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March 30, 2012 @ 12:12 pm
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Barber's 2012 Salary Is A Bargain

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Ronder Barber's 2012 $3 million salary, a relative bargain in today's NFL, proves the 15-year veteran returned more for the love of football as opposed to the paycheck. Most fans and teammates are happy regardless of the reason.
The “Old Man” and fan favorite, Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber, apparently decided to come back for the love of the game and not just for the money. Barber’s contract details came out Friday, first reported by ESPN NFC South Blogger Pat Yasinskas, and shows he will earn $3 million, with no signing bonus or incentive clauses, in what many assume will be his final season.

While three million dollars is more than many of us will make in a lifetime, compared to other cornerbacks in the NFL, the amount isn’t astronomical. Even compared to the salaries of some of his teammates, Barber could be considered underpaid.

New Buccaneers cornerback Eric Wright will earn $7.25 million, more than twice the money Barber will make. Looking at the top-paid cornerbacks around the NFC South, Carolina's Chris Gamble is scheduled to make $6.75 million (counting $9.5 million against the cap), Atlanta's Dunta Robinson will earn $5 million and New Orleans' Jabari Greer is slated to make $5.4 million dollars this season.

Last season Barber was fourth on the team in tackles last year with 77 stops, and his three interceptions led the Buccaneers. Barber, who set a franchise record last year playing 15 seasons in Tampa Bay, has started every game for the Tampa Bay since Week 10 of the 1999 season, which is the longest current active streak in the NFL.

In comparison Greer had 71 tackles with one interception, Robinson had 49 stops and two interceptions and Gamble finished 2011 with 45 tackles and the same number of picks as Barber, three. While Barber's skills are what they were 10 years ago, with his production last season, Barber as an unrestricted free agent, could have probably commanded more money on the open market.

A group even happier than the fans about Barber’s return are the 15-year veteran’s teammates. Cornerback Anthony Gaitor is one of many Buccaneers who are pleased to know No. 20 will be back on the field in 2012.

“It really is a blessing having Ronde back again,” Gaitor told PewterReport.com Friday morning. “It gives all of us a chance to gain more knowledge about the position.

“Fans don’t see how hard he works. Everyday after practice he is studying and breaking down film, looking for tendencies and he shares what he learns with us. And as good as a football player he is he is just as great as a person.”

Most everyone assumes this is the swan song of a potential Hall of Fame career, but most felt the same heading into 2011 also. No one but Barber knows what the future holds, but if the Buccaneers show drastic improvement, and Barber feels he can still contribute at a high level, we my be writing the same story next year at this time. And most Bucs fans and teammates probably wouldn’t mind.

Last modified on Saturday, 31 March 2012 09:33

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    Did I read that Ronde's $3 mil was all guaranteed?
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    Mark, good perspective. I would hope that when Ronde has a good year he would get a little extra, if that ever happens in this league. I remember Derrick Brooks adjusting his salary to help the club with cap issues. I was always hoping the club would make it up to him later down the road. Would've bought some goodwill; honored classy players, and taken the wind out of the "Glazers are cheap" drumbeat. On that latter point, since the Glazers took over, we got a new stadium, new jerseys, a super bowl and a first-class training facility. A few more good moves with top players would (IMHO) go a long ways toward filling the seats. I think DB would have been an upgrade the last couple of years compared to Hayes & Co. Two cents.
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    b3wannabe; if I am not mistaken about this, most players who defer some of their contract money for a particuliar season also gain something for it later by obtaining additional guaranteed money whether they are traded, cut, retire. Pewter Report Mark due you know the answer this one?
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    I echo your post Horse but Mark still isn't giving you that Senior Citizens discount.
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    I hope Barber has himself a great year. He's too good to go out the way they "played" last season.
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    Thanks guys. Really appreciate it. It is funny how sometimes you find a story when writing a story. I was just planning on getting Barber's contract numbers out there but decided to just glance at a few guys salaries. I was really curious how Barber's stats compared to the top money making guys in the division. Now I'm not sure it is an apples to apples comparison. Surely QB's go after guys they feel they can exploit, therefore tackle numbers may be higher in this case for that very reason.Who knows? If you are a top notch shutdown corner the chance for tackles and picks are less. On the other hand take a guy like Biggers. He certainly had many more balls thrown his way in coverage than Barber or Talib, yet had just one interception all year. I just wanted to put it out there for the readers to see and ponder. I think it creates some interesting discussion. Although Barber is 36 I would almost bet if he had made it known he wanted to play somewhere else he could have gotten more money. Not Revis money, or even Robinson money, but I firmly believe the Redskins would have offered him at least $4million or more.
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    Horse, I second that emotion. Best coverage there is. Period.
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    For those of you who are looking for a great deal this is one of them. I have enjoyed Pewter Report for years and have already felt that the information they were providing was something that I didn't have before. Other sources of news seem to use their "agenda spin" for their needs. Pewter Report is not that way. They pretty much tell you the way it is and they try their best to verify news before they put it out there. I have no connection with Pewter Report and I believe that they are good people trying to do sports news the right way.
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