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April 10, 2012 @ 10:45 am
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Shocked By His Release, Jackson Hopes To Land With Redskins

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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PewterReport.com caught up with Tanard Jackson moments after his released was made public by the Buccaneers. Jackson said he was surprised by his release and hopes to land in Washington.
Former Buccaneers safety Tanard Jackson wasn’t just a little surprised by his release due to a failed physical on Tuesday morning – more along the lines of stunned. Jackson, who had shoulder surgery in January, told PewterReport.com minutes after the announcement of his release was made public that he didn't see the roster move coming.

“I can’t speak for everyone but myself. I was shocked, but I had to accept it and swallow it and take it, and move on in stride,” Jackson said. “Was I shocked? Yes. It is part of this business.”

Current Redskins general manager Bruce Allen was with the Buccaneers when Jackson was drafted in the fourth round out of Syracuse in 2007. Along with former Bucs head coach Raheem Morris, who is now the secondary coach in Washington, an opportunity to play in D.C. could be in Jackson’s future.

“I would definitely be open to rejoining with Bruce Allen – Mr. Allen – and Coach Morris up there,” said Jackson, a Maryland native. “But there is no guarantee with that just because he (Allen) drafted me and I played with Coach Morris. I’m just going to keep my eyes open and see whatever the best situation is for me and I’ll take.”

The organization wasn’t overly pleased with the way Jackson was handling the rehab of his surgically repaired shoulder, but Jackson believes there were other reasons that contributed to his release.

“[Bucs general manager Mark Dominik] did mention that he didn’t like the way that I wasn’t there the first week of the opening offseason workouts,” Jackson said. “But it was more about going in a different direction. It wasn’t about the rehab thing. The way it was explained to me was they wanted to move in a different direction.

“He didn’t explain it in detail, but I am assuming there was a change and I guess with him [Dominik] working with Coach [Greg] Schiano that they were moving in a different direction and going with their philosophy of building through the draft. I don’t know what it was, but it was explained to me they were moving in a different direction.”

Dominik did confirm to PewterReport.com and the local media that Jackson's release was not due to his past drug use or any failed drug tests.

While many suspected that Jackson wasn’t 100 percent last season, few knew the severity of the injuries Jackson has endured. Jackson elaborated on his physical health in his conversation with PewterReport.com.

“Last year to sum it up, I was playing hurt,” Jackson said. “I didn’t want to talk about it and make excuses for myself or our team. That wouldn’t do anything for the team or me. But I was hurt. I had shoulder surgery after the season. I was playing with a torn rotator cuff, and had two bad hamstrings. I laid it all out on the field. After those two first games where I kind of started off with a bang, my legs … just being away from football that long, it kicked in.”

Jackson appeared to be taking his sudden release in stride and looks forward to surfacing with another team soon. Despite the fact that he was suspended by the NFL for 19 games due to his third failed drug test in 2010, he is a playmaker with 10 interceptions and five forced fumbles on his NFL resume`.

“It’s okay, man. Like I told everybody, it happens to everyone,” Jackson said. “Rarely do we see guys play their whole career with the same team. I feel like I will be ready this year, but to them I guessed they wanted to go in a different direction. It is all good.”

– Scott Reynolds contributed to this story
Last modified on Tuesday, 10 April 2012 11:44

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  • avatar

    He was a really good chaser
  • avatar

    I wish T-Jack all the best in whatever team he goes to next. He'll always be in the conversation for some of the great all time safeties the Bucs have had over the years.
  • avatar

    Talib should be next.
  • avatar

    Haha you cant be serious. I dont think you want a defense at all do you.
  • avatar

    Tanard needs to go back to his enablers.
  • avatar

    He's a free safety! Probably the least important player on defense and not so hard to replace as other positions. I suspect there is a plan to fill the spot. Maybe even with #20. I'm anxious to see Devin Holland in training camp. He was a very physical player until he got hurt and was placed on IR. Plus I really liked Ahmad Black coming out of college.
  • avatar

    scubog, I am right there with you. It's going to be exciting to watch the games this year because I know there will be a different focused team. I fully understand that we are two years away from making the playoffs, but I think that is a conservative guess and could maybe only take one year. I won't be surprised if a couple of our previous high picks are traded in some player swaps with other teams which migh be good for both teams.
  • avatar

    i think they're going to try to convince ronde to move to free safety. there is at least one more nickel type corner who will come in thru free agency and i can see us drafting 2 CBs. as great as he is in the middle of the field, i think the bucs know he's a liability on the outside. nickel and safety for ronde this year
  • avatar

    He won't do any better with Morris because the needs discipline which he lacks and we all kno how much Rah instills in his players. It's amazing this defense could get any worse but it just did. I'm sure being a 4th round pick helped with the decision. I wonder how it's going to look on McCoy and Price two high picks? They better rehab properly! Man they won't release the one mf who is a major pain but don't give Jax a chance? I hope Talib is convicted so they are forced to do what they have to do. I'm tired of his sh!t anyways.THE REAL BUCDIESEL
  • avatar

    No, dude! New Sheriff in town. Don't rehab. Don't show up. Don't get a pay check!
  • avatar

    Awesome, set the tone. No bs
  • avatar

    This secondary would have been stacked if they kept jackson and draft Claiborne. Look slike it should be walk in the park for Ryan, Brees and Newton. What a joke of a defense this team has.
  • avatar

    Yes i agree they wouldve needed to resign geno hayes and then draft a Strong Safety and add Claiborne and they wouldve been set. So now what?
  • avatar

    Well T Jackson is on his merry way. He had his problems in the past. But fans The new head coach is the man who will mold this new b2012 Bucs. If he felt that he wasn't ready to pick it up to the next level than Bye Bye, Just like Talib if he doesn't get clear then Bye Bye. Iam looking forward to a good defense that will be ready from day one and the new offensive team will also be ready. For the past 30 years, Tampa comes out from nowhere and gets the superbowl and wins it. How about now that Tampa Bay will play every game at 100% I think that Tampa Bay days will be better than the previous several years. GO BUCS I LIKE ALL THE MOVES. CO BUCS
  • avatar

    Damn I'm piss didn't they say everyone has a fresh start the past is the past but they still want talib doesn't make sense and who in FA are we going to pick up now and if no one are they going to put barber at safety I'm from Maryland tjax home state so I can see why he wants to play in Washington I rather him play for the ravens but it is what it is
  • avatar

    this is freaking stupid, no way you give up on this talented kid. now that we know he was playing with a torn rotator cuff it makes a lot sense why he missed tackles and dropped a few ints last year. he has pro bowl potential, before his suspension was easy top ten safety. maybe domidork can sign clayton, jones, and ward to some big money deals again. grimm and holland aren't going to cut it, if i was the players and one of the better ones don't go to voluntary practice then get cut and sign with a better team. this move boggles my mind. hopefully he goes to new england and gets to play for a winning franchise with direction
  • avatar

    Quick: Think of who our starting safeties are. Yep, no one.
  • avatar

    Personaly if he was cut for not coming in the first week of offseason I have problem with it. This team is finally headed in the right direction with a coaching staff who want take no crap. Why wouldn't he go to the team doctors? The Bucs had investment in him he should have been in Tampa.
  • avatar

    I wish him the best.
  • avatar

    I'm like TJax....stunned! We'll see how this shakes out. I smell a Free Agent and his agent getting all the paperwork together....somewhere out there....
  • avatar

    Yup, he'll be scooped up by Washington and probably make the pro-bowl this season.
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