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April 17, 2012 @ 11:00 am
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Pewter Report Makes The Bucs' First-Round Pick On NFL.com

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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PewterReport.com’s Scott Reynolds was invited by NFL Network and NFL.com to select the Buccaneers’ first-round draft pick in the On The Beat mock draft segment. Find out which player Reynolds selected with the fifth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.
NFL Network and NFL.com conducted their 2012 On The Beat mock draft and selected PewterReport.com’s Scott Reynolds to make the pick for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which have the fifth overall draft choice this year.

With Indianapolis selecting Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck first overall, Washington taking Baylor signal caller Robert Griffin III next, Minnesota drafting USC offensive tackle Ryan Kalil and Cleveland acquiring Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon with the fourth overall pick, the Bucs were on the clock in this mock draft.

With Alabama running back Trent Richardson still on the draft board, Reynolds opted for LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne when making the Buccaneers’ selection. Claiborne, a junior entry, recorded 11 interceptions in three years for the Tigers, including six last season.

The drafting of Claiborne makes sense because Tampa Bay has a pressing need at cornerback where starters Ronde Barbe and Aqib Talib, as well as last year’s nickel corner, E.J. Biggers, are all in a contract year in 2012. That leaves free agent addition Eric Wright, Myron Lewis and Anthony Gaitor as the only cornerbacks under contract in 2013.

The Bucs also hired Claiborne’s position coach at LSU, Ron Cooper, to be Tampa Bay’s defensive backs coach this offseason. No one could prepare Claiborne for a smoother transition to a productive NFL career than the coach he has had a relationship with over the past three seasons in college.

To watch Reynolds discuss the selection of Claiborne on NFL Network’s On The Beat, click this link to watch the draft segment on NFL.com.

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    One thing is for sure. If Claiborne and Richardson are one the board at #5 and the choice is Richardson, then the Bucs must feel that Talib will be acquitted and be able to play this year.
  • avatar

    Firstly, the Eagles would never take on the attitudes and salaries of Winslow/Talib. Secondly, taking Claiborne is the smartest move. It's is much harder to find a starting CB than it is a RB. The numbers don't lie! Furthermore, if we need a RB to finnally make Luke Stocker look like the TE that we thought he was, we are in trouble. Thus, far is looks like a bust. Please, let's remind Mark D. that he has to eat that pick.
  • avatar

    This situation will probably never happen but I think it should at least be considered: Asante Samuel. I think we should line up a trade with the Eagles for Winslow/Talib/future pick (one, two or some package of the 3) for Samuel during the draft. If the Browns take Richardson, we kill it. If the Browns take Tannehill or anyone else, we pull the trigger on the Samuel trade. Asante still has a few great years under his belt based on his pure instincts and athleticism. He'll immediately make our defense better by allowing Wright to move to the #2 CB spot and stick Barber in the nickel where his blitz presence will be felt. Now that we have two DBs and a franchise RB, we can use the remainder of our picks on defense where the value matches the draft choices most. While I believe that Claiborne will be a very good DB in the NFL, the value is just much higher (player wise) when you're looking at what Trent Richardson can bring to your team. Defensive Backs are deep in this draft, in my opinion...and we can find great value later in the draft without sacrificing possibly THE best player in the draft outside of Andrew Luck/Robert Griffin.
  • avatar

    I knew before I read the comments that there would be posters resorting to name calling as their response to Scott making the less glamorous choice. Scott, pay no attention to these people who have little else to say except to attempt to elevate their own intelligence level by their childish M.O. Personally, I don't have a problem if Dominik turns in a card for Kalil, Claiborne or Richardson. All three appear destined for great success. I also realize that Claiborne and Kalil might be the smartest choices in the long run; but I wouldn't mind seeing Richardson in red and pewter either. To me it's like choosing one of the Friends girls. Couldn't go wrong with any of them. Scott you made the smart choice for the reasons stated. I do think that if Talib's case had been settled favorably the Bama back would be a more attractive possibility. Grafikdetail: The Bucs will not draft the pot-smoking Jenkins in the 2nd round unless T-Jack left behind some of his stash and Dre Kirkpatrick will probably be gone.
  • avatar

    Horse.....You have been saying we will trade down from #5 forever. Who wants our pick and why would they give up more to get it? NOBODY!! We stay at #5 and pick best player available. I could see them trading down from the 2nd round pick to get a lower 2nd rounder and a fourth rounder. Trading partners are hard to find in the first round unless there is a QB just sitting there for the taking and after the first 2 QB's are gone not much is left.
  • avatar

    I saw this a while ago also. Don't listen to most of the posts here man; you made the right pick. It's guaranteed that either RB's Martin, Wilson or Miller will be there at the top of the 2nd round. They will all be good RB's. There are no shutdown CB's that will be left at the top of the 2nd round.
  • avatar

    Good pick Scott. We've had good running backs in the past but the line was the problem. Open the holes and I could pick up yards.
  • avatar

    Have to disagree with the pick.. Always pick a player that is guaranteed to start the first day over one that more than likely will have to beat out 3 other CBs to even get on the field.
  • avatar

    Scott I agree with you if we don't trade down which I still believe we will.
  • avatar

    I've literally bought into the fact Schiano is convinced in Claiborne as the pick, and that's even IF Richardson is still on the board. I have multiple reasons for thinking, but the two biggest reasons are the concern in the secondary this team has at the present and most importantly, the Running back class is very deep this year. Those two things make me believe Claiborne is for sure the pick if available. The only way Richardson would be a Buc in my opinion would be for the Vikings to select Claiborne 3rd or the Browns. If he's available he's a Buc. If Tampa can grab him at #5 and then select Martin a top the 2nd, they've got two tremendous additions to the roster..
  • avatar

    That is a win win situation. Both Richardson and Claiborne help improve this team. I have no preference. I'd be happy with either player in this situation. I'm gonna sit back and laugh at this bulletin board if Kalil and Tannehill go at 3 and 4. Then the Bucs have their choice of Richardson or Claiborne and the Bucs take Blackmon or a LB/DL.
  • avatar

    @Scott Reynolds ur an idiot
  • avatar

    arealbucfan; I think when you said that you were looking at yourself in the mirror. I guess you got the attention you wanted arealbucfan.
  • avatar

    If they are both on the board, the Bucs select Richardson - you can write it down. Sorry Scott, you made the wrong pick - please exit stage left.
  • avatar

    We have never had an elite running back. The closest that we have come in the past is Wilder and somewhat Cobb. Are you kidding me it is a no brainier if Richardson is there we jump up and down and select him within seconds. Can you just imagine how he would complete the offense? Luke would start looking like the TE that he is supposed to be. Along with the addition of Jackson, Williams will return to a 1000 yard receiver. Oh man bring it on… Go Bucs!!!
  • avatar

    if trent is there take 'em & grab Janoris Jenkins or Dre Kirkpatrick in the 2nd round
  • avatar

    Saw this forever ago. But I think its interesting that you see the Bucs picking Claiborne even if Richardson is still available, because nobody else in the world does.
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