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April 26, 2012 @ 8:26 pm
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Barron Fits Bucs Defense Perfectly

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Tampa Bay's 2012 first round pick Mark Barron joined the local media on a conference call and talked about being the seventh overall pick in the 2012 draft.
The Buccaneers strayed away from every single mock draft board with the selection of Alabama safety Mark Barron as the seventh overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft on Thursday night.

Barron joined the local media via conference call Thursday night and said he was even taken back when he got the call.

“I was very excited and I was really surprised,” Barron said. “It is great opportunity for me to go down to (Tampa) and prove I was worthy of that seventh pick.”

As a sophomore, Barron led the Crimson Tide with seven interceptions, including one he returned for a touchdown. At 6-foot-1, 213 pounds, Barron was a physical presence for Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide defense.

Dominik was asked what stood out about Barron.

“Character was one of the reasons,” Dominik said. “Obviously Mark Barron was a two-time captain at the University of Alabama, a two-year National Champion, and a very productive player at a very important position in the National Football League now.
“Safety has become a very important position and a position we value. We felt like we got an extremely productive guy, who has a lot of leadership intangibles to him that we think are needed on this defense to continue to build this defense into what Coach Schiano wants it to be.”

Barron was asked what it was he did at Alabama to earn the “C” on his chest as the team captain.

“Mostly it was a respect thing,” Barron said. “The way I used to try and lead guys was do it by example. The reason I did that is because I feel like you can’t motivate someone to do something if you aren’t willing to do it. I think it came from my teammates having a lot of respect for me.”

Barron was known as a fearsome hitter, and was asked who he patterned his game after.

“I used to watch a lot of guys like Ed Reed, Troy Polomolu, Adrian Wilson. You know I used to watch John Lynch a few years back and Brian Dawkins. As far as who I play like I feel like – I guess you could say bits and pieces of a lot of those guys. I don’t really think I play like one specific player.”

The Mobile, Ala. native helped the Alabama defense lead the nation in run defense (72.15 yards per game), pass defense (111.46 yards per game), total defense (183.62 avg.) and scoring defense (8.15 points per game). The Crimson Tide was only one of 119 major colleges that held opponents to under 80 yards per game on the ground; and the only one to allow under 130 yards passing; and the only defense that allowed less than 260 total yards per game.

Barron finished his Crimson Tide career with 235 tackles, 22 pass breakups, 13 tackles for loss, 12 interceptions, five sacks and one forced fumble.

Head coach Greg Schiano was a fan of Barron from the first film session.

“I am really excited about this player. I think he fits into what we do defensively perfectly. You couldn’t draw it up better. I can tell you the first video I watched of Mark Barron, I thought I had selected his best game. But this guy he plays at a high level, even though he plays in arguably the best football conference in the land. And I though he was a dominant player at his position. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get him down here.

“I was talking to him on the phone. He’s fired up. He said, coach, can you send me a playbook. I told him he’s going to be down here tomorrow and ‘I’ll get you a playbook. I promise you.’

That’s the kind of guy he is. He lives it, he loves it, he studies it. I can’t wait to coach him.”

Barron was asked where he might fit in position-wise in Tampa.

“I’m not exactly sure which one (free or strong safety) they will have me at, but whatever they need me to do I feel like I can go in and get it done. I think the strengths of my game is I am very versatile and I can do a lot of things well.”
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    Excellent pick! Without moving down (and giving Claiborne away), we wouldn't have gad the 4th round pick to help us trade up to 31 to pick up Martin. And do not underestimate him = Martin isn't too far removed from Richardson and may work out better for us in the long run. In any case, these two picks were the best of the first night!
  • avatar

    I'm very happy with both picks, were getting really close to having an amazing competitive Bucs team.IMO. VERY EXCITING!!! GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    Love the fact that this guy can lay the wood. We haven't had that kind of presence in the back end of our secondary for a long time now.
  • avatar

    Pittsburg's defense isn't the same without Troy P, and Reed makes Balt's defense special, the Buc's D hasn't been the same since Lynch was yelling slug go seam! Getting the team captain from Bama's great defense made my night.
  • avatar

    jrwilson85: I love when guys bring up names from the past like Mark Cotney. I remember one time looking over the fence watching practice and all of the DB's were clapping in rhythm. Then DB Coach, Wayne Fontes came over and singled out # 33 as being out of cadence because he was the only white player. Funny!
  • avatar

    Morris Claiborne might end up being a really good NFL cornerback, but check out his quotes in this article at Pro Football Talk http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/04/27/claiborne-says-he-completed-only-15-to-18-wonderlic-questions/ He might not be too intelligent. That C- grade is from WalterFootball.com. I like to read some of his info, but he can be a real a$$ sometimes. His main point is that it is too high to take a safety and we should have drafted Claiborne at 5. Go to this link http://walterfootball.com/freeagents2012recap.php and scroll down to the Tampa Bay signing of Eric Wright and you'll see what type of person he can be.
  • avatar

    Great picks, Martin is a beast!!!
  • avatar

    I couldn't be happier with the picks. When Cleveland moved up, I figured they outbid us and other teams for Richardson. Barron was called the GLUE of Bama's defense. The Bucs defense, when good, has always had a dominant strong safety like Mark Cotney or John Lynch. I expect to see opposing receiver's dropping more balls and having severe cases of gator arms. We have an enforcer inside again. Mike Mayock had Barron rated as his no 8 player overall, Kiper had him rated #10 overall, so our pick at 7 was not out of line. Sabin sends those Bama kids in NFL ready, four went in the first round last night. I knew it came down to Barron or Kuechly and I was hoping it would be Barron. Doug Martin would be wearing Giant Blue today if we hadn't traded up to get him, so we had to trade up to get him. Tampa Bay fans will be happy with this guy. He will be our feature back out of the gate and he and Blount, behind Nicks, Zutah and Joseph, will make our running game a force to be dealt with. Every analyst raved about the Bucs draft. These two guys are football players first. They are both leaders and hard workers as well as high character guys. If we are able to put Talib in the mix this season, we can be very good. We can't get to the playoffs with one draft, but this draft and free agency transactions assure our offense the ability to rest our defense more. We could be looking at a 5 to 7 minute increase in time of possession for our offense. That is huge.
  • avatar

    I don't know who gave them a C-. The guys on NFL Network gave them an A+! Mayock, Lombardi, and Casserly all said Barron would be a probowler and very soon!
  • avatar

    I absolutely love the Bucs 2 first picks. I really wanted Doug Martin and thought he was a better prospect than Richardson. If nothing else he's slightly less of a player right now, but Martin's work ethic will get him further. When I watch Martin, I can't help but think of a Ray Rice/Emmitt Smith mix. Nothing wrong with that. The way in which they moved back into the first round, (to get in front of the Giants) because the Giants probably would have taken him, was absolutely brilliant. Bucs management deserves a big hug after night one! Awesome job!
  • avatar

    They swapped their 4th and bucs gave Denver their 2nd for Denver's 1st so they will not pick until 3rd round.
  • avatar

    Draft grade is in for the Barron pick C-, nice pick Dom !
  • avatar

    Can you wait until he plays before grading. Dom is not the only one making the picks. The coaching staff has input on the pick too.
  • avatar

    KINDERRT, Barron pick was really a good one. I thought they'd go Claiborne but really Barron is better for us. I give the Bucs a B+ for Barron and an A+ for Martin. The Bucs had the best draft on day one than any team.
  • avatar

    I'm hoping for Nigel Bradham from Florida State for linebacker. I think Barron is a stud safety and will be a great upgrade to an already young secondary. Still got love for Ahmad Black though...
  • avatar

    I am getting a TBBuccaneer tweet from the Bucs saying that they did not give up their 2nd and 4th round but swapped with Denver with their 2nd round and 4th round. What is going on?
  • avatar

    His nick name is the red barron dude!
  • avatar

    I'm incredibly happy with the pickup of Doug Martin. I wanted Luke K though to be honest because I saw him upgrading two spots with just one addition by moving him inside and Foster outside. I'm fired up about Barron though, finally someone to cover the TE's throughout the league. Plus we need an enforcer, and we were missing that big time. Going to make them tonight on Madden...gonna have me some fun...get some get some!
  • avatar

    His nickname should be the Red Barron
  • avatar

    I like this pick, Claiborne was the fancy pick. This guy is like John lynch. Like it a lot.
  • avatar

    Mark what are you're thoughts on the Bucs first round moves?
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