He did this all on his own and will have to pay for it. I have no remorse for the man.
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