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March 28, 2012 @ 10:07 am
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Joel Glazer: "Winning Is The No. 1 Priority Of This Franchise"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer, attending the NFL owners meetings this week, had much to say regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the goals of the franchise.
Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer who is attending the owners meetings in Palm Beach this week, took time to speak with the some of the media Tuesday and commented on the “State of the Bucs.”

Glazer sat down with the Tampa Tribune’s Ira Kaufman and discussed a wide range of topics. The one point of emphasis seemed to be the culture of change than newly hired head coach Greg Schiano is expected to bring to the franchise. Glazer, without mentioning names, was clearly addressing Aqib Talib’s felony aggravated assault charge trial that has been moved to June 25.

"We don't want to read about our players when it's non football-related, negative items,'' Glazer told the Tribune. "When we were looking for a new head coach, one of the key aspects of Coach Schiano is his view on integrity and his expectations of players, on and off the field. He's going to come in and there will be a culture change, I think, in the locker room.

"People will know very quickly on our team that certain things will not be tolerated. What's happened in the past is in the past and everyone comes in with a clean slate, but that clean slate only lasts so long.''

Glazer also commented on why this season the Buccaneers were active in free agency as opposed to the last two.

“That's simple. This was always part of the plan, once we set out on the road we chose,’’ Glazer said. “We said we're going to draft and develop, keep our own players and, over time, add free agents. When you're building a house, you don't buy the furniture first. We felt this was the appropriate time to add these players. It wasn't just adding free agents – it was the players who were available. These were unique situations with Vincent Jackson, who the Chargers still made an effort to keep at the top of his game, and Carl Nicks, the same situation with New Orleans.

“It was a combination where part of a plan coincided with these particular players for a perfect storm. We were starting over, rebuilding, putting seeds in the ground, letting them grow, and then at the appropriate time, adding pieces of the puzzle that will help this team take the next step. These are quality players who historically speaking are not available in free agency at their age.”

Last month PewterReport.com wrote a column saying the Buccaneers need to reconnect with their fan base as their popularity had actually slipped behind the Tampa Bay Rays according to an independent study of the Bay area’s sports teams. Glazer and Buccaneers management agreed that their grasp on the local market is slipping away.

“That's a huge priority for us,” Glazer said.  “We've focused more and more with re-connecting. We've got a lot of good initiatives that I think will be well received by our fans. We've lowered ticket prices again. We now offer pricing for everybody and we're reaching out to all corners of the community. I have great confidence the Tampa Bay community will respond. They've always responded in the past and we know they love the Buccaneers.

“We've seen great response from our season-ticket holders with the hiring of Coach Schiano and the moves we made in free agency. People are excited. Most importantly, we're getting renewals, and we've also seen strong interest in buying new season tickets. I think people see the commitment and they like what they're seeing in Coach Schiano. With those two things combined, there's an optimism about the future that I haven't felt from our fans for a long time.”

Glazer said the commitment to winning has never wavered and he feels the Buccaneers are on the right track.

“We're as committed as any owner in this room,” Glazer said. “Winning is the No. 1 priority for this franchise and we will always do what we think is in the best interests of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to attain our goal – a Super Bowl championship and a team that is able to compete year-in and year-out to win it. Anything less is not what we are looking for. It's a new year, a new coach and we've got a lot of talented young players on this football team.”

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    Horse: I suspect that you assumed Joel Glazer was referring specifically about Aqib Talib with his statement about "clean slate" for whom we all know you have little tolerance. But I believe he was speaking about the new coaching staff and their intention to evaluate all aspects of the entire team themselves before passing judgment. In any organization, including the military, isn't it prudent for the new leadership to make their own assessment of the troops? It has recently been reported that they are doing just that with each player, including our sometimes maligned middle linebacker and leaping running back. I'd much rather have Schiano want to "see for himself" than make a blind opinion based on hearsay and common opinion of last seasons debacle. I suppose he could save time and just base his views on the words of J.P. Peterson and cut the whole team since in his opinion, they all suck.
  • avatar

    scubog, I hear you. You are correct about me with Talib and I see your point, but I don't see it from the Glazer side as this was not something that just happened. I know Talib gets his day in court and the longer the trial is delayed the more the chance that there will be a plea down. I also know you might think I am being to critical on Talib, but dang the man got out of the car with a gun. We just saw what happen with a guy name Zimmerman in Sanford. I am very disappointed in Joel Glazere. There's no need to go on with this because I know I am not going to change peoples mind's about hand guns. I also know that this is not the place to vent about it.
  • avatar

    Horse I'm with you. As much as I know it would hurt our defense to lose Talib, I am totally tired of his punk *censored*! Gotta take a gun to a fist fight. Never fights straight up always needs a weapon or punches someone from behind. He's a poison we don't need to this team.
  • avatar

    Guys ,it's just football. At least this time Joel was right. Not over the hill guys in their thirties that their own teams no longer wanted. They got prime studs this time. What amazes me is that they tolderated Raheem partying with his players in bars and strip joints. Certainly it was his right to do so, but how could the Glazers have tolerated such infantile behavior? WORSE YET, PEWTERREPORT KNEW AND DIDN'T TELL US!!!! PR, who were you trying to protect? Yourselves and your access to Raheem and the players?
  • avatar

    Dillja: It was 10 years ago when we were in heading into the 2002 Draft after just firing Tony Dungy, trading for Coach Gruden in the middle of the night and paying big bucks to land him. I believe this same Glazer family owned the team. I really don't know why we fans in Tampa Bay are so concerned about the Glazers' other business ventures when every one of the 31 other team owners have non-football business interests too. The Glazer family owns the most popular and valuable sports team in the world yet we fans here think they're stupid and bring it up adnauseam no doubt prompted by the worn out schtick of J.P. Peterson. As a 36 year season ticket holder if I ever felt cheated, it wasn't these past 10 years. It would be 1982 to 1992. Horse: I suspect most people believe in second chances and clean slates. Some even go as far as forgiving and befriending their former combat adversaries.
  • avatar

    scubog, "forgiving and befriending" is your words not mine. Of course there are many times that people get start over's and I have helped dozens of people and have written many checks to help them and some were not small checks and there were little strings attached or expectations. All I asked of them was to be honest, try your best, stay out of trouble. I guess I should have said also said don't get out of the car with a gun in your hand too. I have appreciated my fellow workers, friends, and other associates by not automatically putting them in the same box as those who have not earned it. There's a big difference from entittlement and earned. That's your right to stand up for Joel especially since you have been a 36 year season ticket holder; I gave up supporting Culverhouse after the "I got my Lombardi" statement and started picking and chosing games until I left the Tampa Bay area. I am sure that Culverhouse and Glazer appreciated what you have done for them. My congrats to you for being that loyal.
  • avatar

    Joel, your "everyone starts with a clean slate" is plain bull. You really have no leadership skills yourself. For all the players that do have integrity, you just insulted. You are a weak leader and will never be in my fox hole; now get your butt out of it.
  • avatar

    Did anyone tell him he is in Tampa not Manchester? I am calling shenanigans on this guy. If "winning" was your # one priority then why rip off ticket holders for the past 10 years? Sorry signing two good free agents and streching on another does not convince me you care at all about anything other then mini malls.
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