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April 18, 2012 @ 9:08 pm
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Bucs Players Say Schiano Is "Re-Establishing Order"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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While it was apparent to the media in attendance at Tuesday's mini-camp practice that new head coach Greg Schiano is detail-oriented, the players also confirmed Wednesday their new boss expects nothing less than maximum effort.
It was clear to the media who were able to watch the first 30 minutes of Tuesday's first day of mini-camp that new head coach Greg Schiano is running a much tighter ship than the previous regime.

After two days of spending hours under the blazing Florida sun with their new boss, the players can also see the noticeable difference in the way things will be done under Schiano.

Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said the change was apparent from the first meeting with Schiano, and now has carried over to the practice field.

“He is definitely re-establishing order,” McCoy said. “You can kind of tell we lost a little discipline and order around here. But he has re-established it very well and made it very clear there will be order and this is not a game. He believes in the system and he sticks to it. There is nobody exempt – and that isn’t just players – anybody in the building. This is how it is going to go. If we are going to turn this place around it has to be the whole organization turned around. Not just the players or coaches.

“He is re-establishing order immediately. From day one, actually day zero. When we had to come back last time we received phone calls and he sent out emails – from him. Like I said earlier no one is exempt. The whole building is under new rules and we have to follow them if we are going to get back to where we want to be.”

McCoy continued to explain what some of the changes and expectations are inside the walls of One Buccaneer Place, and those things are something he appreciates.

“We have to have discipline and he has created what he calls “The Buccaneer Way” and I would like to tell you guy what that is but … basically we have to hold everybody accountable,” McCoy said.  Whoever is part of the organization, you have to hold them accountable. And when you do that and everybody is held accountable then things start to change.”

“That is what I am used to. I came from the University of Oklahoma and coach Bob Stoop is a great coach and there is nothing but order there. This is nothing new to me. This is what I am used to. I love it.”

McCoy also commented on his health and rehab recovery after tearing a biceps for the second straight season.

“I am feeling great. I put in a lot of work this offseason. I left as soon as we were able to leave and went back to San Diego and trained with my trainer Todd Durkin and did my rehab with Water and Sports Physical Therapy and they got me back right.

“I would say I am getting there. I can’t give you any distinct number, but I am practicing. So that is an indication of where I am. But I can say at training camp I will be at 110 percent.”

A noticeably trimmer Josh Freeman said you couldn’t help but notice the change.

“It is a completely different coaching staff,” Freeman said. “You know what can you say? Everybody does things a different way. I don’t really want to draw comparisons, but at the same time I think coach (Greg) Schiano has come in and he is doing a good job.

“Everybody is working hard. You saw the intensity out here today. Guys are flying around making plays. I think everybody is excited to be back and excited to go out and have another opportunity to compete.”

Newly acquired wide receiver Vincent was also all smiles after practice Wednesday and said he thinks the Bucs’ fortunes are looking up.

“We have been here a few weeks now but this is the first time we have done some organized things,” Jackson said. “It feels good. It feels right. Everybody is meshing well you know, coach is doing a good job with the staff he has brought in here. The young players and the veteran leadership we have here, it seems to be the right chemistry.

“Everybody on the staff (has energy) and it feeds off each other. When the coaches start doing it then the players start doing it then it gets exciting. He is a fiery guy. He is a guy with a lot of energy and it is fun. It really makes practice fun.”

“We obviously know we have a lot of work to do. We are all in a new system offensively and we are hitting it hard. In the classroom and out here on the field. So we are going to continue to make strides. As far as me and him (Josh Freeman) we have that body language and that chemistry. We are talking on the field and the more we communicate it will only get better. I think good things are coming.”

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    Glad to hear it Mark! Thank you! Get everyone in the building on the same page, and it will spill over into the community.
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    I've been waiting for the players impressions; well, the Bucs could surprise this season!
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    Good things are happening here. Starting to sound like a real football team. "Chemistry" GO BUCS!!
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    Why would a player risk getting cut to sign with a team that just paid Pierre Garcon, Santanna Moss, Josh Morgan, Anthony Armstrong, and Jabar Gaffney. Desmond would still be the 4th reciever on the Redskins. Please, no more conspiracy theories.
  • avatar

    QueDogg86, you are right. I forgot about Garcon & Moss.
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    I just read on Dez Briscoe's Twitter that he's been out of practice for personal reasons and will definitely be back on Monday.
  • avatar

    Glad to hear that the Coach is the one who is in control, not the players. Keep up the rehabbing Gerald; we're expecting much from you. One thought about Briscoe? Could it be a ploy for him to get the Bucs to cut him so he can join Washington and have a better opportunity with their new QB? If he is cut and goes to the Redskins, if I were the Bucs I would look to the commissioner and file a complaint about player tampering under another teams contract with a player. In my opinion, I would tell Mr. Briscoe here's the deal? We are not cutting you. only trading you; so it would be a good idea for you to come to the volunteer workouts and show why you are worthy of a trade. Now that really shows other players who is in charge.
  • avatar

    Nice to see you back on top of things MC, good to hear the opinions of a few players and their excitement. Thanks.
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